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"Let me go!", screamed a young ghost girl. She was being held by her 'father' Vlad, who was in his ghost form as well, by the back of her phantom costume. They were both inside his lab under his large mansion. Vlad managed to apprehend Dani while she was flying off on her own. She saved Danny from Vlad after the billionaire tried to extract vital genetic information from the ghost boy. When Dani left Danny to make sure he was okay she flew off not even thinking that her 'father' was on her tail, trailing her.

"You will learn one way or another how to respect your elders, young lady! I tried to save you from turning into ecto plasim when you use up too much energy. But of course you got in the way of me trying to take Daniel's. As punishment I haveno choice but to dispose of you!" Vad carried the week ghost girl to a table where he strapped her down on her back and walked over to his large machines where many buttons blinked and beep in the dark basement.

"Danny was right, you are a fruiteloop!" Danielle spat as she looked over at her creator. Vlad grunted in annoyance and began to type into his computer codes and directions. The hologram Maddie began to read aloud the directions he sent. Dani ignored the voice to try to break free from her metal straps. It wasn't until she heard, "Molecule separation will begin in 5 seconds, pumpkin," that she gasped in shock. He was serious about disposing her. She looked up as a giant ray came slowly doen upon her. She looked and saw Vlad casually walk up the steps to walk out of the basement.

"No! Wait, dad! Please!" Dani's plea was full of worry and fear. Vlad turned to notice she was tearing up, smirked, and walked through the door. Dani looked at the ray and screamed as it buzzed to life sending jolts of electrical rays into her small body. She screamed and cringed at the sudden burst of pain going everywhere, and there was no escaping it. She kept screaming until she could feel herself fading. She didn't want to watch herself turning into goop, though it didn't feel as if she were, it was just a sense of going into a state of no return, so she looked away and closed her eyes as tight as she could.


"Danny! What's wrong?," The goth girl screamed in surprise. Back at Casper High, Danny and his friends were having lunch when Danny suddenly screamed and dropped to the ground holding his head as if it were about to burst. Tucker and Sam watched in shock as he shook and screamed. Sam placed a hand on his shoulder to shake him back to reality while Tucker ran to, shockingly, get the nurse.

"Danny! Speak to me, what's wrong!," Sam shouted as she kneeled next to him. Danny was on his hands and knees trying to shake off the horrible pain. He looked up and his eyes went from light blue and a glowing green. It was a stroke of luck no one else was around, because Danny went ghost and flew off. Sam blinked in shock and she noticed the nurse following Tucker.

"Foley! I see no one on the ground yelling in agony! Maybe you're the one who is sick." The nurse pulled out a thermometer and stuck it in his mouth before Tucker could say a word. She waited a few seconds then pulled it back out.

"Ah, Ha! 100! C'mon mister Foley, what you need is bed-rest."

"What! No! I'm not going back into the nurse's office!" Tucker exclaimed as the nurse, literally, dragged him back into the building for some T-L-C. Sam paid no mind to the two, she just kept looking in the direction Danny flew off to. Wondering about what it was that actually happened to her best friend.


"What was that! And why are my instincts telling me to head towards Vlad's?", Danny said as he rubbed his sore head while he flew. He came up to the mansion and fazed through the wallas of it to where his gut was telling him to go. He continues on until he realized he was headed for the basement. He began to question his guy instinct when he finally came to the lab that Vlad kept underground. He gave a quick look around only to do a double take and gasp in shock. On the table was his female clone, Dani and she was being tortured by the molecule ray. Danny didn't have time to think. he only reacted as he lunged for the control that stopped the machine. Before he could reach it a fist made contact with his side, sending the teenager flying into a cabinet. Danny looked up and shook his head to see Vlad hovering above him looking angry as ever.

"What do you think you're doing here, Daniel?", Vlad growled in a deep voice.

"What are you doing to Danielle!", Danny screamed back. His anger against Vlad vanished when he heard Dani scream out his name and try to reach out to him with her tied down hand. He turned to her and was about to make a move for her when Vlad grabbed Danny by the shirt and held him up.

"You are not welcomed here, child. So you best be on your way!" Vlad made a fist and was about to swing at Danny and the teenager threw back his leg and kicked Vlad away. The billionaire slammed into a shelf half way across the room and stood upright instantly. Vlad gave a quick glance at a monitor and gave Danny a smug grin. He grabbed his cape and was about to make a disappearing act before say, "Looks like you've came a seconds too late, Daniel." With an evil laugh the ghost was gone.

Danny was clueless as to what he meant and rushed over to Dani who was still screaming. He switched off the machine and unstrapped the ghost girl. He was waiting for her to jump off the table and make her own escape but to his surprise she stayed still and was breathing very hard. Danny became worried and gently picked her up. He cradled her to his chest and gave her a once over. It wasn't until she started shaking when he realized what Vlad meant.

"Oh my gosh! I gotta get you some help!" His voice full of worry. Dani squeezed her eyes shut then slowly opened them to look up at her 'cousin'. She winced and gave a small smile. Danny watched as she went back into her human form and noticed the large amounts of bruising and ugly looking scars all over her exposed skin. He turned them both intangible and flew as fast as he could to take her to his home to see if anything could be done for her. He kept glancing down her to notice she had a hand on his chest and grabbing a fist full of his costume.

"Dani, are you okay?" He asked her full of worry. Dani was just about to answer when she seemto collapse in on herself and hold her stomach as if she had a bad stomach ache. She hid her face against his chest to stiffle the sudden sob. She looked up at him and gave him a small smirk. She then said, "What took you so long, Dan-?"

Her voice began to fade out when Danny landed inside his messy room. He stood in the middle of it confused and not knowing what to do. He couldn't tell his parents because that means telling them everything about the accident, the cloning and Vlad, he couldn't help her himself because he didn't know much about first aid, so what was he going to do? Dani then started to groan in pain and leaned against Danny as if trying to find a comfortable spot to lay against.

"Dani, can you hear me?" Danny asked as he changed back into his normal self. Dani winced and looked up at him. Danny's jaw dropped when her blue eyes began to show a distant look, like she was fading right there in his arms. He gasped and looked around confused again. Jazz wasn't home, Tucker and Sam where still at school, probably ditching to get to his house, and his parents were out. He was alone with a deathly injured Dai in his bedroom. It didn't register to hm that Dani's breathing was slowing and but her shaking continued.

Dani! Dani, can you hear me? Dani!" Danny laid her on his bed in a panic. She groaned in more pain and whimpered. Danny began to get really nervous until he heard the door open downstairs. He could hear Tucker and Sam yell out his name to see if he was home.

"Guys! I'm up here! I need your help!" Danny screamed out to them. He leaned over Dani and placed his ear to her chest. He could hear her heart beat but it was faint as well as was her breathing. Sam and Tucker rushed into the room and gasped when they saw Dani laying in Danny's bed looking horrible.

"What happened to her?" Tucker asked not wanting to get too close to Danielle. Sam made her way over to the other side of the bed and placed her own ear on Dani's chest. She gasped, grabbed her cellphone out of her pocket and dialed a number. Danny was about to ask when Dani whimpered his name.

"I'm right here, Dani."He said reassuringly. He brushed back her bangs which made her open her heavy eyelids. She took his hand and held it as tight as she could which made Danny squeeze her hand it back. Sam finished her phone call and said, "Okay, the doctor is on his way. I told him that your cousin got into an accident and that if we call 911 we'll be in big trouble. He's paid enough not to question." Same said with a shrug.

"I never really got how you guys are so rich yet you choose to live in Amity Park. It's really weird. Why not the suburbs or maybe even get yourselves a nice island somewhere?" Tucker continued his rambling to Sam while Danny sat next to Danielle.

"You're going to be okay now, Dani. The doctor is going to make sure of it. I promise." He said to her, more than anything he was reassuring himself that that was the case and that Dani will be up and flying around in no time. He brushed back her bangs with his free hand and watched as Dani's breathing seemed to keep getting slower. To his horror her grip on his hand was weakening and her breathing was now at her struggling for every breath. Tucker and Sam both gasped when Danny screamed 'no' as Dani began to slowly fade away.

"Dani! Danielle, open your eyes, now! I said now, c'mon!" Danny pulled her onto his lap and was shaking her to see if she would respond. She opened her eyes a little and looked at him. She noticed he was tearing up and frowned that it was her fault he was upset. Maybe he was angry with the fact it was their 'biological connection' that made him find and save her. She then finally felt the full weight of her injuries and was now fading for good. She wouldn't open her eyes again and she knew it. She grabbed a fist full of Danny's shirt and whimpered, "I love you, daddy."

Tucker and Sam looked at each other at the same time then back at Danny with confused expressions. Danny must have not notcied Danielle said 'Daddy' instead of 'Danny' because he replied, "I love you, too. But you're going to be okay! You will! Just hang in there! The doctor is on his way and he'll fix you up! You're going to be just fine!" He held her close and looked around at nothing while tears spilled over. He looked at Dani again and saw that she didn't have his shirt in her hand, he eyes were closed, and that her chest wasn't moving anymore. Sam placed a hand on Danny's should and was about to say something when Danny suddenly held Danielle close and cried. Tucker bowed his head and Sam backed away doing the same.

Danny kept the small ghost girl on his lap and held her as tight as he could. Sam heard the knock downstairs and went to let the doctor in but Danny knew it was too late. Danielle was gone. Even though he knew it wasn't his fault, Danny blamed himself for Dani's death. Sam returned to the room alone and told them she sent the docto away lieing that everything was okay with Danny's 'cousin'.

"Danny...what do we do now?" Tucker asked as he looked at his best friend with a frown. He knew Danny cared about his ghost clon cousin but he never imagined it would be this deep of a bond between the mistake clone and the unwilling DNA doner that helped make her by mistake.

"I'm going to make Plazmious pay for killing Danielle. That's what I'm going to do." Danny growled and kept Dani close to his chest as if, even though now dead, protect her. Sam then remembered what Dani called Danny and asked, "Why did she call you daddy, Danny?"

"It must've been a mistake being as she was...you know," Tucker explained to Sam. Danny frowned and said, "When one gives DNA to make another life, the doner is basically the parent...right?" He looked up at his friends, scared to see if he was right. Sam and Tucker looked at him then at each other.

"Well...techniqually, yes. But dude you didn't 'create' her. Vlad did." Tucker said trying to keep it from sounding harsh. Sam nodded in a agreement and said, "Yeah and it was by accident, Danny. You didn't want Vlad to take your DNA, he just did."

Danny looked at Danielle and stroked her hair. He looked back at his friends and replied, "Well...accidents happen to...a lot of...parents." Sam and Tucker's mouths dropped in shock. "Danny, you're not her-" Sam began when Danny turned to her and gave her a dirty look. He yelled, "No! I am! She was made with my DNA! She looks like me and has ghost powers like me. I'm her father and she's my biological daughter. There's no other away around it! Vlad may have created her but he is not her father! I am!"

Sam and Tucker backed away when Danny's eyes began to glow a bight green. Danny picked up Danielle and tranformed into his ghost form. He looked at his friends and said, "I'm going to the ghost zone." Before his friends could ask why and to where which part he was headed, Danny vanished through the floor.

Wow, dramatic, huh?