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Chapter 1: Forcible recruitment

It was just approaching midnight on Commi Island. The sky shone brightly with stars. The moon was a large crescent shape and its small rays of light floated down to earth. The people of Cocoyashi village were sleeping peacefully, lulled to sleep by the soothing sound of the waves calmly caressing the coast. The only noises heard inside the village itself were the chirping of crickets and the wind slowly breezing through the town. Far away on the outskirts of the village, a lone house stood undisturbed. The house was a soft blue colour and was surrounded by a large field of oranges.

Strangely, at this late hour, the house's only occupant was currently awake. Her short orange hair was draped over her eyes, hiding her dark chocolate eyes from the moonlight that was piercing through the window. On her left shoulder, the bottom of a tattoo was visible underneath a small white sleeve. Due to the cold weather, the woman had wrapped herself up in a variety of blankets and was also wearing a white shirt to help stay warm. Suddenly, a small gust burst through the bedroom window, opening it up with a loud bang. It was at this time that Nami sat up in shock, staring at the open window. Slowly pushing her orange bangs out of her eyes, Nami walked over to the window and closed it shut. The young woman shivered slightly in the wind and quickly hopped back in bed. She sighed contently, burying her head deeper into her pillow. Nami hated the rotten weather. For an instance, she almost imagined Bellemere walking into her room and giving her a hot chocolate to 'keep her warm' through the night. Nami could feel a forlorn frown creeping up onto her face. She really missed living with Bellemere, Nojiko and Genzo. Unfortunately, growing older meant growing bigger and therefore, Nami and Nojiko had moved out of their old home around six months ago. The sisters still kept in touch with their parents but were also quite independent. Nami sighed once more as she soaked up the warmth of the sheet. It was a nice night. The stars were shining, the sky was cloudless, a shadow was currently eclipsing the moon from view…wait what?

Nami quickly shot up and the shadow across the moon suddenly disappeared, being replaced by a loud clanging sound on the floor. Nami jumped slightly in shock and reached for a candle at the side of her bed. The moment she reached for it, however, the candle fell onto the floor, as if pulled by a strange force, and disappeared into the shroud of darkness on the floor. Nami was now freaking out.

"Who…who's there?" she called into the shadows. Nothing replied, except a small breeze of wind as something raced past her head. Whatever it was, it was fast. Nami slowly reached under her bed and pulled out a small staff from underneath it.

"Nojiko…Bellemere…is that you guys?" Nami called again into the darkness. Another breeze passed over her head. This time, however, she could also hear the thud of something in front of her. She panicked, letting out a surprised scream. Before she could react, however, the shadow disarmed her and caused her to drop the staff on the bed. Nami suddenly found herself pinned to the wall, with an arm either side of her, keeping her from escaping. She squirmed against the shadow but the shadow didn't move.

"Let me go" Nami shouted with fright at the darkness "What do you want?" The shadow's reply was a strange one


The shroud of darkness around the shadow slowly faded away, revealing a strange grinning young man. The young man had a straw-hat that covered his head and slightly hid his black hair. His piercing black eyes stared deep into Nami's dark brown eyes. His wide grin seemed to be too wide for his face. Nami felt herself turning red at their close proximity.

"I finally found you" the stranger said happily. Nami stared at the stranger in complete shock. The stranger then leapt back joyfully, landing on a soft cushion in the middle of Nami's room.

"Wait til' I tell the guys" he said with a chuckle. Nami was, however, too shocked to say anything. Who was this man? How had he gotten into her house? And, more importantly, why was he here? Nami reached for her staff, whilst she watched the man. She slowly analysed her companion. The stranger's straw-hat was possibly the neatest thing about him. His shirt was made out of a variety of red cloths that had been recently stitched together. His trousers were dusty and frayed at the edges. A dusty cloak was also worn over his shoulders. Nami held out her staff to threaten the mysterious man.

"Who…who the hell are you?" She asked angrily, again examining his clothes with her eyes "Are you some sort of thief?" The stranger in the straw-hat looked up at her with a smile.

"Nah!" he replied "Name's Luffy, I'm a…what did Robin say now? Bagerond? Nagerbond? ...Vagabond! That's it, she called me a vagabond…though she was mad at me then so I'm not sure if it's a good thing" Nami stared at Luffy in complete confusion. Was this guy serious?

"Are you an idiot?" She asked him, poking Luffy's shoulder with her staff. The straw-hat 'Vagabond' laughed loudly and then tilted his head.

"That's not very nice Nami" he replied. Nami instantly froze.

"How…how do you know my name?" she asked, still holding her staff out to threaten the intruder. Luffy chuckled boisterously.

"Long story" he muttered as he grabbed hold of Nami's staff. With a quick tug of his arm, Nami suddenly flew forwards off her bed. She was now laying front first on the floor next to her strange intruder. Luffy examined her staff for a second then flung it behind him. It made a loud crash on the floor.

"You see…" Luffy began, as Nami looked up at him "You're important. More important than a lot of people in this world and definitely more important than me. I can explain everything in detail and answer any questions you have but right now, you need to come with me" The orange haired woman stared at him, mouth agape. More questions flooded into her head, yet she said the most obvious first.

"Go with you? Why should I?" Nami asked, slowly trying to back away from Luffy. She didn't get far, however, as Luffy grabbed her arm.

"Nami…listen to me" Luffy reasoned "You need to come with me NOW! Or else everyone's going to be danger" Nami's stare turned to a glare as she slapped Luffy's hand away.

"Are you threatening me?" she asked angrily. Luffy stood up and shook his hands from side to side.

"No, no, no, no! You've got it all wrong. All I want…no…ALL I NEED is for you to come with me Nami" Nami, however, continued to shuffle away, now back on her bed.

"I'm not going anywhere until you answer my questions" she bellowed, grabbing a pillow and tossing it at Luffy "NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM" Luffy sidestepped the pillow and started to approach her.

"Nami, we haven't got time for this. They know you're here. It's coming for you" Luffy reasoned once more. Nami didn't listen, however, and reached for her bedside draw to find something to defend herself with. She was stopped, however, by Luffy's hand. Nami shuffled backwards against her wall.

"I've no idea who you are or who 'it' and 'they' are so just get out of here you phyco" she yelled. Luffy didn't listen, instead crawling onto her bed and pinning her against the wall with his arm. Nami tried to resist but suddenly found herself mesmerised by Luffy's eyes. He reached into his pocket with his other arm and removed something Nami couldn't see.

"I'm not a phyco" Luffy said "and trust me, one day you'll thank me Nami" Nami, however, did not want to thank the stranger and began to struggle to try and get free. Unfortunately, Luffy's legs stopped her from escaping, having trapped her legs in between them.

"Hey Nami" The orange haired woman stopped struggling and turned to the mysterious man with wide eyes

"Do you believe in magic?" Luffy whispered. That was the last thing Nami heard as the next second, Luffy had put an open palm to his lips and blown some purple dust at her face. Nami's eyes suddenly felt heavy and, reluctantly, she closed them and returned to her slumber.

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