Chapter 13: Sleep Over

The black Jaguar XK8 had a powerful purr under the hood as it drove along snow covered streets. Plows tried removing the thicker spots accumulating, but more snow kept falling from a dark, moody sky. The silence that enveloped the sports car was discouraging. Claire played with her fingers in her lap while keeping her eyes looking out the window. Beautiful Christmas decorations and lights lit up the city in a magical aura. Christmas was just a few days away. Claire couldn't help but to ponder. Would she still even be alive then?

She felt a strong hand graze her thigh, stopping just above her knee. It was like electricity sparked within her. She couldn't breathe for a moment, and tried so hard to cast the inciting feelings away. Not understanding how such emotions were trying to rush through her.

"Relax, dear heart. You are giving me a headache with how tense you are."

Claire wanted to slap his hand away, but her fingers only fell to her lap, ceasing to twitch nervously. She closed her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath. She felt his hand slip away from her leg, and another chill came across her body. She couldn't blame it on the cold. The Jaguar had its heater going, and the leather seats also had heating.

The rest of the drive was silent. The Jaguar pulled into the driveway of Wesker's large, dark house. The headlights splashed across the garage door for a moment before it automatically started opening. Wesker pulled the sports car into the garage. As Claire unbuckled and got herself out of the car, the garage door was shutting them in, blocking the biting wind and stray snowflakes.

Claire followed Wesker into the house. They entered into the large, very nice kitchen. It was like a cook's dream kitchen. It had two wall ovens next to granite counter tops and brand new appliances. The floor was stone, an expensive stone. There was a bar at one end, and a large island that held the sinks, dishwasher, a stove top, and more counter space.

Wesker shut the door to the garage behind them. They were greeted by Wesker's Doberman, Odin. Wesker patted the dog on the head before tossing his keys on a nearby counter and hanging his coat by the door. He walked over to Claire, who was still admiring the kitchen and took her coat from her to hang.

"Make yourself at home. Although, I better make myself clear that it is pointless to try and scrounge my hard-earned domicile for items of interest to serve you. You won't find it here."

Like he needed to explain himself again. Claire rolled her eyes. "Phone?"

"In the den on one of the end tables," he simply stated.

She left the kitchen, finding herself in the spacious living room. She took a moment to look around, remembering this part of the house when she broke in a few days ago. Her eyes wandered to the staircase as it led up to the shadowy unknown of upstairs. She saw the bathroom underneath it where she had escaped Odin's jaws of death. Across the living area was the foyer that led to the front door. She could see the dining area beside the living room that had its own entrance into the kitchen. Past the staircase was the hallway that led to the backdoor where she broke in. If Claire remembered correctly, there was a utility room somewhere back there. There were a couple of rooms on the far end of the first floor, but couldn't see into them.

"Something the matter, dear?"

His voice made her jump. He was there, the phone in his hand. She glanced down to the nearby end table where he had picked it up from the receiver. Claire barely shook her head and yanked the phone from his grasp.

"No…it's just I don't understand why you live in such a big house when it is only you."

Wesker slightly cocked his head, that leer that made her heart skip danced playfully for a moment. "Why do such trivial matters pop in your mind?"

Claire turned away from him, quickly dialing Chris's number. She wondered if Chris was still at the hospital or if he and Jill had made it home. Either way, she had to let him know where she was so he wouldn't worry. Even though he would worry anyway.

It rang a few times, and then the answering machine picked up. This is Chris Redfield, sorry I missed your call. If you leave your name and number, I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.

"Hey Chris, it's Claire. I just wanted to call and let you know I'm fine. I just left with Albert but with the weather being bad I think I'll be stuck overnight. I wasn't sure how long you were going to be gone. Anyway…I hope you are okay. You can call me at Albert's house if you need to talk. I love you, bro. Goodnight."

She hit the hang up button, pausing a moment to think over what she just delivered. She slowly turned back to Wesker, seeing how satisfied he was. Clenching her jaw, she shoved the phone into his chest, when deep down she wanted to bash it against his head. After the phone left Claire's hands, she plopped down onto the nearby couch.

She stared at the coffee table, but she watched in her peripheral vision as Wesker hung the phone on the receiver. She felt his eyes on her. And she didn't know exactly why she was shivering because of it.

"So, are you going to kill me and stuff me in a closet somewhere in this big house?" she huffed.

"How insulting," Wesker said, crossing his arms. "You really think too lowly of me."

Claire glared up at him, watching as he came to sit across from her. He laid one arm across the couch and sat an ankle on his knee. That faint smile was still on his lips as he studied her. The light from the ceiling fan above cast a gleam off those dark shades.

"You kill people for a living. Don't think you can get much lower than that," she grumbled.

He laughed. It was a laugh that sent a chill right up her spine. He took his sunglasses off at tossed them onto the coffee table that was between them. Those piercing blue-grey eyes were on her full force now, and suddenly Claire felt like prey.

"Come now, dear. There are fates much worse than death."

She was dreading being stuck here all night. But at those words, Claire felt fear start rising in her throat. That or bile. But she kept cool and didn't flinch on the couch. She had to keep her cool if she was ever going to beat him at his own game.

Claire gathered some courage. "Like being trapped here as your prisoner? Don't expect any Stockholm Syndrome behaviors coming from me."

Odin walked over with a lowered head, nails clicking on the wood floors. The Doberman took a moment to sniff Claire, his nub tail wagging slowly. He then walked over and sat down by his master. Wesker petted the dog around the head and neck, but his smirk grew a bit more wide towards Claire.

"I really do enjoy that Redfield temper on you. It can be bothersome with Chris. But you…it's quite charming."

She would have laughed if those eyes weren't piercing her. There was something about his eyes that crippled her. She was both frozen in fear and awe of them, and felt like she was in a trance. Or perhaps under a spell. William did mention something about Wesker always getting what he wanted. Maybe he had the ability to put people under a spell by those captivating yet haunting eyes.

Wesker was suddenly getting to his feet. Claire flinched, and she knew he saw it. He moved around the coffee table towards her. When he sat down next her, Claire tensed.

"So dear heart," Wesker said as he sat down beside her. "What would you like to do?"

She didn't have time to react before he grabbed her legs and pulled them up onto his lap, dragging her partially into a laying position on the couch. As Wesker leaned over her, she pushed up on his firm chest. She refused to look into his eyes, scared of what power they could wield over her.

"I would rather walk your dog in this weather right now, than sit any closer to you," she said.

Odin looked up at them while lying on the floor, cocking his head slightly. It was like he understood her words and vocally voiced his displeasure with a bark.

And then her stomach was doing its own grumbling. She froze, the crankiness of her belly loud and clear. Claire mentally kicked herself. Wesker stifled a snicker, releasing her and sitting up. He stroked her legs before standing up, turning around to face her as she looked at him.

"How about you go take a bath while I cook dinner?"

She gawked at him for a moment, a short image of Wesker cooking in that fancy kitchen, perhaps chopping up human limbs, was a tad overwhelming. Claire rapidly shook her head.

"You aren't poisoning me!"

Wesker sighed, frowning. "Now where is the fun in that? Dear heart, trust me, if I end up having to eliminate you, it will be a little more…exciting."

As the pit of her stomach fell from the disturbing words, he grabbed her and pulled her to her feet. "Follow me."

He headed for the stairs. For a moment, Claire glanced to the phone, hoping to God that Chris would call and save her. The landline remained silent, and so she trudged behind him up the stairs, walking into the shadow. She didn't notice at first, but the dog also followed them upstairs. She could hear his tags and then she felt his muzzle graze across her calf. Wesker turned on the hallway light once on the second floor. Claire took a quick gander around. Upstairs had several rooms as well. The master bedroom's door was part way open, and Claire could see its grand size even in the night. She could see into the master bedroom because of a dim light that radiated in the back. There was another closed door just down from Wesker's bedroom. They passed it and headed for the next door. It was another bathroom, large and quite clean. Across this must have been another bedroom behind the closed door. The bathroom had a dual vanity sink with real marble slab. The floor was the same fancy rock like in the kitchen. There was a stand in shower encased with textured glass to prevent anyone looking in. There was also a really nice jacuzzi tub, and Claire about groaned out loud from the sight of it.

"Pick your poison. You can choose whichever you like. I'll bring you fresh clothes."

She blinked to look away from the tub, looking to Wesker questioningly. "Clothes? From where?"

The STARS Captain looked over his shoulder at her. "William and Annette stay here at times. They often leave clothes just in case. You and Annette are very similar in size. She won't mind."


"What, would you rather wear some of William's clothes?"

Her cheeks burned. "No! Annette's is fine."

With a dark smile, Wesker slipped out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. She felt the brush of cool air from it, and turned to decide what she was going to use. Of course the tub was inviting, but Claire didn't want to be exposed more than she had to while in the house of the enemy.

It was just as he feared once returning home. Claire was gone. She went with him. Chris tossed his keys onto the kitchen counter, walking over to the phone where a red blinking light told him there was a message to be heard.

Jill looked around the living room at the Christmas decorations that were up so far. She had been quiet the whole ride back to her partner's house. Chris was worried about her. He wanted to push that button to listen, to see if it was his sister, but he couldn't ignore Jill either. She was his best friend. And she needed some comforting right now. Hell, he needed comforting too after the night they had.

Reluctantly, the older brother stepped away from the phone and joined Jill. He put his hands on her shoulders, squeezing them gently. When she hardly responded, he went ahead and pulled her into him for a hug from behind.

"I can make this kick ass chicken noodle soup for us…with crackers," he said into her ear.

He felt her squeeze his arms, and she smiled finally. "Sounds good."

"Great, now go pick out something funny on the TV while I cook." He kissed her cheek innocently and pulled away.

Jill faced him after he let her go. "Where's Claire?"

Chris hesitated for a moment. "With the captain…"


He scratched the back of his neck. "Long story. Look, I'll tell you all about it after we get some peace."

Jill nodded. Her eyes brightened. Chris always put Claire first, no matter what. Maybe she felt flattered that, for once, her best friend was putting her first. Chris knew if anyone could look after Claire and her safety, it was Captain Wesker. Right now, Jill needed him, and he was going to be there for her.

It had been a completely disturbing day for him. Between learning about Claire and Wesker and now his old friend and fellow officer, Ralph Hendricks, dying of a suspicious assault, Chris was ready to collapse. He felt for Barry and Robert Kendo, who had knew Ralph for many more years on a deeper level. They all deserved some peace tonight.

He was in the kitchen on auto pilot mode, his mind just going over and over the events that had happened the past few days. He was missing something, and it really bothered him. Chris shook out of it, looking into the living room. Jill was on the couch watching TV, or at least trying to. A lot was on her mind as well. He could see she was upset. Chris knew because Jill always became a certain type of quiet. And it was common for her to pull her legs up close to her chest. She wasn't fidgety when she was sad or upset like many people, but more detached.

Chris hurried with getting the soup going on the stove after cutting the veggies and meat and adding the other ingredients. Once it was ready to be left alone, he made his way into the living room. He plopped down right next to his partner, the TV noise softly playing a happy movie in the background. He paid no attention to it, instead studied Jill closely.

She slowly looked at him, still keeping her legs close to her chest. She had felt his gaze watching her. "Yes, Chris?"

She was trying to hide her discomfort as always, even though Chris could read her like a book most of the time. He gently smiled, keeping to himself exactly how beautiful she was.

"Uhh, soup should be ready soon. So you better be hungry."

"Oh, I'm hungry," Jill said.

As he was about to agree with her, she was suddenly snuggling into him, looping her arm in his and burying her face into his shoulder. Chris's heart took a spike for a moment, but then he stared down at her. They were hurt, lost, and confused tonight. Maybe scared after seeing what happened to Ralph. Jill meant as much to him as Claire did, and knew he would do all in his power to protect her. They were partners, and would watch each other's backs until the end.

Chris kissed the top of her head. He used his free arm to rub her back. He put his chin on her head, knowing they would both stay like this for awhile.

Claire couldn't believe how weak she was. She should have been able to resist, knowing the decision was something Wesker could take complete advantage of. But it was the best jacuzzi tub she had ever been in. It was like she was taking a bath in the holy grail of tubs. She couldn't remember the last time she enjoyed a bath so much. Chris's tub was small and dinky. And she didn't even want to think about the tub that lacked in her college dorm out of town.

She finally dragged herself out after she was as pruned as she could stand. She changed into the lounge wear that Wesker brought her that belonged to Annette. They were red and black silk pants with a matching top.

The younger Redfield headed downstairs. She could hear Wesker talking, and for a moment, wondered if someone stopped by the house. But as she made her way through the living room and into the kitchen, she saw he was on the phone. By how he talked, he was slightly irritated, and talked in terms she didn't understand by what she gathered had something to do with chemistry or something of the nature.

The kitchen had a nice aroma to it. It made her belly groan in hunger. Wesker noticed her while on the phone and paused. He briefly covered the speaker of the phone.

"Enjoy your bath, hmm, dear heart?" His head dipped towards the dining room. "Your dinner is in there. Should still be warm. I will be with you momentarily."

He went back to talking on the phone using terms that wanted to give her a headache. She walked into the dining room, finding her plate, silverware, a cloth napkin, and even a glass of red wine. The meal was some kind of goulash and it smelled fantastic. Claire was so hungry, she dug right in. She should have been taking this time to try and listen in on Wesker and see if she could get something good, but instead was stuffing her face.

Claire was finished with her plate and steadily drinking her wine when Wesker entered the dining room. Odin's nails could be heard on the wood floor and a moment later he was coming in, but stopped not far inside the threshold.

"You were hungry," Wesker stated simply. "Do you need more?"

She quickly shook her head, even though she definitely could use more. "No, thanks. You know you are contributing to a minor with this, right?" She pointed at her glass of wine she was still drinking.

Wesker chuckled. "Well I am an officer of the law. I think I would know that."

"Are you sure you are an officer of the law?" Claire snorted.

"I have many jobs. If only you knew half of them. Then again, I would have to kill you that way. I do hope you enjoyed dinner and your wine. You don't have to play goody two shoes with me, Claire. I'm sure you are like any other college girl and drinks plenty."

She did go drinking with her friends a lot.

"Yeah, so?" she challenged. And then she was suddenly frightened. "Don't tell Chris."

That amused Wesker. "Your secret is safe with me, dear heart."

He got up and left the dining room. Claire followed him with her dishes. Odin was staring at her pleadingly, as if she was supposed to give him something and she didn't know it.

"Go ahead and put your dishes in the dishwasher when you are finished. I left the wine out in case you want more. I'm going to take a shower, so make yourself comfortable until I return." He then looked to his Doberman, and pointed at him. "Watch."

Wesker left for the upstairs. Claire stood in the kitchen, wondering what to do. She slowly put her dishes away and poured herself more wine. She walked slowly into the living room with Odin following her. She could hear the shower start upstairs in his room.

Claire knew she should take this chance to try and dig for information to use against him. She glanced down at Odin. He was watching her alright, but there was no sign of aggression on the dog. She slowly reached her hand over to his head. He let her pet him no problem, and he even licked her hand.

She looked up the stairs once more, and sat the glass down on the coaster on the coffee table. This was her chance. She was going to take it. She started for the rooms across the way on the first floor. Odin followed her curiously. She found a really nice den and another bedroom. She searched the rooms for anything without much luck. She then went on to the utility room. Still nothing.

Claire finally braved upstairs, knowing she was running out of time. She could still hear the shower running. Her time would be up when it stopped. She passed his bedroom and the next closed door and on past the bathroom where she had her bath. She tried the last bedroom across from the bathroom. She could tell this was where the Birkins slept whenever they stayed here.

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could use in here either. Grumbling, Claire left. Odin was still following her, and yawned in boredom while she went through the Birkins room. There was no way she could search his bedroom while he was in the shower. She went up to the closed door that was next to his room. It was probably just another bedroom, but she figured she should try while she had the chance.

Claire put her fingers on the knob, her heart racing as she listened to that shower. But then something startled her. Snarling. She quickly looked down, saw that Odin was baring his teeth at her and growling. It was just like the other day when she broke into the house the first time. He snapped at her leg, and she barely moved in time. As soon as her hand released the knob, the dog went back to normal.

Claire looked to the closed door, then to the Doberman. When she reached for the knob again, Odin bared teeth at her. She quickly dropped her hand. This was definitely the room she needed to get into. There had to be something on the other side. Why else would the dog be so adamant about being aggressive when she touched the handle?

I have to think of a way into this room!

By this time, the shower suddenly ceased. Claire spun around, looking into his bedroom. She didn't hesitate and made her way downstairs back to the living room. Sitting down, she pretended to mind her own business and drink her wine. Odin followed her once more and laid down himself when he realized she wasn't going anywhere.

It didn't take long for Wesker to be walking down the stairs. When she glanced up, she almost choked on her wine. He was shirtless, wearing black pants, and that was it. Claire quickly looked back down, cursing to herself. She could already tell how much affect he was starting to have on her. She couldn't give in to him. No. She should never have drank the wine. The wine was a trap.

"You alright, dear heart?"

"Huh? Yeah…just tired. I fell asleep on the couch. Maybe I should go to bed."

She wanted to punch herself. Of course Wesker could read right through her lie. She saw him shrug though. God, she couldn't believe how ripped he was. Nope, she had to look away.

"It is very late. We should get some rest. Come on, I will show you to your room."

Relieved, she got up and followed him. He took her upstairs to the Birkins' guestroom. This was fine by her. The sooner he went to sleep, the sooner she could sneak into that room and figure out what was in there that Odin was protecting.

She avoided looking at Wesker, knowing how much he was going to affect her if she kept looking at him. She couldn't give him a reason to take advantage of her. For a moment, Claire wondered why her brother never returned her call. She hoped he was alright. But maybe after tonight she would have something to finally put Wesker away for good and save both of them.

"Goodnight, dear heart," Wesker said softly, and kissed her temple.

"Goodnight," she said.

Now all she had to do was wait…

Claire had done exactly what she had feared. Fallen asleep. Luckily she awoke at an ungodly hour early in the morning. The alarm clock off to the side said nearly 3:30 A.M. This was her chance. Surely, Wesker was sound asleep. Now her only problem was Odin. She needed to figure out where the dog was.

She listened with her head against the door for the longest time. She couldn't hear any movement. All was silent. She wondered if Wesker was a light sleeper and would hear her sneak into the secret room. Claire had to try though. The key to saving her and her brother's life could be in that very room.

She heard barking outside. Her heart jolted. She moved quickly across the dark bedroom to the window, where the street lamp from outside cast a ghostly light into the room. She looked down into the snow covered ground. Odin was in the yard sniffing around.

I have no better opportunity! I need to go now!

Claire didn't waste time. She silently opened the bedroom door and made her way out into the hallway. She paused, listening. She didn't hear anything. She wished she could hear snoring or something to let her know she was in the clear. She tip toed across the hallway, luckily enough the new house had no creaks.

She again paused at the door. Her heart was racing now. Her fingers trembled over the door knob, listening. She still couldn't hear any movement or sound. Taking a deep breath, Claire turned the knob and entered the room. She was able to shut the door without a sound and look around in the darkness. By what she could tell from the outside street lights dipping in through the curtains, it was some kind of study. She could see bookshelves lined with books, a computer desk with a computer, and even a few filing cabinets. This was it. This had to be it. This room held her ticket to freedom.

That was, until a lamp flicked on, and the computer chair swung around to face her with the one man she didn't want to be caught with. Claire's eyes grew wide, and his soft, dark chuckles were enough to send a shivers up her spine.

"Oh dear heart. You are in trouble now."

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