Family Man

E/O Drabble Challenge: Metaphor.

Set: In 6.11, "Appointment in Samarra"

Summary: "Family" has always been the most important thing in Dean's life. And the one that tore him up deeper than any supernatural creature ever could...

A/N: Barbara, sis, another "Lindworm" of a drabble, and your Musketeer word smack in the middle of it :-) Thanks for providing me with another wonderful challenge, you rock, you know that!

When he was about to face Death, he closed his eyes and imagined the one who'd gifted him with love and trust and the feeling of belonging-to,

of meaning "home" and "secure" and "family", and he felt a pang of guilt for having turned that initial love and trust into a dark maze,

where every step could be a fatal failure, burying the joint traces under self-consciousness, doubt, terror and threat.

He couldn't forget the look of hurt in these dark eyes, the sudden stiffness of fear after being repelled.

He had longed to be a father.

He'd screwed up.