Sophie Anne's POV

I am a fucking queen! I will have the last word! That little twerp and his hussie wouldn't know what hit them. Plus that arrogant ass Niall would be sorry he ever messed with me. I did not tell Russell about her fae heritage or that Niall insulted me, only that we would not be able to grab her and end the Viking until the wedding. It wasn't extremely difficult to find someone that hates Niall as much as I now do. I was put in touch with Breadan, a long time enemy of the ruling house in Faery. He was more than eager to assist me as long as he got Niall and the realm of Faery. What the hell did I care about some stupid fairy realm that I can't even enter? I wanted Godric dead and his wench for my own. She too would pay for her insults to my crown, ignoring my dear Andre.

Breadan's plan was really brilliant. He would have his best warders ward the woods around the farm the wedding was to take place at. I mean really, who got married on a farm, but whatever, I planned to ruin it. The wards would keep everyone from knowing of the presence of my army in the woods. When they attacked Breadan would pop in and take out Niall then pop to my palace with the girl. My Berts would kill Godric and Andre would end the insolent Viking. No one would aid them because my army would be keeping them busy. Perfect. Soon I'll be planning my wedding to Russell, enjoying financial freedom, and feeding off a fairy!

The evening of the wedding arrived and I was dancing on air. Andre and I dressed in our finest and joined the rest of my retinue in the main foyer. The Berts, Andre, Waldo, and I made our way to back woods Louisiana. Russell would be meeting me there with his entourage and we would attend together.

Russell's POV

By all that is holy! That stupid bitch managed to insult Niall Brigant! She conveniently failed to mention this to me! Fortunately for me my resources are greater than hers! She was already supposed to have ended the Viking but instead she had plans to kill him in front of hundreds of witnesses at the wedding of the ancient one Godric! She is crazy! I would marry her, and then the Council would probably thank me to kill her. Perhaps I should have approached the Viking about ending her and taking the state. He has always been reasonable. I am sure he would have appreciated having someone smarter than a kindergartner running the finances of Louisiana. I only proceeded as I had because it would be a huge proverbial feather in my hat to have been responsible for taking over the Viking's state and killing him. He is the only reason Sophie Anne has not been slaughtered and her state invaded; all feared the reactions of the Viking to the invasion of his home.

Here I go though. Looking handsome as ever to see what this night will bring. If things go favorably then I will end Sophie Anne tonight and have her kingdom and her little fairy. If things go south well then I plan to retreat and leave her holding the bag.

Sophie Anne's POV

Alright, someone has somehow managed to make this miserable crappy farm look enchanting and lovely. The lights, the flowers, the linens; it is beautiful. I found Russell and we sat near the front on the groom's side. I was amazed that the scent of fairy was not enchanting everyone but the smell of freesias, lilies, and roses overpowered all else. I knew that Godric was well connected but I had never imagined that the Ancient Pythoness would be presiding over this ceremony. That does complicate things a bit.

Oh well, she may have to die too.

Russell's POV

Are you fucking kidding me? The Ancient Pythoness is not just in attendance but presiding over the ceremony. There is no way I am participating in this fiasco. I won't try to stop her because I hope she gets killed!

The music started and I looked to the front to see a very happy Godric awaiting his betrothed. Eric and Pam gracefully made their way down the aisle then all heads turned to see Niall, prince of the fae, escorting the most captivating creature down the aisle. She is beautiful. She is surrounded by a golden glow which is only enhanced by her accouterments. No wonder Godric looked so pleased. I sit with the other guests after the bride has been presented by Niall, although I am not sure who her great-grandmother is.

The ceremony was as breathtaking as it was surprising. This girl wielded magic and talents never before performed by a vampire. I had wondered why Niall would allow one of his descendants to be turned, there is obviously much more to this story.

The Ancient Pythoness began addressing the guests but was cut off by screams and explosions. Holy hell, what have I gotten myself into. I turned to find Sophie Anne missing from our row. I quickly discovered that she was one of the explosions.

A delightful voiced pierced the smoke and chaos. "Sit. Please sit. All will be well." It took a few minutes but guests made their way back to their seats astonished at the turn of events. "First, thank you all for being here to celebrate my happiest day. Now, it came to my attention that there were plans to overthrow Sophie's Anne's rule and to kill Eric, my dear son." People were gaping, did she just call the 1000 year old Viking her son. I didn't know if it made her crazy or endearing. "Over the last couple of weeks a plot also developed to separate me from my beloved. I knew that someone would attempt to ruin my day and I just wasn't having it. So I placed a ward on the property. The ward would incinerate any that intended bloodshed or violence against me or my family. The piles of ashes indicate the perpetrators. There is one in this whole dirty business that has escaped his end. However, he has not escaped justice."

Two royal fae guards appeared at my side. "You are here by placed in the custody of the ruling house of fae for the attempted murder of a member of the ruling house of fae. You see my membership in the ruling house extends to my immediate family members including, but not limited to, my husband, children, and grandchildren." She said this with a grin and then the fairies popped away with me.

Pam's POV

Perfect! Flowers, lace, blood, jewels, and violence! I envy grand mommy! She has the best taste and a way of celebrating that cannot be topped.

After the fairies popped Russell out of here the Ancient Pythoness stood again. "There is no time like the present. Due to recent events there will be a change in rulership. It is the will of the Council that Godric rule Mississippi and that his child Eric the Northman rule Louisiana. We know that you wish to remain close so you have our permission to move your centers of leadership. Also, it should be known that Sookie is not only my replacement but blood heir. She will take over my position in the next few years. You will all see more of her in the meantime. Never doubt her word, her powers are great and her heart even greater. She will lead you from the dark and smote the wickedness in our mist. She is the best of all of us." I couldn't have said it better myself.