a fictional heartbeat

Roxas thinks of this girl who lives outside of his memory.

He does not know why he thinks of her, he cannot remember ever meeting her (perhaps she is Sora's friend, but the taste of that on his tongue is too bitter). She appears in his thoughts, face sculpted to the same degree as Naminé's, eyes rounded like an exact replica – except that her hair is dark. It is shadow black, like his old cloak with the heavy zippers and sleeves stitched with too much (memories, tears, pain, blood, shared smiles, orange sunsets, sea salt ice cream stains, quiet clock towers).

And her smile – her smile reminds him of Axel's smile. It is warm, friendly and understanding – different from Naminé's secluded grin and hollow eyes.

Roxas thinks of this girl, whose name he does not know.

And how one day he might meet her, he hopes.

But he spends days living one half of a happy cycle, skating across the same beach next to the same girl with the strawberry – no, moonlight – hair and open smile. And this only makes him want to meet the nameless girl even more. She feels so close to his skin that he can almost hear and recognize her voice.

Maybe if he searches the expanse of Sora's heart, he will find her.