Media: Fanfic

Title: Skin and Bones (Epilogue)

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Sap, future!verse, some OCs

Word Count: 2,100+ (61,000 in total)

Summary: They grew up and grew apart, their relationship too young to really grow with them. Now, so many years later, they find themselves face to face again older and more mature and ready to give it another go. Or maybe not.

Disclaimer: Don't own Glee. Also, I have no affiliation with Yale or the Spizzwinks(?)s. I just did some research on them and decided they were basically awesome. Look them up. They're totally awesome.


The roar of the audience was mind-blowing and made Kurt's heart swell. He couldn't believe that this was the last time he was going to be taking the curtain call with the cast of "Worry Well." His costars and the rest of the cast gathered at his side as the curtain came down and then went back up. The sound of applause and whoops were deafening. They bowed once more together and stood away from Kurt so he could step forward and take a singular bow as the curtain came down the final time.

Backstage was a flurry of activity. People were rushing around to get the stage cleaned up while everyone else rushed to take off make up and costumes before the post final show party. Kurt made his way to the wings of the stage and was thumped on the back but multiple people as well as being almost accosted by his female costar.

Sadie was waiting for him near the fly loft. She had a grin on her face as she held out her arms to him. "Oh God, Kurt. I am going to miss seeing you almost every day for this show. I don't think I'll be able to find a better person to work with."

Kurt grinned and hugged her tight. "It's not like we won't be able to see each other all the time. You're always with Carrie and with me being with Blaine we'll probably be seeing each other constantly around them too."

Saide sighed and nuzzled her face into his shoulder. "I know, but this still feels like too much. It's an ending to something we've been doing for so long already." She pulled away to look him over. "By the way, a very handsome man is waiting in your changing room with a massive bouquet of flowers."

Kurt grinned at her brightly and pulled away, hustling to his room and, of course, Blaine was sitting inside, clutching a bouquet of daisies and roses. At Kurt's entrance, he immediately stood up and went to gather him into his arms. "You were flawless as ever tonight," Blaine murmured with a kiss to Kurt's temple.

"Of course I was," Kurt replied brightly. "Are those flowers for me?" he asked.

Blaine contemplated them for a moment. "You know, Sadie said she really fancied them earlier and I was tempted to give them to her instead-" He broke off with a chuckle as Kurt smacked him on the shoulder. "Yes, they're yours. I hope you enjoy them."

Kurt plucked them from his hands to put in a recently vacated vase. "I would have been very upset if they weren't," Kurt joked back to his boyfriend. Boyfriend — it was nice to be calling Blaine that once more. Ex-boyfriend had hurt too much.

Turning, Kurt inspected Blaine's outfit and cocked his hip. "Is that what you're wearing to the after party?" Blaine was dressed in dark jeans and a deep burgundy shirt with a simple sports jacket. Compared to the type of people that were going to be at the party that night Blaine's outfit was going to be considered casual.

Blaine's eyes caught his reflection in the mirror. "I thought this was good enough! I wear it to all my meet and greets!" Blaine complained, looking panicky that Kurt didn't approve.

Kurt's expression softened. "It's fine. It's you." He'd learned to not be as picky when it came to Blaine and his wardrobe. He had grown up without Kurt and had created his own style that he was comfortable in—but he also trusted Kurt's opinion and was always ready to jump and change at any moment to please him. Kurt had to remind himself sometimes that Blaine was not a dress up doll for a fashion show.

Blaine still looked a little unsettled. "I wanted to make a good impression."

Kurt moved up to stand before Blaine, a tender smile on his lips. "You will. I know you will." He settled down at his vanity to take off his makeup and fix his hair. Almost twenty minutes later, he turned Blaine who was lounging on the couch and watching him. "Now, let's get going. We don't want to be late." He pressed a kiss to Blaine's cheek and slipped his hand into Blaine and tugged him out of the room. The crew was still running around but most of the actors had slipped away.

They grabbed a cab to take to the restaurant where the after party was being held. Kurt was quiet the entire time and Blaine didn't press him to find out why. He understood. 'Worry Well' had become Kurt's life for the longest time. Now it was over. So, Blaine just reached out to link their fingers.

The party was at the top of a building and it seemed to take forever to reach it by elevator. By the time they arrived the party was already in full swing with most people in fancy dress — but there was the occasional semi-formal outfit like Blaine's, which helped Blaine relax. Almost immediately after stepping off the elevator, the two men were swarmed with waiters carrying trays of expensive drinks.

Once they escaped the mob—with drinks in hand—they hurried into the crowd to find a friendly face or two. Not more than ten minutes later Sadie appeared with her hand low on the small of Carrie's back.

Both women looked spectacular. Carrie's hair was done almost professionally with whisps of white blonde hair curling around her face. She looked healthier, happier than she had in months. Dealing with Chance's mess had taken a lot out of her. She'd spent most of her time getting rid of his things and setting up the restraining order for when he got out of jail. He was still waiting to be processed but almost everyone thought he was going to get out because he only conspired, nothing else. His family had already requested that he get help and Carrie was doing everything she could to wipe him from her life.

Having Sadie had helped. They started off as friends but something had occurred between the two women less than a month after they really met. By this point, the two women were living together in Sadie's cozy apartment and very happy.

It pleased Kurt to see Sadie so content though—when he realized that she was getting so close to Carrie, he confronted her about her earlier boyfriend. "Weren't you dating Jason?" Kurt had demanded one night after a performance of the show.

Sadie had only sighed and rolled her eyes at him. "Didn't I tell you? Jason got a job in Russia months ago." Kurt's jaw dropped and she chuckled. "No, actually, he realized that we weren't compatible and broke it off. I didn't mind though. I had Carrie to help cheer me up." She ended with a wink, sauntering off.

The second Carrie saw Blaine and Kurt together, she squealed brightly and launched herself on Kurt. "Hiya, baby. You were amazing tonight. The touring cast won't be the same without you," she murmured into his neck.

Kurt laughed affectionately and pried her off. "Thank you, dear. I'm glad you came tonight. You look lovely." She laughed and twirled in her soft blue dress before turning to hug Blaine while Kurt moved his attention to Sadie.

"You two look happy," he commented, taking a sip of the wine in his glass.

Sadie's eyebrow quirked up. "Quite." Carrie extricated herself from Blaine to tug on the boys' hands.

"Let's go outside to the patio. Less noise out there," she said loudly. They followed her out to the patio where only a few other people were lounging and the only noise was the sound of the city all around them. "So much better." She sighed, leaning her back against the railing. "So, here's the million dollar question, my darlings; what are you going to do with your lives now?" All eyes turned to Sadie, who only shrugged.

"I was asked to go on tour because I know the process, but I think I'm going to stay at the theatre and just help with the next show that comes in. They already have it scheduled, I just don't know what it is." Carrie beamed at the other woman, obviously proud that she wasn't leaving her.

"Boys?" Carrie asked next.

Kurt sighed. "I really don't know. I thought about taking a few months off to rest and recouperate before trying for another show. I've also considered talking with a few fashion designers about some of my ideas."

Sadie reached out to take his hand and squeezed it. "I'm going to miss working with you every day." Kurt smiled but didn't reply. He knew that she understood. She looked over to the final part of their group who hadn't spoken yet.

Blaine had a smile on his lips. "Well, I guess this is as good a time as any." He turned to Kurt and then got down on his knee. A million thoughts and feelings raced through Kurt's mind and he vaguely heard the girls gasp behind him.

"Blaine, what-?" Kurt gasped as Blaine reached for his pocket but the other man held up a hand to stop him.

"This isn't what you think," Blaine murmured, taking his hand from his pocket and grasping Kurt's hand with the other. A moment later a chain was wrapped around Kurt's wrist with the familiar shape of the Eiffle tower charm hanging from it. "I would like to ask you , Kurt Hummel, to join me in a trip to Europe, more specifically Paris. I know you've always wanted to go and now that your show is over this is the perfect time for us to go."

Kurt felt the entire world come speeding back to him and he realized just then that Blaine was asking him to go to Paris with him. He smiled sweetly down at Blaine. "Y-," he tried to clear his throat. "Yes, I would love that," Blaine was up once more and holding Kurt close.

Kurt could hear gasps from the girls and something along the lines of, "I was so expecting a ring. Blaine totally seems like the marrying type." Kurt didn't care though. He was happy to be with Blaine here, like this.

After everything they had been through, from high school bullies and breakups to mad stalkers and freaky admirers, they deserved to be this happy. They deserved to experience this trip to Pairs and have time to actually be adult as the two different adults they were now. This was what they needed, a fresh start to be together and learn to adapt and Kurt couldn't wait to learn to be with Blaine again.

To learn to love and accept everything about him again from his heart and mind to his skin and bones.

So, I will promise to be a good girl and not blubber too much down here. I really had never expected Skin and Bones to get this much attention. All the people who have sent me messages and notes on Tumblr and reviews and comments have been so wonderful, I can't even explain.

My beta, Vale, and I have been plotting lately and she's convinced me into thinking about possibly doing a sequel to make up for the abysmal lack of fluff in this story. Also, because of how attached I've become to Sadie and Carrie (or Sarrie) I'm actually going to be doing a few little drabbles about them and post them on my Tumblr. I'm surprised at the lack of people who mentioned the lesbian vibes they were putting off earlier.

I have a lot of stories in the making. A few smut stories, because Aubrey has gotten me addicted to them. I also have my Cagebird!verse I'm working on along with an, as of now unnamed, Blaine attending Mckinley fic. I hope you guys stick around for those and thank you for reading!