The crowd gasped as they looked up in the air. A dark figure hovered over them. The dark glow around the person seemed to drip into nothing and pulsed as if the energy itself was alive. The being had white hair with black streaks and their eyes started to glow a bright red.

"D-Danny?", Danielle stuttered. The ghost boy threw back his head and gave a wail towards the crowd. The people of Amity Park swarmed to get out of the way. Vlad smirked and jumped off from the statue's stand and dashed off. Danny threw his head back multiple times to send ghostly wails all around him. Danielle whimpered and started shaking as dark Danny floated towards her. She closed her eyes tight as she sensed him looking at her.

"I'm sorry! You were right! He was just using me! I don't know about everything else but you were right about Vlad!", she cried. She started crying even harder now without holding back her pain. She felt the chains lossen and before she had the chance to hover to keep herself from falling to the ground she felt Danny wrap his arms around her. She hid her face against his chest and didn't speak.

She felt them slowly moving and finally hit the ground. Danny placed her down and put himself in front of her. He glanced around the scared crowd and growled when he found his target. Vlad watched him with a grin and crossed arms as if studying a new species. With a quick snap of his fingers, Vlad vanished in a green smoke.

Danielle frowned and looked up at her donor. He didn't power down and his dark energy continued to pulse. He didn't take his eyes off the people who seemed too scared to move.

"What's he going to do?", someone whispered.

"It looks like he's defending the person who tried to kill him", someone said back.

"Didn't he say that was his daughter...?", someone questioned in a curious tone. The crowd grew into theories and whispers amongst themselves.

"Don't you see! She tampered with Danny! She deceived us! Made us believe our hero was gone! She turned him into her evil slave for protection!", came a voice. The crowd turned and saw a ghost hovering above them.

"Hear me, Amity Park! I am here to save you all from the horrors as these ghost here! Join me! In destroying the demons! I am one of many ghost who will protect you all from ones such as these!", the ghost Vlad pointed at Danny and Danielle.


"We have to get back!", Sam yelled.

Tucker, in a daze state, replied, "Why? We're fine here. Remember, Danny has to-"

"TUCKER! What is wrong with you!", Sam screamed. She looked him in the eye and saw a vacant stare. She waved her hand in front of his face and Tucker did nothing but continue staring out into nothing.

"Clockwork! Over shadowing him is not fair!", Sam screamed. Clockwork crossed his arms and smiled. He looked at Sam and nodded his head.

"Please, for the final time. Trust me.", the time ghost sighed. Sam looked away from them both and covered her ears. She didn't want to listen to anyone, not anymore.


"No! I didn't do anything to Danny! I don't know why he looks like this! Honest!", Danielle screamed through the tears. The crowd cheered on with Vlad and stalked the two ghost children. A growl erupted from Danny's chest and Danielle started to panic. She didn't know what was going on with her biological father.

"Attack the ghost boy! And the demonic ghost girl!", Vlad shouted. Danielle gasped and was about to fly when the ground started shaking. She latched onto Danny's leg and looked up at him. The ghost boy's eyes started to glow and suddenly turned vacant. he had his fists on either side of him, clenched and ready. The ground in front of him cracked opened and started to separate. The crowd screamed and backed away, most ran, others dove behind cars. Vlad watched on with a blank stare.

"D-Danny?", Dani said in a tiny voice. She looked around her and the ground continued to break apart and crumble away. Danny's eyes changed back to green and he glared down at the people of Amity Park. He powered up a plasma ball and looked at Vlad. The rich ghost gasped and got slammed by the energy, throwing him into a near by building.

Danny scooped up Danielle and turned invisible. He went through the ground and flew through the dirt until he resurfaced and sped as far into the distance.

"Danny, I-"

"Not now, Danielle.", growled the ghost teen. Dani frowned and covered her face in her hands. She felt the decent towards the ground but continued hiding her face.

"Now, do you remember me now, at all?", Danny huffed sounding a tad annoyed. He placed her on her feet and she looked away with a sad face.

"Look all I now is what I was told and heard. You say I'm your daughter, Vlad says I belong to him. To be honest, I'm getting tired of people claiming me, why can't I just be me and belong to no one?", Dani said crossing her arms. She was sorry he got hurt but that didn't mean she trusted him all of a sudden.

Danny sighed and went down on one knee, he placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled.

"I'm sorry. Let's start this over. Do you know what you are?"

Dani gave rolled her eyes and nodded, "I'm a clone."

"Yeah, you are. Do you know who you're cloned from?"

"I'm guessing you. Considering we're both named 'Danny' just spelled differently.", she said in a huff. The ghost boy nodded and smiled. He stood up right and looked at her affectionally.

"Yeah. That also means we share DNA, and we share a bond. When you feel pain, I feel it."

"Whoa, what! You mean all this time all this pain and suffering was because of you!", she shouted. Danny's eyebrows raised up and he looked at her confused.

"You've been in pain?"

"Yeah! My chest always feels like its on fire and being ripped opened. This is your fault!", she screamed backing away from him. Danny held up his hands in surrender.

"Dani, I had no idea, I swear. Please, just give me a chance to finish what I was saying. After that, you can go and do what you want but I need you to hear me out right now. Where I was getting at was when two people share something genetically it means they're related in some way, least that's what I believe.", Danny started. Danielle regarded him with a raised eyebrow but said nothing.

"Look, what I'm trying to say is, I'm what Vlad cloned you from, that makes me the eye of society", Danny started to get nervous and tripped over his words. Dani placed a hand on her hip and waved her hand for him to continue.

"Ugh, look. I'll just say it. Dani, in reality, I'm your biological father."

Danielle didn't say a word but her eyes went wide. Her mouth opened but nothing came out. Danny allowed her to take in the information before approaching her closer.

"I saved you from Vlad trying to kill you because I felt you. I felt your fear and I felt the pain he was putting you through. I took you to my friend Frostbite, who ripped part of my soul to give it to you to bring you back to me. You died before I could help you and he brought you back. You woke up and you didn't remember me. That's why I followed you around, that's why I kept saying...", Danny sighed and looked away. Tears started forming and he held them back as best he could.

"You did all of that? For me?", Dani whispered. Danny looked at her with a smile and nodded. He gasped when he saw tears falling from Dani's eyes, she placed her face in her hands and landed on her knees crying.

"You did all of that for me! Now look at what I did! I handed you over to Vlad, I handed you over to the guy who tried to kill me, twice! He hurt you when we were fighting! I hurt you...", Dani hid her face and cried harder than she ever did. Danny kneeled near her and pulled her into his arms.

"You didn't know what you were doing, kid. I'm not mad with you, I'm mad at Vlad.", the teen said as he rubbed her back. Dani threw her arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder.

Danny was about to say something when a sudden shock went9 through his body. He gasped and clutched his chest, holding tightly to where his heart sat.

"Danny? Danny, what's wrong!", Danielle shouted. Danny looked past her and saw the sun setting. His time was up.

"Danielle, I-", the ghost boy collapsed in heep struggling to breathe. Danielle placed a small hand on his chest and felt his heart pumping much too quickly.

"I don't understand! I don't feel anything! I thought-", Dani stayed silent, her own heart pumped quickly, but she didn't feel any pain. COmpletely the opposite, she was feeling stronger, whole. She was taking Danny's life.

"Oh my gosh! The soul you gave me! It's-It's sucking the life out of you and giving it to me! We have to stop it or make you better! Something!", Danielle cried. Danny coughed struggled to stay awake. He grabbed Dani's free hand and squeezed it. She looked at him in eyes and teared up.

"Dan-Daddy...?", Danielle whimpered. Danny smiled and nodded. The ghost girl cried out and hugged his neck, pulling him half way onto her lap. She didn't remember anything he told her: Frostbite, soul ripping, nothing. But that didn't make the truth about him being her biological father any less true. Which meant if he dies, she was really alone, forever.

"Don't leave me...", she hiccuped. Danny tried to speak, to tell her there was a way to reverse it, but with a weak attempt his mouth opened but all that came out were quick pants. Danielle held him tighter and cried. The sky above them grew grey and soon small droplets of rain were falling. As if it weren't a big cliche enough, finding the truth, losing someone, rain to make the pain worse: Danielle couldn't believe this was happening.

Danny coughed and whispered, "I'm I-", then, stopped moving. Danielle gasped and looked down at Danny and saw no movement. He wasn't breathing and her hand that was over his heart didn't feel anything, any sign of life.

"Danny!", she screamed. She clung to him with a vice grip and cried into his chest. The rain soaked her and she started to grow cold, but that feeling was countered with the loneliness. She wailed and held onto the only person that cared enough about her to risk everything, and now that she knew the truth he was gone.

"I'm so sorry, Danny!", she cried and hiccuped still clinging to the lifeless ghost boy.

"Well, that took a sour turn."

Danielle gasped and held Danny's head close, in an attempt to protect her father. She looked up and hovering above her was Vlad.

"No! No, you stay away from him!", she screamed leaning over Danny as a shield.

"Now, now child. I didn't come here for him.", Vlad reached down and had a plasme ray ready. He grabbed Danielle and shocked her. She screamed and kicked to try to get away but Vlad's grip was too grip slipped thanks to the rain and Danny's lifeless body slipped from her grasp.

"No! No, I won't leave him! Let me go!", the ghost girl cried struggling. She feebly reached her small arms out towards the ghost teen to try to hold onto him again.

"Danielle! Really now, he's dead! Enough!", Vlad screamed at her. He gave her a nice shake to stop her struggling. He dropped her and frowned as he saw her crawl and cradle Danny close. She rubbed her face against his forehead and cried silently. The light rain turned into a full out storm.

"Danny, come back!", Dani screamed into the wind. Vlad watched with a grim look, not wanting to go near the two. He didn't like the ghost boy nor did he really like the ghost clone much either. But the fact that the clone can feel was what bothered him more.

"Very well, Danielle. I'll wait.", Vlad crossed his arms and allowed the ghost girl to wail, cry, and cling to the fallen ghost boy.


"NO! No no no! No!", Same screamed in agony. It couldn't be. It could not be. She placed her face in her hands and fell to the floor weeping. Tucker stood dazed, still over shadowed by Clockwork. Now, the time ghost didn't like the idea of over shadowing anyone, but he needed to keep them safe in his home some how.

"You said to trust you! You said he'd be alright! You-!"

"I said, his choice determines what happens. He kept Danielle as his daughter, which leads to the grave truth that Danny has died.", Clockwork said with a grim tone.


Danielle held onto Danny and stared off into nothing. She clung to him sill, the cold was starting to bother her but she was too dead inside to care about anything anymore. She closed her eyes and nuzzled Danny a final time before deciding it was time to let go. She was about to lay the ghost boy on the ground off her lap when a thought hit her.

"A part of him, lives in me. I share his soul, I have a piece of it.", she whispered to herself. She smiled but frowned again. The whole point in splitting the soul was to save her, if she found a way to give it back this whole mess would start over, only this time, she would die for good, all he did would be for nothing. She placed her head against his forehead and closed her eyes tightly.

"How are you going to fix this? You're gone.", she whimpered. She slowly stood up and gently shoved Danny back to the ground. She looked at Vlad from the corner of her eyes.

"We can't just leave him he-", her sentence as cut off when Vlad yanked her off the ground and turned her to face him. He growled and bared his pointed fangs at her.

"You've said your goodbyes, now it's time to leave.", Vlad growled. He snapped his fingers and the two ghost vanished leaving the dead teen behind.