chapter 22 The end and a new book

It has been two months since Tohru was Kidnapped and now every thing was back to normal kinda normal.

And were is Tohru on this night you might ask? I will tell you were on this Night! Tohru is taking a hot bath while every one else was down stairs.
After Tohru got out of the bath and got dressed in her Pj's she went to her room as she walked in she saw some thing on her bed .. As she walked over to the bed side she noticed that it was a book with a note on it. as she picked up the note it read,

Dear, Tohru might you do me the honor of reading my new book and tell me what you think of it?

Love, Shirgure!

Tohru then sat the note down and picked up the book and read the Title The Haunted Hot Springs. by Shirgure Sohma based on a true story.

Tohru sat down on her bed and got comfortable and she began to read. As Hours pasted Tohru was now on the last page as she read the last sentence out loud "" And love in the end did conquer all"" Tohru closed the book with a smile on her face. got up and and headed down stairs.
wants down stairs she walked in to the sitting room were Shirgure and the others were. Shirgure looked up and spoke """ Well Tohru what do you think?, """ IT was amazing I really liked it""" said Tohru.. """ what the hell are yall talking about'''? asked kyo while Yuki was looking on.

"" Ah Tohru don't let him see it He might kill me!"" said Shirgure in a sing a song voice

Kyo got up from were he was sitting and snatched the book from Tohru as he opened it his mouth dropped " WHAT THE HELL IS THIS"" yelled Kyo

"" well I did tell you that I was writing a new book"" said Shirgure

at this time Yuki got up and took the book from Kyo and scanned through it "" Did you have to base it on us"" said Yuki with Anger in his voice

At this time Shirgure seen that it was best that he retreat to his study. Yuki then throw the book on the table and stated that he was going to bed.

Kyo said he was going to the roof and Tohru bid them good night and headed to her room also. It was now about 11:00 pm when Kyo came down from the roof as he walked down stairs to get something to drink when he noticed the book still on the table and curiosity got the better of him as he picked the book up and headed for his room. as time pasted he was finished with it as he sat the book down on his night stand and laid in his bed he could not help but smile to his self for the book gave him something new to think about and with that on his mind he soon fell to sleep...


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