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"But I don't understand why!" Casey exclaimed to her older brother.

"Because I'm a grown man, Case, I have other things to do now." Lucas replied with an eye roll.

Casey glared at her brother and went to her room, slamming the door. It was one of the rare weekend that her brother was off of work. She loved when he was off of work, they usually went to dinner and then go for a movie. But that wasn't going to happen today because he was taking his new girlfriend, Virginia, out to their New Jersey get away home for the whole weekend. Lucas and Virginia had been dating for nearly two months, most likely his longest relationship, and we already in that lovely dovey stage. Casey didn't have a problem with Virginia, hell she actually like that woman, but now she wasn't sure how she was liking how this woman was taking her brother's attention. She sighed as she sat on her bed and looked at the ground. She yanked at her pink tinted strings of hair and sighed. She hated to seem like the bratty little sister but she missed her brother and these weekends were the only times they had. She picked up her phone and called Alex. "Hello?"

"Hey Case, what's up?" Alex asked

"Nothing much...so what are you doing this weekend?" Casey asked nibbling her bottom lip.

Alex sighed and said. "Going to the stupid Lamaze class with Munch and then doing other things to get ready for the baby." she rubbed her seven month tummy. (A.N pretty sure that's right..if not it is now XD)

Casey nods and smiled. "Okay. Tell Munch hi for me and give my god daughter a rub for me."

Alex giggled and said. "Will do." she had decided to have Casey be her daughter's god mother and Melinda and Olivia had said they would be proud aunties. Munch had chosen Fin as the baby's god father.

Casey hung up the phone and said as she leaned against the headboard. Huang was on a date with Noah, Elliot and Olivia were studying for the SAT's and she wasn't going to try Fin and Melinda. Every since her mom died last month Melinda was focused on dream of being a doctor and Fin was there for her, they all understood that it was her way of coping and they knew that Melinda needed Fin to help her through this. She sighed and finally got down to her boyfriend, Preston. She and him were good last month but then things started to dwindle right after Valentine's day. Casey wasn't sure what it was but she knew their relationship was once again on the rocks. He just wasn't talking to her anymore. She sighed and called him. She frowned when it went straight to voice mail. She threw her phone towards the end of the bed and looked up when there was knock at the door. "Come in." she said.

Lucas walked in the room and sat down next to his sister. He looked her over and smiled. Casey' once black hair with purple tips was still black and had pink tips. "I'm surprise your hair hasn't fallen out yet." he playfully tugged the strand she had been pulling before.

Casey giggled softly and said. "I usually cut if off when it's get damaged."

"I know that. Last time you cut it right below your earlobe...I called you C-tip..like Q-tip." he laughed.

Casey rolled her eyes and shoved him, a smile on her face. "Whatever...what do you want?" she asked as she looked at him.

Lucas wrapped his arm around her shoulders and brought her closer. "This weekend I'm going to the get away house with Virginia..next weekend I'm going to spend each day with you doing something...okay?"

Casey looked up at him. "What about work?"

"I can call off for three days..I'm sure I have plenty of sick days I can use." Lucas said with a smile.

Casey smiled brightly at her brother and hugged him. "Thanks."

Lucas kissed her forehead and said. "So, where are you going this weekend?"

"Most likely Huang's house..or I'm staying home." Casey replied.

Lucas frowned slightly but sighed. He hated having his sister alone in the apartment but he knew she would be able to defend herself, he made sure she took defense classes. He kissed her forehead and said. "Okay, see you Sunday night."

"Okay." Casey said with a smile. She walked her brother to the door and actually hugged Virginia and watched them leave. She looked the door behind them and looked around the empty apartment and sighed softly. She looked at her phone and said. "Screw this. I'm going to the mall." she got her stuff together and she went mall. She smiled as she walked around and looked at everything. She loved to be in the mall and just people watch and window shop. She waved at some people she saw from school.

"Hey there Novak." a voice said

Casey turned and smiled at Chester Lake. Chester was new to school and she knew that he took a instant liking to her. She secretly thought he was cute and liked his fresh sense of humor. So she tried to distance herself from him because Cassandra Novak was not a cheater. "Hey Chester."

Chester went over to her and smiled as he hugged her. "How are you?"

"I'm pretty good. How are you?" Casey asked as she pulled away to look at him better. She rolled her eyes slightly, of course the Florida born was wearing a light leather jacket and a t-shirt in the New York march weather. "Your going to catch a cold in that attire."

"I'm good and I haven't yet and I've been here for a month now." Chester replied with a smile. "Why are you here?"

"Nothing better to do? You, and you better not say because your stalking me.." Casey said with a giggle.

"Damn, you caught me." Chester teased with a smile.

Casey smiled at him and said. "Come on let's get some french fries. I'm starving."

Chester nods and hooked arms with her and guides her to the food court. "So where is that boyfriend of yours?" his voice light but his eyes were slightly narrowed.

Casey smirked softly at that but covered that with a sigh and a slight smile. "No clue. Called him and he didn't answer."

Chester shook his head and ordered their fries. "Bad on his part. Good on mine."

"And why is it good for you?" Casey asked as she played with the ketchup packets.

"Because he is my competition, Casey Novak. I want to be with you and he is in the way. So when he screws up it's good for me because I'm here to make it better." Chester replied truthfully a smile on his face.

Casey nods at this. She was flattered that he actually wanted her. It felt good to be wanted. "Okay then." she got their fries and he got the drinks. She guides him over to the empty table near the picture booth. She heard the camera clicking and she smiled, turning her attention back to Chester, who was staring at her, she blushed softly. "So, what now?"

"Tell me more about yourself." Chester said with a smile.

Casey told him about how she wasn't sure what she wanted to do after graduation. But she was aiming for either a lawyer or psychologist. She told him about most of her hair colors and her brother and even about her parents. She was in the middle of telling him about her brother's previous girlfriend, the one who had a cheek piercing, when a couple emerged from the photo booth. She turned to look at the happy couple and her heart clenched as she watched Preston, her Preston, and Monique Jeffries.

Preston smiled and got the pictures as they printed out and brought Monique close and started to kiss her.

Casey blinked as she watched the scene before us. Before she even knew what she was doing she was standing and walking over to him. "Hey Preston.." her voice stony and icy.

Preston blinked and pushed Monique away quickly. "Hey Case!"

"Don't hey Case me you cheating asshole! I knew something was coming between us! I never would have suspected Monique though..I..I it's over Preston. Consider your number permanently deleted from my phone." Casey said as she tossed her red slushie in his face. She walked past Monique with a glance as she dumped her ketchup covered fries on her.

Preston and Monique stood their in shock.

Chester glared at them as he rushed past them, trying to catch up to Casey. "Hey, Case! Slow down! Don't forget your jacket."

But Casey was already out the mall and heading home. Her hand clutching her phone as she dialed the first person that came to her mind.

"Hello, Case? Are you okay?" Lucas asked his little sister worridly.

"Preston cheated on me." Casey whispered softly as she leaned against a pole, shivering from the cold."I caught him coming out of the photo booth with Monique freaking Jeffries!"

"Where are you?" Lucas asked as he pulled his car over. He was still in town, Virginia had to stop at some places before they went to the get away house.

"Near that CVS on 15th street." Casey whispered.

"Go in and I'll be right there." Lucas told his little sister.

"Okay, thanks Lucas." Casey said. She hung up the phone and went inside the CVS to wait for her brother. It had to have been 10 minutes when the bell rang and Casey looked away from the aisle she had been staring down and looked towards the door. "Lucas." she whispered as she got up and ran to his brother.

Lucas wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. "It's okay, Sis, he was a jerk anyway...let's get you home."

Casey nods with a whimper as she finally let the tears fall. This was one of the reasons why she loved her brother, he was always there when she needed him most.