Chpt 4

I walked out of my apartment building and headed towards hers. I stopped at the hotdog vendor that was just outside her building. I paid and crossed the street. I then finished the last bite of my hotdog and threw it in the trash can beside me. I slid my phone out of my pocket and dialed her number.

It ran a few times before she answered. "heelllooow?" she yawned into the phone.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there to wake you up this morning but I'm having trouble with traffic. Will you forgive me?" When she didn't respond I sighed. "Look out your window." She walked over to her window slowly. I could see her deciding on weather or not to look through the brown curtains that hung over the window. "Heey, Surprised to see me?" I asked. She ran away from the window, disappearing back behind the curtains. "What you don't want to see me?" I said sounding sad. "" she said slowly. The line then cut off. I quickly walked in the front door of the apartment throwing my phone into my pocket. I followed some guy up to her apartment. I put my hand into my pocket and grabbed the little handgun. I grabbed the guy by the arm and turned him to face me. "Knock." I pointed at her door and flashed him the gun. His eyes widened and he took in a sharp breath. I motioned with my head towards the door. He slowly turned ad knocked on the door. I poked him with the head of the gun. He cleared his throat. "Heey, you alright? I heard you all the way downstairs." I could hear her slowly walking towards the door. "No it's okay . I'm fine you can go home." I looked up surprised she open the door and saw my mistake. She an eye hole. I could feel the anger rising in my stomach. I leaned down and whispered in his ear. He shook his head and I pulled the gun out of y pocket an put it to his head. He took in another sharp breath and cleared his throat again. "uh...hhmm. Please let me come in, I had some complaints and they were worried." I knew it was no use now. If she saw me here shed never open the door. "No... Really I'm fine." I knew then for sure she saw. I pulling my gun back into my pocket and walked back down the stairs.

I walked out of the apartment building and started to wonder the streets. I looked up at her window again and saw the fire escape latter hanging down. I walked up to it an pulled it down until it wouldn't go any further. I steped on the step and bounced once to make sure it wouldn't break. When it held me and I climbed up until I came to her ledge. I saw her walking back to her bed. She hit the lights and I waited awhile until I knew for sure she was asleep. I then played with lock until I finally succeed in picking it. I pushed open the window slowly not to wake her. I stepped into her apartment and made my way towards her closet. When i knew I couldn't be seen anymore I pulled out my phone and dialled her number. I watched her toss in her sleep before sitting up and turning on the light of her one room apartment. "Helllooow?" I watched as she yawned intothe phone.

"I was surprised to see you still in your dress clothes." The line cut off ad watched her through it onto her bed. Her hands came up to her mouth. She turned back around to get back into bed when she tripped over the glass coffee table. She fell on the floor and I saw my chance I opened the closet door and stepped out in front of her. She started to look up and when she saw me she pushed her body away from me. I smiled, this was going to be more fun then I thought.

"You don't seem very happy to see me." I knelt beside her making sure to stay out her kicking range. She pushed farther away until she hit the wall. "Don't run... It will just make this so much harder, and trust me, the more you run the more it hurts."

"I.. I thought you weren't going to hurt me?" She whispered.

"Yea, well people can change there mind, can't they?" I was having fun now. I stood up and pulled her with me. She then stepped back again and hit the wall. "You messed up my plan today." She nodded slowly. I stepped closer to her. She through a punch but I caught it. She was strong for a girl. I pushed her hand towards her. I was mad now. She fisted her other hand and hit me in my badged side. I stepped back and almost fell onto the coffee table. She ran towards the door, I reached my foot out and tripped her. She landed on her stomach. She slowly lofted her head then rested back against the ground. She laid there motionless. I grabbed her waist and pulled her back to her feet. I started to play the hem of her shirt. My senses were going wild. She gasped and jumped back. She backed up towards the kitchen. I just followed her, her face was priceless. She was so scared. She slid her hand along the counter. She had no idea what she was doing to me. I was suddenly very jealous of that counter. She jumped when a knock came from the door.

"Theres a call for you down stairs... Are you busy?" Urg it was that idiot from earlier that day.

"No.. Take a message she's busy!" I yelled starting to get very impatient.

"Who's in there?"

"None of your business!" This was really starting to piss me off. He started to pound on the door but I ignored him. I turned around and she stabbed me. SHE STABBED ME! I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head. I hands came to clasped the knife. I dropped to my knees Brigid her with me. She didn't want to let go of the knife. I screamed. She pulled the knife out and slammed it back into my chest. This time I fell forward. I could faintly hear her crying. She dropped to her knees beside me. I hurd her talking to someone, I figured it was that idiot that didn't know what was good for him. I felt her stand up and that was it. I couldn't breath anymore. I was dying. She killed me. Suddenly everything went black. I couldn't hear anymore, I couldn't feel anymore. I was dead.