*Ok, this isn't my first story, but I haven't uploaded one in forever, so here goes…..O yeah, BTW, this story is about Kaitlynn and Mr. Covington's "sexual" relationship and how he dies.*

Mr. Covinton POV

I was at my desk, writing a letter to a colleague about how appalling his presentation was this afternoon, and suddenly Briana Leigh came bursting into my room in hysterics.

"You-you—you…did IT with HER! Why? Why would you SCREW my BEST friend?" she snarled.

"Briana Le-" I started.

"No, don't you dare say anything unless you END this THING with her RIGHT NOW!" she screamed the last part at the top of her lungs.

Briana Leigh started throwing my papers around and smashed my pictures on the floor.

"Briana! That is ENOUGH!" I yelled, in a rage myself. She paused and stared at me. "What Kaitlynn and I had…was…..nothing, alright? I'll end it. I'm sorry Bri."

Briana Leigh just sneered at me. "If you were sorry, you never would have done THIS. You SCREWED my supposed BEST friggin' friend. How the HELL do you think you get off? I knew when you two were sneaking around that something was happening, but THIS? If you're so desperate to have sex, go find a girlfriend. Because you never loved Mom, did you? Even when she was alive you ignored her to screw your secretary or someone. I HATE YOU!"

"Bri….please," I begged, "it was a mistake. I'll end it tonight, I swear."

"You better. Because if you don't, you'll get what's coming to you." Then she turned on her heel and walked out of my office, letting the door slam behind her.

"Oh, God. Oh my God. What have I done?" I muttered.

So, I did the only thing I could. I took out a piece of stationary and started writing.

My Dear Kaitlynn,

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