How Avery ended up on the team? That is what was asked of me. And being who I am it itched at my mind until I got a so so start. This isn't when they met but a few days or weeks later. This is how she and Cougar first got together.

Cougar knew that the girl that they had recently picked up was laying on the couch staring at him. They had saved her and when she had passed out from blood loss brought her here. Aisha didn't like that but they couldn't just leave her. The girl had orange hair and was short, the top of her head only reached his shoulders because while he was five feet ten inches she was somewhere below five feet. Cougar heard someone walk into the the make shift living room and only briefly looked up at them. It was Pooch who entered and he was eating ramen in a cup.

Pooch watched as cougar looked up then back down and continued to clean his rifle. Then his eyes floated around the room. He saw that Clay was reading a newspaper, Aisha was reading a book but kept 'discreetly' looking up and looking at the new girl before looking back to her pages, Jensen was playing WoW on his laptop, and the new girl named Avery was staring at Cougar. She was just staring, not talking, not moving, and for a moment Pooch had thought that she wasn't breathing but she let out a tiny angry huff and he didn't worry about that. Pooch sat down on the couch next to the love seat that she took up. Avery was laying on her stomach and her torso was on the arm of the seat. Pooch looked to Clay who peaked over at Avery. Clay proceeded to look at his watch and he sported a surprised look. "The Pooch would like to know how long Avery has been doing that?" Pooch pointed to Avery as if it explained what 'that' was.

"Close to an hour now. I thought she had fallen asleep a while back but she had her eyes to such slits that it was hard to tell that they were open." Clay told Pooch who now looked impressed. "And for some reason Cougar won't even acknowledge her." The two men looked to Cougar who had finished with his gun and was now leaning against the wall with his hat pulled down to cover his eyes. "And he won't say a word, not even to Jensen." When Pooch looked to Jensen he noticed that the man wasn't playing WoW but was actually sulking.

After several more silent minutes Avery spoke. "What's with the hat?" And without waiting for an answer she reached over the couch and grabbed the hat. She looked at it for just a second then put it on her own head. It was too large and slid down to cover her face. A grin grew on her face and when she lifted the hat up there was a sparkle in her mismatched eyes. The jade and sapphire of her left and right eyes seemed to become brighter and the color stood out more. Everyone was silent as they waited for Cougars reaction, but it seemed that he was in shock as he slowly turned her head to look at Avery. "I like it." Avery said before she noticed all of the looks she was receiving from the people all around the room. "What?" Her face had lost it's happy expression and gained a confused one.

"I like it too." Cougar said to her. He reached over and took the hat back off of her and lightly tapped her on the forehead with his knuckles before replacing his hat upon his own head. Avery once again smiled and a light blush came onto Cougars cheeks, luckily with how dark his skin was no one noticed. "But if you would restrain from touching the hat in the future..." He let it hang like that. Immediately Avery's happiness disappeared and a slightly sad one came to her face. Just as he was about to say something to make her perhaps smile again, for the sniper had a fond spot starting to grow for her, she turned away from him. Cougar felt offended for a second but soon realized what she did and he became on guard. "Get behind me siƱorita." He said to Avery. This made everyone else in the room go into a defense position. Avery did as told and hide on the side of the couch and Cougar positioned himself in front of her.

A minute passed and nothing happened. But then hell broke lose in the form of gun fire from nearly every direction. When the men stopped firing they entered the building and The Losers attacked with their own hail of gun fire. The men had been over confident and entered without checking if anyone lived, thus they died when The Losers loosed their fire. It was over before it really even began. Every one immediately grabbed what they had needed and started to leave and loaded the van they had recently stolen. "Where's Avery?" Jensen asked Cougar. The hispanic sniper raced back into the building and found Avery frozen with her hands up and a guy that hadn't been killed standing and pointing a gun at her.

Cougar raised a hand gun he had and shot the man in the back of the head. A small scream came from Avery and she flinched thinking that the man had just shot. She jumped in surprised when Cougar touched her arm. But then flung her arms around him when she realized who it was. After a moment she reluctantly released him and they stood. As soon as they got to the door four guns were pointed at then before lowering. "We heard fire." Clay explained, they couldn't chance not being careful.

It was that night when they stopped at a cheep and shady motel. They got the last three rooms. One room with two beds and two rooms with one bed. Normally it would be Cougar and Jensen sharing a room but because Avery was still scared and stuck to Cougars side it was Pooch and Jensen, Clay and Aisha, and Cougar and Avery. Pooch and Jensen got the double beds. Not that Clay or Aisha cared, but it was Cougar that worried. And once everyone went to their separate rooms there was no way around it.

"Sit." He pointed to the bed and Avery did that immediately. "Stay." Cougar ordered as he headed to the bathroom. He was about to enter when a thought occurred to him. Removing his hat he looked at it longingly before setting it on Avery's head. Without another word he entered the bathroom and closed the door. Stripping quickly he turned on the water and got in when it heated up. The warm water didn't distract his mind from thinking about how the girl he liked had to share a room and bed with him so he turned it down and let the cool water do what it could.

On the other hand Avery sat stock still once again and slowly lifted her hands up in the air. The men had managed to have back up and the back up had followed them to the motel. "Where is the sniper?" The man asked. Avery gulped and didn't say a word. If she was lucky, or this was in her mind lucky, the man would kill her and leave. The luck of it would be that he wouldn't get Cougar and then the sniper could go help his team mates. "I won't ask again. The sniper?" She didn't answer but her stomach gurgled and the man laughed. "The food court." He stepped forward, looked at the hat, and went to grab it. That was unacceptable to Avery so she kicked him where the sun didn't shine. He dropped the gun and went into the fetal position.

Avery flew from the bed and grabbed the gun. She then backed up until she was against the wall and pointed the firearm at the man who started to get up. He growled and took a step forward. Cocking the gun she aimed at him. A pause from him made her think that he was weighing wither she would or wouldn't shoot him. It was obvious that he thought she wouldn't shoot because he lunged at her. And she aimed at him then lowered the gun and pulled the trigger. He fell down at her feet and she jumped over him and went to the opposite wall. Cougar came out of the bathroom soaking wet with only a towel on. And he had his sniper rifle at the ready. He looked at the man on the ground, the man was holding his crotch and bleeding profusely. Opening the door Cougar came face to face with Jensen and Pooch. Clay and Aisha came running from their room and soon joined the others at Cougar's door.

They all entered and Cougar went back to the bathroom to get dressed. When he came out Jensen was trying to pry the gun from Avery's hands. But that wasn't working too well so he went over and took his hat from Avery. That got her back to reality and she dropped the gun then hid her face in the shirt that was now covering his chest. She was shaking in fear, this was the second time that some guy had tried to kill her today. Soon he lead her to the bed and everyone started to talk and plan. They had to leave soon but needed their rest first.

It wasn't until late that a plan had been chosen and set into motion. They trapped the door so that if opened someone would be woken up and would be able to be safe. Not the best of the best but they were tired and it would do. As soon as the other doors were fixed Cougar went back to his room and did the same to his door. When he went to get Avery, because he had her hide in the bathroom while he helped the others with this, he came up with a problem. Avery had fallen asleep while sitting in the tub. She was now wet and he didn't want to wake her. He stood there for a few minutes thinking and then he decided that waking her and getting rid of her wet clothes would be the best idea. So he woke her.

"You need to remove your shirt and pants." In her sleep muddled mind she did realize what she was doing and did as he told her to. When she was shirtless and pantless he removed his shirt and gave it to her. "Put it on then go to bed in the bed." She took the shirt put it on and headed to the bed. Not even under the covers and she fell asleep again. He took her clothes and laid them out so that they would be dry in the morning then he joined her on the bed. When he saw her shiver he pulled her close to himself and held onto her. This was how he too fell asleep.

And in the morning Avery woke up confused. Her mind didn't know what had happened last night after she had fallen asleep in the tub so she jumped to the conclusion that she and Cougar had had sex and after she had pulled on her under clothes and his shirt. In her mind she realized that she felt no regret for the act but just regretted not remembering it. And she really wanted to know if they did anything of not. But then someone knocked on the door and Cougar woke up. "Who is it?" He softly asked in his accented voice when he was next to the door. Avery had gotten up, grabbed her clothes and entered the bathroom.

In there she changed and washed her face. It sounded odd to 'wash her face' but she did. She turned on the sink water and wet her face several times before she realized that it wasn't helping her memory. She grabbed Cougars shirt and left the bathroom. He was sitting on the bed with a smug look on his face. "We are going to leave this state. Are you coming?" Avery nodded. "Then I will teach you how to shoot." Aery realized just how deep and sexy his voice sounded. "Let's go, may I?" He gestured to the shirt in her hands and she tossed it to him. "Thank you." He pulled his shirt on.

"What happened last night? How did I end up like nearly naked in your shirt?" Cougar stood up and walked towards her. "Did we...did we..." She couldn't think of how to finish her sentence without being awkward. It took Cougar a moment to realize that she thought that they had had sex.

"What do you think?" He gave her a sideways grin and tilted the hat down to cover his eyes.