Tis the season to be fucking. Fa la la, la la la. Lol my pedophile of a friend came up with this because she had recently heard that statistics show that in the month of december is when most conception happens. And now because she has read my No Names story she was like 'Do Christmas lemons.' and her puppy dog eyes. Oh god those damned eyes. GAH! And no I'm here, trying, and most likely failing, to do these. Also a bit of background info. AVERY IS ALREADY WITH THE GUY FOR A FEW MONTHS! These oneshots she has been with whoever it is that I'm pairing her with once or twice before ;) only cause I pity her. It would suck to loose your virginity that many times lol anyway, enjoy. Still got Rave/Pop on. Uh Cougar Lemon I guess...

Cougar laughed as Avery once again called Jensen out. "Bull-Shit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit." Jensen groaned as he picked the pile up once again. Laughing Avery smiled at Cougar. "I got him again." Avery, Jensen, and Pooch were playing a game of Bullshit. A few minutes passed and the pile was large once again. Putting two cards down Jensen growled at Avery when she called it again. "Bullshit." It seemed that Jensen had had enough. He launched himself at Avery.

Cougar grabbed the collar of Jensen's shirt to stop him and Avery took off running. After a minute Cougar let a still struggling Jensen go. Still pissed at being called out so easily Jensen raced off to find the oranges haired girl. "The pooch thinks Jensen's overreacting. The pooch means that Jensen held the cards low enough even the pooch could see what he put down." Cougar nodded in agreement. "The pooch also thinks she's hiding in Cougars room.

Walking slowly Cougar made it to his room. Immediately He found Avery. Locking hid door he walked to his bed and pulled the covers back. "Hello love." Cougar's Accented voice made Avery grinned up at him again and he nearly got lost in her sapphire and jade colored eyes. The right being the blue while the left was the green. Removing his hat he set it on the bedside table then leaned down and kissed Avery. She kissed him back and allowed him to lean her back until she was laying on her back on the bed.

Avery knew right where this would lead and she liked it. This would be about the third time the two had been intimately together. But all thought left her mind as Cougar removed her shirt and bra then his shirt. His hands began to lightly massage her breasts as he deeply kissed her. Their tongues danced in Avery's mouth for a bit before they broke for air. While Avery gasped in breaths Cougar simply kissed his way down her throat to her chest. No mater how many times he had done this before Avery let a giggle out. She felt him grin. "Your mustache and beard tickle." Avery tried to defend her self but he didn't really care. Cougar pushed a finger into her and she moaned slightly. This was the first time he had done that to her and he had been the one to take her virginity. "Cougar?" Her voice sounded unsure so he stopped kissing her chest and went to kiss her.

His finger moved around in her wetness. In and out making her let another moan out. It was a bit of a tight fit but he pushed a second finger in her. Moaning louder Avery tried to move her hips but his other hand held her still. It was pure torture in her eyes, how slow he was going that is. A whine left her as he continued his agonizingly slow pace. A gasp left her when he replaced his fingers with his throbbing member. Once again he went agonizingly slow. The only up to this was that it seemed to pain him as much as it pained her. They both wanted it to be at least a bit more rough.

Soon Avery's wish was granted when her wrapped her legs around his waist and started to thrust deeply. Moaning she arched her back off of the bed. Arching she had pressed her chest to his. Using one of his hands he pushed her back down and held her down. This position made her unable to move and she didn't like not being able to move. Squirming did no going. Yet he continued to thrust harshly into her and she loved it. Avery wanted to move to try and thrust back but he continued to hold her down. She growled as she tried to move but gave up with a whimper. As soon as she did he released her. Immediately she too thrust. She met his with perfect timing and soon she reached her peak. After a few more thrusts he too climaxed. Avery was tired and she was starting to drift off to sleep but managed to stay awake long enough to let Cougar know of her feelings as she had the last two times. "I love you."

He wanted to say it back but she was asleep so all he did was pull the covers up and laid with her. Someone started to bang on the door so Cougar got out of Avery's grip and pulled on some boxers. "Si?"

Jensen looked at Cougar. "Isn't too early to be in bed? Anyway do you know where Avery is? I can't find that little ninja." Jensen called Avery a ninja because she was always able to stay onestep ahead of him and not get caught. Cougar contemplated shaking his head but nodded instead. "Good where is she?"

"It is not too early for bed." Cougars deep and accented voice answered as he let a slight smirk upon his face. "And I must thank you. Had you not lost your anger we would all still be out there with that stupid game."

"What?" Was all Jensen could say. He didn't understand a word of what Cougar was saying about bed, Avery, and the game. Opening his door a bit wider Jensen saw that on Cougars bed sprawled a naked Avery with only the blankets to cover her. "I call bullshit." Jensen said as he waled off.