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Sasuke sat in silence. It was calm, serene, but at the same time, hauntingly still. Stagnate, was a good word to describe it. But even in this still, unwavering pause he could hear almost everything. The near silence of well trained shinobi footfalls mixed with the slight, yet every present flicker of the candles as a small breeze passed through the cracked window by his recovery bed. Even when the occasion struck, the harsh yet hushed whispers of a far away argument that came from the room next to his. He could make out Madara's voice but the other one sounded familiar, he couldn't put a name to it though.

Madara never let him leave this small and closed in space. Not even to stretch his legs, which he supposed were starting to atrophy from the lack of exercise his muscles were receiving now a days. Everything was brought to him. Food, clothes, water, anything he needed or requested. It was brought to him within the next few minutes. He hated being waited on; it brought back the unnerving fact he himself was helpless at the moment. His eyes were still recovering from the transplant. But he could feel it, the power. It shot through his veins every time his heart decided to beat. He could feel Itachi's blood mingling into his own, bringing a metamorphosis into his being.

He smirked lightly to himself but it dropped when heard the light creaking coming from the other side of his door; his limbs may have been atrophying but his sense were sharper than ever. The faint fluctuations in chakra were easily sensed as well as any change in temperature. He tensed when he heard the door open, the hinges squealing with age. Sasuke sniffed soundlessly. He was beginning to identify people by their smells; a simple task. Kisame, on the off chance he visited, almost like he was paying his respects to the late Uchiha Itachi; smelled like the ocean. The strong smell of brine, and salt wafted from like a fresh breeze off of the water. Sasuke noted that he hadn't seen, or more like smelled him in a while; it most likely meant he had died, just like most of the other Akatsuki members. Zetsu, who definitely visited him the most; smelled like dirt; arid and rough in his nose. Madara, well he had an odd scent. He smelled like the chemical compound you put in a smoke bomb, but at the same time he had a sweet cherry tobacco aroma that seemed to linger on his clothes. And that was exactly the scent Sasuke got as the rush of air from the door assaulted his nostrils.

" Madara." He said acknowledging his fellow kinsman. He heard the creaking of the floor as Madara stepped forward, not bothering to hide his footfalls any longer. It was pointless.

" Good evening Sasuke." He said sitting on the edge of Sasuke's bed.

" It's evening?" He asked, in a seemingly unfazed tone that he had acquired far too long ago to remember. " I have lost track of time since I cannot see it."

" Such a depressing thought." He mused ruffling his hair much like Itachi used to when they were younger. He didn't appreciate it. If he had known of Itachi's sacrifice, none of this would have happened. He would have ran away with him and lived in a secret peace, detesting Kohona for what they had done and cursing his own weakness for not knowing what his clan was plotting all along. " Don't fret my child, your purpose here will be realized before you know it." He said. " Soon, very soon, you will capture the Hachibi and the Kyuubi Jinchurriki. And then with the power I will receive we will burn Kohona to the ground!"

" Hn."

" What's wrong Sasuke? I'm surprised you're not chomping at the bit to use those eyes." Madara said. " Come, tell me what is troubling you."

Sasuke sighed. " All this time I had been planning my life." He began turning his head towards the window. His eyes narrowed, knowing he couldn't really see out of it. " I'd planned my entire life around what I would do after I killed Itachi and now, all of those plans are shot. And it is not because of the truth I learned." Madara raised an eyebrow at his younger kinsman. " I've been doing a good amount of thinking lately, about every single relationship I've ever had, whether it be a friendship or something more, which was rare. I realized something, I'll never be able to restore our clan."

" Oh really? And why is that?"

" I'm gay."

Sasuke's twitched a little with annoyance when the room filled with Madara's laughter. He turned his head towards the man, scowling at him. " That's not funny." Sasuke said in the utmost seriousness.

" I'm not laughing because you're gay, I'm laughing because you didn't know. How could you not? I knew the moment I first saw you." He said with an offhanded tone. " And believe me when I say that many Uchihas had that problem. A lot of the members of our clan fell in love with their rivals, and usually they were the same gender."

" You're getting at something, just spit it out."

" I know you're in love with Naruto." It was Sasuke's turn to laugh. And he laughed until his sides were burning and tears were bursting from his eyes, soaking his bandages. He was struggling for breath and Madara frowned. " Yet another thing you haven't realized." He said. " Allow me to approach this as rationally as possible."

" Fine." Sasuke said with a very satisfied smirk on his face. " I may be gay, but I'm not gay for that dobe."

" Ah, my first point. Pet names, you both have pet names for each other, much like lovers do. They may be a little harsh, but when a lover is given a pet name it is usually embarrassing." He said crossing his arms over his chest. Sasuke could hear the shift. " My next point is that you've failed to kill him on more than one occasion. " Sasuke was about to open his mouth when Madara completely cut him off. " And don't give me that, ' I-planned-to-do-it-and-someone-got-in-the-way' bullshit. You could have killed Naruto at the Valley of the End, you could have killed him when you were trying to find Itachi, you could have killed him when you were with Orochimaru, hell, you could have killed him after your fight with Danzo if you really wanted."

" Hn. This proves nothing."

" I'm not finished." He said. " You hesitate with him, over think the situation, reveal what you are really thinking to him. He is your weakness and your strength, that one person you hate just as much as you treasure. At first it was your brother but when you learned the truth about him, you couldn't hate him anymore. Naruto is that one person you can always compete with, the one who's powers will always fit perfectly with yours." Madara smirked a little seeing Sasuke's features change as he thought about the evidence presented to him. " And you can tell that he loves you too. When all the woman in your village gave up, he didn't. He's let you in closer to him than anyone else. He's already given you everything but in his stupidity labels it as being your 'brother' but in truth he's fallen madly in love with you."

" Let's go into a hypothetical situation for a moment." Sasuke suggested. " Even if I was in love with the dobe, and he was in love with me how would we have children? Neither of us is a woman."

" Ah but that brings me back to my original point before you decided to get me on a tangent about your love life." He said. " The Uchiha clan hid their most powerful jutsu under a mat in the old shrine. It was the one farthest from the door under the alter in the room. It contains a jutsu the clan created when the numbers of members were dwindling into the single digits. All of them had partners of the same gender, unable to keep the Uchiha going for they couldn't have children. They all thought it was going to be the end until one of them developed a jutsu that can only be used by someone with the Sharingan. It changes around the sex organs, giving a man a completely working vagina and a woman a completely working penis. And even when their partner didn't want to be a part of it, they developed an aphrodisiac jutsu that is coupled with the gender swap, they can't say no and they become pregnant."

" They thought of everything." Sasuke mused.

" More like I've thought of everything." Madara whispered.

" What?"

" I didn't say anything." Madara said a hint of haughtiness in his tone. " Anyway, if you were to impregnate Naruto, you would be able to restore the clan and I'll be able to extract the Kyuubi from him without killing him." Sasuke nodded his head. " And a plus would be the fact your child with Naruto would be the most power child in the world. They would probably naturally develop the Rinnegan and the Sharingan due to your DNA."

Sasuke smirked a little at that thought. His child would be all powerful then, much more powerful than himself or Naruto or Madara for that matter. He turned his head towards the man.

" All right, I'll do it." He said. " But how will we get that jutsu if Kohona was destroyed by Pein?"

" Oh, let me handle the small details." Madara said. " I'll be back later."

Sasuke felt his bed shift as Madara got up. He walked to the door, making it squeal loudly as he opened it. Sasuke inwardly flinched at the screeching sound, it was amplified in his room. Madara smirked to himself as he walked down the hall and into the room where Kabuto was staying. He knocked a couple times and heard a 'come in'. He opened the door slowly and walked inside.

" Ah Madara, how strange that you've come to visit me." Kabuto said, his smirk blood chilling. Madara thought that he was beginning to look more and more like a snake as the days passed. Orochimaru's DNA was completely overwhelming his own, it would be only a matter of time before Kabuto became that damn snake bastard, and much more daring because of it. " What is it that you require of me?"

" Orochimaru's body transfer jutsu, how exactly does it work?"

" Why so curious Madara? Do you have plans to use it?" Kabuto said standing up, a devilish smirk on his face. " I thought we agreed that Sasuke's body was to be mine after we had won the war."

" And I will keep my promise, I'm curious for other reasons." Madara said folding his arms across his chest. " It is strange that you jump to that conclusion so quickly. If you don't trust me, I have no reason to trust you."

" I see." He said digging his hand around in a bag he had laying in the corner of his room. He pulled out a scroll and tossed it to Madara. " That has all the details of the body transfer, it is an incomplete jutsu. Perhaps you can finished it before whatever your plotting comes to fruition." -


Zetsu appeared out of the ground, he walked slowly through the completely destroyed Uchiha compound. The villagers had obviously not bothered to rebuild it since there was no one living there in the first place and Sasuke wasn't going to come back, at least, any time soon. The plant man had already decided long ago that Sasuke was probably going to betray Madara. He betrayed Orochimaru, why not keep it going? Besides, Madara also helped in the massacre and was one of the main reasons the Uchihas were persecuted so severely in the first place. Sasuke would have to have the wool pulled over his head and locked in a dark room if he hadn't realized that.

He sighed. Sometimes he wondered if it had been better if he had been made without a brain that could see through the idiotic logic of humans. It would have been better to be made ignorant like his other and plentiful copies.

He walked into the shrine Madara mentioned, noting how intact it actually was. Strange how it had survived Pein's attack when nothing else seemed to. Zetsu rolled his eyes and walked to the alter, kicking it over. Underneath it was a lone mat. He lifted it up and there were at least a hundred or more scrolls. He blinked a few times, how the hell would he be able to figure out which two the were the correct ones? He mentally cursed and pulled out a sealing scroll. He opened it and stared to stack all of the scrolls onto the seal.

Once he finished he rolled the scroll back up and slipped it into his pocket. Zetsu tensed when he felt footsteps getting closer to the shrine. He pressed himself against the wall, thanking his lucky stars that other plant like had started to grow here as well. A gray haired man with a mask that covered half his face walked in and Zetsu instantly recognized him as the legendary copy ninja, Hatake Kakashi.

He walked to a mat on the floor and pulled it away, revealing the trap door that led to the Uchiha meeting place. His hands shook and he stood there. Kakashi looked up to the sky, letting out a sigh.

" Obito, how much did you know?" He said into the empty space around him and Zetsu phased through the back wall and into the ground. He wasn't sure why but his heart was racing due to that brief encounter. He was so sure that Kakashi had known he was there and had come to smoke him out. He was completely relieved that it wasn't the case.

" Where do you think you're going?" Zetsu paused and looked behind him. Well if it wasn't Kakashi. " I've been following you for awhile now."

" As I supposed." Zetsu countered as he pulled himself out of the ground. " I was surprised you could see my minute movements in the ground, but with the Sharingan I guess anything is possible."

" Why have you come?" Kakashi asked, crossing his arms over his chest. " You wouldn't come for Naruto by yourself and you wouldn't come to contact someone else in the village directly."

" Ah, well both reasons you've concluded are incorrect. But believe me when I say you'll find out soon enough." He said, sinking into the ground as quickly as possible. Kakashi lunged at him only to collide with the ground and skid across it a little before standing back up, frowning. Whatever that Akatsuki member wanted was a complete mystery.

" Kakashi!" An ANBU yelled as he landed on the ground next to him. " You have been requested by Tsunade. She has something important to discuss with you." Kakashi nodded his head as he went off into the trees. He would also have to inform the Hokage about this…


Zetsu sighed with relief as he approached the base. Madara was waiting at the front of it and the plant man handed him scroll. He nodded his approval.

" How did you find the right one?" He mused looking at his plant like man as he entered the base.

" I didn't. I just grabbed them all and put them in that sealing scroll. It was the best I could do on short notice and completely unspecific information."

" Good. It may be time to teach Sasuke some of the other important Uchiha techniques. Oh and speaking of which, go and keep him company, I believe Kabuto may try and make off with him before the war is over."

Zetsu nodded. " Yes Madara."

The Uchiha stood outside the base with a smirk on his face. Yes, everything was going according to plan. It may take a little longer than one would hope but if his dream could be realized, what's waiting a few more months?

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