The three sat at the table. The couple on one side. Francis on the other.

They ate in silence. Francis glared at Lars once every few minutes. Lars was scared for his life and Madeline was nervous of how her father will judge her.

Francis put down his fork. The two immediately gave him their full attention.

"So how did you meet?" He looked at Lars.

"We traded things to one another." Madeline said.

"Really? That's the very first time you've met?" Francis said very over the top.

"Yes, I believe so." Madeline replied. Lars started, sweating nervously.

"Mon petit, would you believe that you two met when you were just a babe?"

"Yes, Papa. I thought he was familiar, when I first met him. Why do you ask?" Madeline asked suspicious.

"Honey, let's don't go into this. The past is the past. Nothing is more important to me than our present." Lars said to her, trying to stop this conversation from getting any further.

"It is to me too, Lars. But I want to know about that time. Understood?" She said to him, sweetly and then sickly.

"Yes, dear." Lars replied.

"Please tell me, Papa."

"Let's see." He lent back on his chair. "Ah, it was the first time you came to my house, you were so cute that I had to show you off to everyone that I knew. This came by for something that I don't really remember, and then I showed you off. And he was mesmerized by you."

Madeline looked at Lars and he looked away embarrassed.

"After you left, he started asking what he was feeling and said he was in love with someone. I didn't know at the time but I think he meant you." Francis then looked at Lars darkly.

"Lars, is that true?" Madeline demanded.

"Ah," Lars looked at her guilty and ashamed. "Yeah, it's true."

"What!" She exclaimed.

"You were so cute and I wanted no needed to be with you. Please forgive me." Lars bowed his head.

Madeline couldn't handle the information. She got up and ran to her room and locked it.

"I can't believe it. He loved me when I was a little girl? Isn't that creepy?" She started crying. "Why do I always attract weirdos?"

"He didn't do anything bad to me though, unless I allow it. He tries to act cool, even if he's extremely nervous." She smiles a little as tears keep falling. "But maybe I'm too young for him. He's around Papa's age and maybe he wants someone older or does he like someone younger?"

She slapped her cheeks and wiped some tears away. "No you cannot doubt, anything. You are in love with him, even if he likes you because you resemble a little girl. But that means, when I grow older he'll leave me." The tears flowed out harder.

She sits down and huddles her knees close to her chest and cries.

*knock* *knock*

"Madeline, it's me."

"Lars?" She says in a quiet voice.

"Yeah. Your dad is kind of depressed and he thinks it's his fault that you cried."

Madeline stayed silent. Lars sighed.

"I know it's actually my fault. I should've told you." Lars smiled a little. "You know the first time I saw you. I thought you were an angel."

Madeline snorted slightly.

"It's true. You were the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I fell in love with right there and I swore to myself that I'd make you mine." Lars said. "But I'm sorry that I caused you grief. I was a coward and couldn't tell you. I thought you would hate me." He gets a bit quieter. "I'm really sorry and I won't bother you ever again."

"What!" Madeline got up and unlocked the door. She went out and saw Lars was walking away.

She ran after him and hug-tackled him. She cried. "Please don't leave me!"

Lars was surprised by what he heard. "But I'm a pervert. I fell in love with you when you were a child. According to Francis, I should die by the guillotine."

"Well, you are the only person outside my family who cares this much about me. You may be a pervert but Papa is a pervert too. So is my brother. I can get used to it. I don't really care what you are into, just..please don't leave me." She sobbed and looked at him desperately.

He twisted around and hugged her. "I will never leave you. If you'll have me." He smiled.

She stopped crying, and smiled so happily and hugged him back. They paused for a moment and looked at each other. They leaned in and..

*Cough* *Cough*

Francis stood there, fake-coughing. He raise a brow at them. The couple blushed.

"Do you feel better, mon petit?"

She nodded.

Francis sighed and scratched his head. "Lars."

Lars stiffened.

"I give you my consent to date her."

"Really? Thank you so.."

"But, if you ever hurt her." Francis went closer to Lars and lowered his voice. "I will hunt you down and kill you."

Lars went bug-eyed and nodded, horrified.

Francis pat him on the shoulder. "Now you two may continue." He went away.

They looked at each other, smiled awkwardly to one another.

"Want to try again?" Madeline asks. He shrugs and leans in and kisses her.

"I love you." He says to her. She blushes and digs her head into his chest.

"I love you too." She murmurs back.

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