Chapter 1 The trip

when Tohru woke up that morning. The sun was shinning bright,she smiled and said''to day is going to be a good day.''

she went down stairs to make breakfast. there she saw Kyo,''wow Kyo your up early'' she said,'' this is the time i always get up'' he said.

Shirgure was at the table reading his morning paper. when Yuki came down the stairs still half a sleep, ''good morning Yuki having trouble waking

up i see'' Tohru said. Then all of a sudden Yuki bumped in to Kyo witch made Kyo freak out some. Then Shirgure spoke'' good sent every one is a

wake now lets get right to the point''. ''What are you talking about now you stupid dog'' Kyo said. ''well now you see I'm writing new book about

a haunted hot springs'' he said. ''It is based on this place i heard about that is supposed to be haunted. and i need your help on doing some research.''

They all looked at him in kinda of a state of shock. Then Tohru spoke'' w-what kind of research '', ''I'm glad that you asked Tohru . well you see all we

have to do is visit and just gather information'' he said.'' And scent's it is golden week so i thought we should go and visit'' he said.

Kyo then spoke up ''don't think I'm going any were with that Dam rat he yelled!'' Yuki then said'' what makes you think i would want to go with

that stupid cat!'' they were starting to fight now and then Shirgure spoke ''you wouldn't want me to spend all that time alone with Tohru

would you'' he said. that caught there attention just as they were about to hit Shirgure, Tohru spoke'' i don't know but it could be fun

and he did say that he needs our help.'' They both stopped and looked at her ,Kyo then said'' if you want to go then we have no choice but

to go, there is no way in hell that we are going to leave you a lone with that stupid dog.'' They were both glaring at Shirgure.'' now now

sen ts that is settled we should start packing'' he said the bus that comes to pick us up will be here soon. ''The house was all clean and

every one was packed the bus has arrived. they loaded there things on the bus and they were on there way.

On the bus Tohru was very excited, she could not stop asking questions. Shirgure was being his same old self and Yuki and Kyo were not

talking. The bus ride was only about a 3 hour ride this place was in the middle of no were it was very pretty there