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Chapter 1

Godric's POV

I have roamed this Earth for over 2000 years and have seen everything that life had to offer. I am traveling to Shreveport to visit with my son one last time. He does not know that I am coming, though I am sure he senses me getting closer. I decided to travel on foot as I used to and relish the experience of the elements and the magic of the Earth below.

I had just risen and found a stream to clean myself in. Going to ground had its advantages but there were disadvantages as well. After I was decent enough and had on a fresh change of clothes from my pack, I continued on my journey. I was not worried about hunting since I do not need much at my age. I am in a wooded area an hour from Shreveport when I hear a precious sound. There is a female nearby singing. The voice is doing something to me. I feel drawn to the sound like a siren call. I follow my ears and come to a clearing behind an old farmhouse. There in the center dancing in circles and singing to the stars is the most dazzling woman I have ever seen. Her hair cascades down her back and fans around her as she spins in her light silky dress. Her eyes hold the light of a thousand shooting stars. Her skin is sun kissed, shimmering, and only enhanced by her visible aura of gold. So very alluring and so exquisite; I have never encountered anyone like her. I am hesitant to approach and break the spell. I stand at the edge of the clearing watching her and listening. Her dance is one of much vibrancy and movement but her words indicate sorrow and loneliness. When I close my eyes and listen instead of watching I am overcome with the despair and the resignation to be alone in the song. I am split inside at this observation. Clearly I have not learned all there is to know because had I for one moment thought there was another in this world as lonely as I, I would have sought them out to ease the loneliness of us both or at least taken comfort in the knowledge that I am not alone in my utter loneliness. The dancing starlight has finished her plea to the moon and stars and lies down on a blanket she has spread on the ground. I cannot stop myself from going to her.

"I did not think it was possible to have starlight here on earth but you light up the night. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Godric. I was just passing through this field when I heard your lovely voice." I am not so sure I should have come this close. I can smell her innocence and ancestry from here. She is either fae or elemental and a virgin to boot. She is even more beautiful the closer I am to her.

"Are you the one I have been waiting for? Pythia told me when I was a child one would come for me that would be my everything. She said he would suit me well and that I would never be alone again. She said he would take me with him and that I would be always at his side? She said we would know. I feel like I want to jump on you. Are you him?"

Could it be that I am here in this field for a purpose? I could have easily taken a plane or driven to Shreveport but I was strongly compelled to go by foot. I was guided this way through the terrain and happened to cross this darling. "I do not know, I have never had my destiny foretold me. I do know that it is quite interesting for me to even cross your path and that right now I am having a hard time not jumping on you." I am rewarded with a smile that can only be rivaled by the sun in its brightness and light. Her eyes even twinkle with her glee.

"You are a vampire aren't you?" she stands to look at me.

"Yes. Does this frighten you?"

"No, Pythia said that my fated would be a vampire. Pythia is a vampire and we get along just fine. She said one day I would be a vampire."

"By Pythia do you mean the Ancient Pythoness?"

"Yes I am related to her and she visits me a couple of times a year."

"The Ancient Pythoness is a very powerful seer and judge to the vampire community. If she has told you these things then I am sure they are true. How closely related to the Pythoness are you?"

"She is my great-great grandmother. She had one daughter before she was turned. Our line is gifted with long life anyway. I was born when my mother was young. She died shortly after. It was leaked to the wrong people that the Pythoness had descendants. Various factions were trying to get their own seer. My mother died protecting me. After her death, Pythia thought it best for me to hide in the human world until it was time to take my place in the supernatural world. I will someday have to take over for Pythia. She may not die of old age but she can get tired of her position after several hundred years. Pythia said my fated would be able to protect me, that he would be very powerful; that his power would help me reach my potential. I take that to mean they have to be an older vampire to keep me safe. May I kiss you Godric?"

This dancing light was to be the next seer for the vampire community. She will need to be taught about our culture, our rules and traditions. She will need to be protected. Can she kiss me? I would welcome it. I do not have the chance to answer though because her tender plump lips press against my own. She has the most tantalizing taste and delicious scent. I wrap my arms around her I could get lost in the feeling of her for days. She pulls back from our kiss to look me in the eye. "Sookie, will you be mine?" I am not even sure where it came from but holding her felt right, good, perfect. Where before I was feeling empty, restless, and uninterested in life; I now felt whole, content, and completely intrigued. She filled a vast void in my soul in a matter of moments and had resurrected my dead heart. She squealed and jumped, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. She was in the process of rubbing herself all over me when I heard the strangest sound. It was laughter and it was mine. I could not remember a time that I had laughed so freely. "I will take that as a yes. Do you have accommodations nearby? I must say that we will have to prepare a nest for ourselves. I was in all honesty ready to meet the sun. I was on my way to Shreveport to tell my child goodbye. I had rid myself of all my belongings and was going to hand things over to my child. Now I believe I will need it. I came seeking my end and instead I have a new beginning."

"Godric, you have made me so happy; I have been waiting for you for 100 years. I cannot wait to start our life together. I can't wait for you to teach me and show me everything. I have a home nearby. We can stay there as long as you wish. It has been in my family for a long time and is heavily warded, so we will be safe there as well. I actually have the basement prepared with nice accommodations, since I have had you know, a century to prepare for your arrival." He scoops me up, flies into the sky, and spins me around. I laugh at his playful manner and point the way to the farmhouse. He has no trouble finding my home; it is very visible from the sky. We land on my back porch and I open the door and invite him in. I give him the tour straight away. The home is nothing spectacular but nice and spacious. It is an old plantation style home with a large front porch and portcullis off the kitchen. There is a 3 car garage in back. On the main floor of the house are the master bedroom and bath, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, and a guest bathroom. The upstairs consists of four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The basement has a living room, an office, a bedroom, and a bathroom. He seems to appreciate my home so I decide to show off a bit. I let him in on a few security measures. There is a secret hatch in the closet in the master bathroom that leads to the bathroom in the basement. There is also a secret tunnel that leads from under the bar in the living room of the basement, to the garage out back. Godric seemed to understand the value of such measures, not just any man would.

"Sookie, your home is beautiful and I especially love the extra security measures. If it is acceptable to you we shall remain here while I plan our next move and while I visit with my child and apprise him of our new situation."

"That would be lovely Godric. We can stay or go wherever you wish. Please come sit in the living room with me and talk to me. I feel starved for time with you. I know we just met but I feel like I need more." I walk to the living room and sit on the couch with my feet curled underneath me. He joins me and I am unable to stop myself from snuggling up next to him. He seems surprised but quickly warms to the idea and wraps his arm around me while brushing his fingers against my arms, cheeks or any bit of exposed skin.

"Please indulge me Sookie; tell me about you." I was ready to die; instead I am on a couch with an angel in my arms.

"Well I am 115 years old. I have lived here most of my life with a guardian until recently when she passed away. I can use magic to change my appearance and have used that to keep the few locals we encounter from discovering the truth about me, since I stopped aging when I was 21. I went through my fairy quickening when I was 25 and experienced my elemental immersion when I was 30. Pythia says that I have discovered my powers but they will all be enhanced by the power of my mate. I was trained by the best fighters the Britlingens could provide, I was schooled by the best tutors the human world had to offer, and I was taught magic by my grandfather Niall Brigant. Pythia has worked with me on my telepathic abilities and the basics of vampire politics; she said this is an srea my mate would excel in. Pythia and Niall have both been very protective and loving of me. I think they both feared that I was too unique and too fragile to exist in the vampire world. For many years Niall tried to tell Pythia that her visions of me were wrong that no one as fairy as I could survive a vampire. Finally they agreed that there only choice was prevention and preparation."

"Sookie you are a very interesting creature. I know the Prince, Niall Brigant. I can see where he would be fearful for you but you do not seem to be strongly fairy."

"You do not sense it because I can mask my scent. For fairies it is not the blood that counts but the strength of the essential spark. I have a very bright spark that allows me to use magic and racial abilities that usually only full fairies have, like teleportation, telekinesis, and spells. My mother was part fairy and part seer; hence the telepathic skills. My father was a fire elemental. He was not around for long; they had a short hot affair (I snicker!). Like the fairy part of me, the seer's ability is not in the blood but in the strength of the persons mind. I am lucky to have guardians who care for me so well. The only abilities I ever struggled with were from my father because elemental magic is not like other magic. The best way I can describe it is that when you use witchcraft you are asking the universe to use its energy to complete your request, when you use fairy magic you actually channel the energy of the universe to do your will, but with elemental magic you become the energy." As I spoke, Godric continued to twirl my hair in his fingers with the hand he had wrapped around me while his other hand had not stopped brushing one part of me or another.

"Sookie, I have never been so fascinated. I will never tire of hearing your voice or hearing about you. Dawn is approaching though. I must retire to your lower level." Her eyes flit to the ground and I can sense her sadness. Strange we have not even exchanged blood, yet I can already feel her. "You may come with me, in fact I would prefer if you would join me" her smile is back and she is vibrating with joy. I lead the way to the basement after she has secured the house for the day. I slide onto the couch already missing the cozy position we had found on the couch upstairs. She takes the hint and lays down with her head in my lap to my utter delight.

"Godric, I am so sorry that I forgot my manners, do you thirst?"

"I am old enough that I do not need to feed everyday. I will be fine until we can gather necessities for me." She looks crestfallen at my statement. I only meant to not impose.

"You do not want me? Pythia said my mate would drink only from me, and I from he. She said this would make our bond strong." Why would he not want my blood?

"Dear Sookie. I only meant to be polite. I did not want you to feel uncomfortable and to be honest I am a little concerned about biting you. I can smell your innocence and if you are strongly enough fae to require masking your scent; I may lose control. I am old enough to have self control but I have never tasted fairy blood from the source and may not be able to control myself."

"Please try, and truthfully, I want to taste you too. I had not noticed your scent when we were outside but since we have been in this house I have been barely controlling my urge to crawl into your lap and rub myself all over you." Her confession surprised and aroused me.

"Then we shall taste each other. Come; straddle my lap facing me and we can do this at the same time." There was so much anticipation in her eyes that it caused the beast in me to growl and my lust to raise. "Sookie, feeding and intimacy are closely related for vampires. I need to know before we proceed if you are comfortable with this."

"Please, just bite me and fuck me. I am on fire! I have been waiting for you for a century. I will combust if you do not relieve me now!" she pulled my shirt off as she was speaking and quickly disposed of her dress. She was bare before me except for her tiny white lace panties.

I do not usually take orders but in this case it was my pleasure. My fangs clicked down at the smell of her desire and I began to lick, kiss, caress, suck, and nibble down her neck, across her nipples, down her belly, and along her thighs. I made my way back up her body with my mouth while my hand found her dripping center and Sookie could hold back no longer. She struck nearly to fast for me to follow her movement and bit into my chest. Her head was bent at just the right angle to allow me access to her neck; I needed no further encouragement, I bit. Searing heat that tasted of summer, sunshine, magic, and fae filled my body. It was if I had been hollow, limp, lifeless, and her blood was the cure. My entire body warmed and tingled with the raw energy her blood contained. Bliss; pure heavenly bliss is the only description that will suffice. I orgasm in my pants while I growl her name loudly and I know she has had her own good release as she is screaming my name at the same time and I feel her tighten around my fingers. I slide my fingers across her wet lips a few more times before I pull her close to me and gently stroke her back and run my fingers through her hair. She lays against my chest tracings the chieftain tattoos of my human days along my chest, back, and arms. "I can never let you go now Sookie. You are mine for always." The smell of her innocence and intoxicating heritage has me dazed.


"Never have I spoken truer words." She would not be so happy if she understood my always.

"Good because you are mine as well and I had no intention of letting you go."

I kiss her forehead and nose, then lips and stand with her still wrapped around me. I take us both into the bathroom and sit her on the counter. I start the bath and gather her up again to sit her in the tub. I climb in behind her and start cleaning her beautiful skin. Such a lovely creature and she is mine. I have not yet finished exploring her body, yet I had already exchanged blood with her and claimed her. I sit behind her grinning like a fool and do not wish to change it.