Familiar face

LAST CHAPTER! This story wasn't the longest story but whatever, I kind of lost interest in all of my stories! :S I might put up a sequel but that's not for sure! I hope you enjoy this last chapter which will jump a couple of years at some points.

The flashbacks are going to be in italic

Dreams are in bold

Chapter 4

Haley and Nathan got to the hospital and went to see the 2 officers in the front. They told them who they were and the officer explained to them: "This morning a kid was brought in with head injury from school. Haley immediately though about Kyle, she knew he had quite a resemblance with her son, They took some blood samples from the child and his mother and they weren't matching. We searched our systems to find the biological parents and you two came up. We did research in our systems and found that your son was kidnapped 5 years ago. We called you to see if you could see if he is your son. His name was changed to Kyle James Rover, but not through law. I imagine it isn't his real name?" The officer said.

"No his real name is James Lucas Scott" Nathan said. They talked a little more about his condition and then they allowed the mother; Haley to go in the room. She walked to the entrance of the room and stopped at the door. This was her son, the little boy she had got to know more about since the first day of school was her son. She opened the door and saw Kyle, whom we shall now call Jamie, sitting on his bed with a bandaged head, reading a book. "Hey buddy, did anyone come talk to you?" Jamie turned around and saw Haley. Somehow, he wasn't sure where he remembered her from, but he felt good around her and had this immediate attachment to her. "Haley, only creepy doctors and Nurses came" he answered putting his book down. Haley decided it was time to tell him the truth. "Hey Jamie, you have to be a really big boy for what you are going to hear okay?" he nodded. She took a deep breath and started "I don't know if you remember but when you were a little boy, on a normal day, you where playing with your cousin and when you came home, your mom and dad put you to bed early. When your parents were also in bed, someone came in the house and took you away. Another lady, who kidnapped you made you believe she was your mom. Well the police and the doctors were able to find your real parents" Jamie looked at Haley a little confused. "Can I see my real parents?" She looked at him and gave him a hug. "Yes you may" Haley got up from the bed and before leaving she looked at Jamie. "Jamie, do you remember at the beginning of the year when I told you I had lost my son, someone had come to kidnap him during the night?" Jamie nodded and looked at her realizing the similarity. "You're my real mommy?" He asked. All Haley could do was nod yes. Jamie got off his bed and ran in Haley's arms. "Jamie would you like to see your daddy?" she asked "I have a daddy?" Nathan walked in and went to stand next to his wife. He looked at Jamie strait in the eyes and knew he was the little boy they had lost 5 years ago. They all hugged together and spent the night telling each other stories. Haley and Nathan had waited to tell Jamie about all his other family. They had already let him deal with the choc of being kidnapped.

One week later, Jamie was allowed to come home. He was getting his memory back and couldn't wait to start his new life with his new parents. At first, he wasn't too sure about how to act around but then soon realized that he was going to be accepted for who he was. Nathan and Haley learned all they had to know about Jamie and all lived happily ever after.


1 year later

Haley was sitting in the hospital bed waiting for Jamie to come in the room. He was so excited, he would finally be able to meet his little baby sister. Jamie walked in the room and ran to his parents. He said bye to Lucas and went to see his sister. "Mommy can I hold her?" He asked. Haley nodded and indicated to Jamie to sit down next to her. She gave him the baby carefully and told him to make sure to hold the head. "This is our little family" Nathan said as he kissed Haley and Jamie on their heads. "What's her name?" Jamie asked. "Well, since you're the special little boy in this family, we thought that you could pick her name" Haley told he little boy. "Yay... I want her to be named Anyssa or Nyssa for short" he said as he kissed her baby sister on her head. "Were did you hear that from?" Nathan asked "Well, Madison's younger sister has a really strange name, but it makes it cool so I knew she should have a weird name to make her cool" he said proudly. Nathan smiled at his boy and said "Welcome to our family Anyssa Jamie Scott".


3 years later

10 years old Jamie was happily playing with Nyssa at the park. Brooke was sitting on bench reading a magazine. Jamie and Nyssa were in the sand box when Jamie heard from behind "Hey Kyle, so nice to see you again, I can't believe how much you have grown. But mommy's back and we can go home again. Those weird people won't take you away from me anymore, come on, you can come back with me" Carrie said as she approached Jamie. Nyssa was clutching her big brother's leg tightly and Jamie had his arm securely around her. "You are not my mother; you are the lady who stole me away from my real family. Don't come near me or my sister" he said. "Well, then if you're not coming, I'll have to make you come because I am the person who raised you'll these years, I took care of you. Those people you call your parents missed half of your life and took you away from me. They didn't even come looking for you, if they did; they would have found you right away. They don't love you, I did, they never loved you" Carrie said as she took a hold of Nyssa. She started crying uncontrollably. "Leave her go now" Jamie said as he ran towards Carrie. Carrie took a needle out of her pocket and as soon as Jamie collided with her, she put the needle in his arm and Jamie fell down on the floor. Brooke looked up and saw the scene. She ran to Carrie and when she was about to say something, Carrie also stabbed her with another needle. Brooke also fell unconscious. Carrie took Jamie and Nyssa and put both of them in her car and drove back to her house.


Jamie woke up in a strange room, with no windows and no light. It took a while for his eyes to get used to the darkness. He then realized the previous hour's event. He got up and went to the door but notice it was locked. Knowing there was no use fighting a locked door he went back to the back of the room and sat down waiting for someone to come and get him. A few instants later, Carrie came in with Nyssa in her arms. "Well, well, I can see you're finally awake" she said as she sent him a devious smile. "Bring us back to our family, you have no right" he said. Carrie showed Jamie the gun and put it to his little sister's head. "You disobey me, I will blow your sister's head off" she threatened; Jamie knew that Carrie had the guts to do it and decided to listen to what she had to say. "We're leaving Tree Hill and no fighting back" she said as she left the room, still with Nyssa in her arms. Jamie started to think of a plan. He knew he had to find a way out of this crazy lady's house. He would wait until they were at the airport and there he would make his escape to save himself and his sister.


Brooke awoke from her unconsciousness a couple hours later. When she looked up she remembered what had happened and immediately went to Naley's house. When she got there, her eyes were red and puffy and her heart was beating fast.

"She took them, she put me unconscious and took them" she said softly.

Haley looked at her confused "Who took who?"

"Carrie, she took them" Haley's hand went to her mouth and she went straight to the phone. She called 911 and explained them the situation. She told them that she couldn't wait 48 hours because that lady had already kidnapped her son and had done it again. The person on the other line searched his files to make sure what Haley was saying was real and they made their way to her house. She called Nathan and he rushed home. The officers asked the two girls some questions and after having enough details, one of the officers went back to make the report. Right now, they were doing all they could to find Anyssa and Jamie.

Carrie had packed her luggage and was ready to leave. She went in the room that Jamie was in and saw that he and Nyssa were both sound asleep. He woke Jamie up and told him to go in the car. He did as he was told and Carrie took a sleeping Nyssa in her arms. She tied her in the car and told Jamie to tie himself up. She sat down and left in a hurry.

25 minutes later, they were heading towards the airport. Carrie was driving fast and didn't notice the police car hiding behind a house. The police car went after her and she accelerated. She didn't notice that she had a red light and when she crossed the street, a truck hit her car and it twirled around a couple of times and stopped when it hit a light post. The police car called for an ambulance and ran to the car. When he looked in he recognized the little boy sitting in the back of the car, he was the missing boy everyone was talking about. Not too long after, 3 ambulances, 2 fire trucks and a couple police cars were covering the scene. Jamie and Nyssa were fastly transported to the hospital and Haley and Nathan were contacted.

Once at the hospital, Haley went to the front office and asked for her kids, the nurse indicated her to sit on the chairs and wait for a doctor to come out. 30 minutes later a doctor came out of the trauma room and asked for Mrs and M Scott. Naley went to see the doctor and he indicated them to go in a more private room. "Your daughter suffered mild injuries; a few scratches and bruise but she'll be fine she's mostly shaken up. We would just like to keep her in ICU for the night to make sure he condition is the same. Jamie wasn't as lucky, he suffered some more serious injuries but nothing to be too worried about. He has a fractured wrist, which was casted up and a concussion. If you look at the impact of the accident, both your children were very lucky. We placed them in the same room so it would be easier for you two and they are being transferred as we speak. They'll be in room 314A and a nurse will be there if you have any questions." Nathan and Haley thanked the doctor and as they were leaving the doctor added "And don't worry, your family will be perfectly safe from now on, Carrie was pronounced dead on the scene" he said. Haley smiled and headed to her kid's hospital room. When they got there they saw Nyssa sleeping deeply in her bed and Jamie just starring at the sealing. When he heard the door open he saw it was his parents and smiled immediately. "Is Carrie still going to hurt us?" he asked Nathan nodded no. "She's dead, she'll never hurt our family anymore" Haley said. And they all finally got their happy ending.

The End!

This story wasn't the longest because I kind of lost interest in it. I am 99.99999999% sure there won't be a sequel unless you readers REEEEEAAAAALLLYYY want one, but personally I'm not sure if I'll do one. Hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to review!