Author's note: The challenge was to use a metaphor. I trawled deep in my mind before I fished one out.

Disclaimer: Mine? Allow me to laugh. HoHoHo.

Word count: 100 and I didn't even use hyphens.

Warnings: Spoilers for season 6.

Above the abyss

Your instincts are shot, Sam. I make the decisions. Sam didn't object, but silently reflected on why he had invited Dean back. All he did was yell at him, drink or watch him suspiciously. Still, he had let him fall in beside him, or in front of him according to Dean. Sam didn't care about him, only the thrill of the hunt and the killing of a foe. This was the truth. And yet, the bungee cord of their bond tugged at something inside him. Maybe Dean was the only weight keeping him from a sudden plunge into the abyss?

I got a new job, so I haven't participated in a long while. I've missed you.