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Olivia winced as she pulled on her long sleeved blue vested shirt on her body. It was a snug fit, she needed to get some new clothes badly but she knew her parents wouldn't take her. Let alone give her money to get anything for her self! She pulled on her black mini pelted skirt, that matched the vest, and zipped it up and fastened the button on the side. She put fixed her fishnet stockings and then tied her combat boots. She grabbed her messenger bag and she quietly left out of her room and into the silent hallway. She couldn't hear anything from her parents room. That either meant they didn't come home last night (a girl could wish right?) or they were knocked out drunk. The second reason was most likely. Olivia sighed and she went to the kitchen and looked through the cabinets not really expecting to see anything new. She hasn't been shopping lately because her parents haven't given her any money to. So she grabbed the last apple and then went to get her subway pass off of the table. She placed it in her skirt pocket along with her phone and keys. She then trudged to the bathroom to see how she was looking for her first day as a junior. Thankfully she had no breakouts! But unfortunately her hair had decided to be frizzy today. She couldn't do anything about the hair put push it to the back with a black and blue headband. She then went back to the living room and got her messenger bag and re-checked for her essentials. She was finally ready to go.

A voice said. "So you were going to leave without even saying goodbye?"

Olivia turned slowly and looked at her father. The 16 year old lowered her eyes and said. "Sorry"

"Come here" he said.

Olivia walked over to her father, her eyes still focused on the hardwood floor.

"Look at me" he said. He smiled when Olivia looked at his face. He cupped her chin roughly and said. "You know the rules." he checked to see what she was wearing and a smirk graced his face.

She felt a shiver go up her spine. "I know" she whispered.

"Good now get to school" he pushed her away and watched as she stumbled and nearly fell to the ground.

Olivia caught herself before she did fall and she turned on her heels.


"Yes father" she said as she paused at the door.

"I love you"

Olivia felt a flutter in her stomach. She knew something was going to happen when she got home. She whispered in a strangled voice. "I love you too father" the response she was trained to give since she was little. She walked out of the apartment and then went to the elevator. She lived in a rather nice apartment building, nice meaning there was no graffiti on the sides, nor was there obvious gang members hanging in the hallway or the doorway and best of all the hallway didn't smell weird. Olivia had finally gotten outside and finally took a huge breath of relief. She was so thankful she only had two more years, then she would be free of that hell hole forever. She had really good grades and was hoping to a full ride to any college out of state. She didn't want to be anywhere near her parents when she turned 18! She walked through the streets until she got to the subway entrance she needed. Almost 30 minutes later was standing outside of John Addams High School. She was new here, before she had went to P.S 13. (AN: uhm I don't live in New York City so idk what the high schools are called. But I remembered from a couple movies that some of the schools where called P.S then a number? Well I think that is what it was. Lol.) She was early since she had to get her schedule and everything. But she noticed that quite a few people were early too. She went inside the school and followed the sign that pointed to the main office. She went inside and talked with the Secretary. Who told Olivia to wait for the guidance counselor.

"Miss Benson?" A female voice asked.

Olivia turned from a poster she was looking at and said. "Yes?"

"Hi. I'm Mrs. Pepperridge." a women said. She had bright red hair and light green eyes. She seemed nice enough.

"Nice to meet you" Olivia replied.

"Okay follow me to my office. So we can get your schedule all worked out. I've managed to snag a student who is in your grade. She is a wonderful girl! Okay here we are" she said as she unlocked the door while trying to hold a cup of coffee with her other hand.

Olivia smiled as she took the coffee from the women.

"Oh thank you dearie. Come on in and take a seat. Let me start up this dinosaur of a computer" Mrs. Pepperridge said with a soft chuckle.

Olivia sat down in the seat with a smile. She folded her legs at the ankle and looked around the small but tidy office.

After five minutes Mrs. Pepperridge said. "Here we go!" she smiled at Olivia before she started typing away at her computer. "Okay I have you old transcript right here. This is good. I like what I'm seeing" she said with a large smile as she placed large cat eyed glasses on her face. She clicked a few buttons on her computer and said said. "Okay I have you down for Spanish 3, Ceramics 2, Algebra 2 Honors, Gym, Lunch, English 3 Honors and then you need a science"

"What about social studies?"

"You have already taken world and American history that is all that is required here. Well in 12th you have to take government. But you can take a social studies elective."

"I already took my two years of gym" Olivia said. She really hated gym, not that she had a issue with the things they did in it, her issue was with changing in front of all those girls. She couldn't risk them seeing a bruise. She would just get punished.

"Sorry doll but we have 4 years of gym here" Mrs. Pepperridge said with a sympathetic smile.

"Okay. Uhm for science I took Biology in 9th grade and Chemistry last year. Which I hated by the way. So uhm what are my choices?" Olivia asked.

"Forensic Science, Physics, and"

But Olivia cut her off. "Forensic Science please"

Mrs. Pepperridge smiled. "So we have Spanish 3, Ceramics 2, Algebra 2 Honors, Gym, Lunch, English 3 Honors, Forensic Science and then you have on more period after that."

"Wow. We only had seven at my old school"

Mrs. Pepperridge nodded. "We had seven last year. They are trying out new things. Okay you need a two semester classes. One for after gym and then one for after your social studies elective."

Olivia had been looking through the little booklet and she finally said. "Uhm how about for after gym I take parenting. For my social studies elective can I take Psychology and then after that social psychology?"

"That sounds great" Mrs. Pepperridge. "Weird that you chose the same classes as the guide I have gotten you" she giggled as she typed some stuff. "Okay you can go and get your schedule from that printer than ask Mr. Myers to take your picture for your I.D. By time he has that printed out the guide should be here"

Olivia nodded and she went over and got the schedule. She then got her picture taken and then she had gotten the small I.D with her name, I.D number, her grade and her school's name on it. She placed it carefully in her pocket. She went back to Mrs. Pepperridge's office. She walked in and saw another girl in there. The girl had blonde hair and dark blue eyes. She smiled at Olivia and Olivia smiled back. "Hi"

"Hello. I'm Alexandria Cabot. Please call me Alex" the blonde said to Olivia as she held out her hand.

Olivia nodded as she shook it. "I'm Olivia Benson"

"Sweet boots." Alex noticed. She herself was dressed in a light purple shirt and blue jean skirt.


"Okay Alex. Show Olivia to her locker first and then take her from class to class. Make sure she feels welcome okay?"

"Yes Ma'am" Alex said with a smile. She got Olivia's hand and lead her out of the office. "So I can tell by your accent you from around here. What school did you come from?"

"P.S 13" Olivia said.

"Why did you leave?"

"Had to" Olivia said simply.

Alex nodded respecting the other girls not sharing. She had shown Olivia to her locker and was giving her a full tour of the school. They were talking with one another, getting to know each other and becoming quick friends. Suddenly Alex said."Oh there are my friends! You'll love them! Hey you guys"

Olivia saw where Alex was looking and she nodded. It was a group of 4 teenagers. They all walked over to where her and Alex where standing. Olivia was a bundle of nerves, meeting new people always made her nervous.