Supernatural War: Game Plan
Author: Azure the Dragonlady
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I do not own either Harry Potter or Supernatural
Summary: Harry Potter / Supernatural Crossover. First in the Supernatural War Series.After defeating Voldemort at 17, Harry Potter leaves the Wizarding World, trying to live a normal life under the name of Harry Evans. However, it soon becomes apparent that there are other things out there and people in need of saving. Harry becomes a Hunter, facing a whole new war, on a much larger and deadlier scale. Along the way Harry discovers that something else may have also been connected to Voldemort's rise to power and that he is more involved in it, than he ever imagined possible.
Setting: Harry Potter – Post-Series. AU of Deathly Hollows (some events/info may have changed or have not happened at all). Supernatural – takes place during Season 2, but may have information pertaining to ALL seasons.

Chapter 2: A Simple Life Interrupted

Harry Potter's alarm sounded with a resonating and annoyingly constant beeping. Harry turned over, suddenly awake as he sat up and reached out a hand to turn off the alarm. He rubbed his other hand over his eyes sleepily as he moved his hand from the alarm to find his glasses on the bedside table.

Harry got out of his bed and changed into a black sport running top with and a grey strip down the sides, grey shorts and running shoes. He stumbled downstairs and grabbed his iPod from the table. The touch screen iPod flickered to life as Harry scrolled through his playlists and clicked on his running mix filled with energetic, fast paced music.

The music served to awaken Harry as he began his morning routine. He stretched out his body and he prepared himself to go for a run. He'd started running a few months ago. It was great to allow the previous night's dreams, especially his nightmares, to wash over him. After he finished preparing his muscles for the impending exercise, he grabbed his wallet and keys and stepped outside, only turning to lock the house behind him. He began running down his street and neighbouring streets in suburban San Francisco.

Harry had a content expression on his face as the breeze rustled his hair. He enjoyed the feeling that running gave him. It increased his adrenaline and made him feel invigorated. It was akin to what he felt like when he flew on his broomstick, although nothing could ever quite replace his broom.

At five thirty in the morning the streets were barely waking up and Harry felt like the only morning person in the neighbourhood. The street lamps were still on and there was only the occasional car which passed Harry as he ran on the footpath – presumably workers going off to work in an early shift.

Just after six in the morning, the first rays of light started to be seen on the horizon. Harry made the turn to head over the next block as he angled the direction of his run back to his house. It took him another half-hour to reach his house and by that time he'd accomplished his usual running circuit of the surrounding neighbourhood in almost a circumference surrounding his house. When he reached his home, he unlocked the door swiftly and walked over to the fridge as he got out his previously prepared water bottle and gulped down the water. He panted slightly at his exertion as he reached over to grab a towel that was lying of the chair in the living room and he patted the sweat off his face and neck as he sat on the edge of the chair and flicked on his television that had been left on standby the night before.

A news report blared and before Harry had the urge to change the channel, something caught his eye. It was a report on recent deaths occurring in the Muir Woods National Monument, a national forest not too far from where Harry lived. He'd been there before once or twice do go running. Muir Woods was a beautiful forest. It was large though and Harry couldn't help but be reminded of another forest in Scotland, one that had become second nature to him to traipse though in his school years and with that remembrance it brought back memories, some painful, but also some of trust and friendship and of good times.

The news report was describing the horrific deaths that had occurred there overnight, akin to a gruesome animal attack in which the victims were ripped apart. The news reporter was warning the public to stay vigilant and not stray off the designated paths of the forest. The park rangers would be out patrolling the area for the animal and they were warning the public not to panic and to call if they see or hear anything amiss in the Muir woods or surrounding areas.

As the news report finished and the screen flashed to another report, one on celebrities, Harry muted the television. His eyes furrowed as he was lost in thought. The report of the shear brutality of the animal attack triggered something within him and Harry was unsure of what it was. The minutes passed in silence, save the soft ticking of an analog clock above the fireplace. Unable to think or take his mind off the gruesome death - there was something familiar about the described brutality - Harry became determined to track down some more information. He got up from his chair and was about to walk out of the house when he suddenly felt compelled to look down. He was still in his work out outfit, and he was still sweating and hot from his run before.

I can't go out like this, Harry sighed as he changed direction. As he walked passed the laundry he deposited his towel in the laundry basket and went upstairs to his bedroom. He found himself a change of clothes and had to quick shower to freshen himself up.

After having a shower Harry grabbed his keys from the little bowl in the kitchen bench and walked outside. Locking the front door after him he went to the garage and got out his motorbike which was once Sirius'. When Harry had received the motorbike, it was in a state of disrepair but he made sure he fixed it up and now it was in impeccable condition, which he ensured that it continued that way. The motorbike was one of his last ties to his godfather as well as his old life as a wizard, and Harry couldn't be apart from the sentimental piece of his godfather. He walked his motorbike out of the garage, grabbed his helmet brought, and the garage door down, locking it securely. Harry put his helmet on, buckling it tight as he hopped on his motorbike and took off.

Harry headed to the Bay City area, intent on finding more information on the deaths in a hope to settle this feeling of discomfort which had started to develop upon seeing the news report.

There was something more going on here, Harry thought, and he was determined to find out before another innocent person became a victim. However, first he needed to confirm his as yet underdeveloped hunch. There was something amiss with the deaths, he was sure of that.

Harry reached the coroner's office and as he got off his motorbike, he came to his first mistake and realisation. Why would the coroner or any police officer talk to him? He wasn't even old enough to be in any sort of position of power in a government agency or anything.

Harry knew that there was only one other alternative – to sneak in by magic – and while he did have his invisibility cloak in his possession, Harry knew of alternative charms that could mimic invisibility more so than the invisible cloak. The invisibility cloak hid the body only as long as the body was under the cloak and if so much as a foot slipped past and under the bottom of the cloak, it would become visible again. Now, as Harry was older and of course was more knowledgeable of spells, he was able to mimic invisibility much more proficiently and expertly, reminiscent of Dumbledore when he was invisible behind Harry when he was obsessed with the Mirror of Esired.

With a new plan in mind, Harry entered the building. The receptionist glanced at him and Harry knew he had to improvise a scenario as to why he had just entered the coronor's office.

Harry hurried over the reception desk. "Can I please use your restroom?" Harry asked urgently. He fidgeted as if in haste. Before the receptionist could deny him, he quickly added in earnest, "Sorry, I know you're not supposed to, but it's really urgent! Please I won't be long."

The receptionist looked at him for a moment. Harry made a face like he was desperately trying to hold it in, and the receptionist finally said, "Just this once, the bathroom is just there." She gestured to the door slightly off to the side that had the toilet sign displayed on the door.

"Thanks," Harry breathed as he rushed off to the bathroom.

As Harry went over to the men's room, he noticed a couple of men in suits walk into the building. The manner was official and Harry assumed that they were the detectives working the case. Harry walked into the bathroom and upon checking that the bathroom was empty, he applied the invisibility charm on himself and double checking in the bathrooms mirror, he was able to ensure that he was indeed invisible. Harry also applied a silencing charm alongside the disillusionment charm to ensure he would remain undetected.

Harry slipped out of the bathroom unnoticed and saw that the detectives that walked in earlier were at the front desk, flashing their badges to the receptionist. The receptionist glanced at the badges and dialled a number on the phone. The men closed the badges and placed them back in their jacket pockets and Harry carefully and quietly stepped next to them, leaving a few feet between them in case of unexpected movement. A person in a white jacket, like one a doctor or scientist would wear, stepped out from the double doors leading to the back of the building and walked up to the men.

"FBI agents?" the man in the white coat asked.

One of the men nodded. "Yes, this is Agent Foley and I'm Agent Jones. You're Doctor Argent? You conducted the autopsy on the bodies found in Muir Woods?"

Dr Argent nodded. "Yes, just finished the autopsy last night. I suppose you'll want to take a look at the bodies – or what's left of them in any case – yourselves?"

"That's correct," Agent Jones confirmed. "We appreciate your cooperation in this case."

"Follow me then," Dr Argent gestured and he turned and walked back through the door he came from and the FBI agents followed him, with Harry walking softly behind them. He only just managed to slip through the doors after the Agents before the door swang closed behind them, and he stifled a sigh of relief as continued following them. They continued down a long hallway and continued right to the very end of the hall, where there was another double doorway leading to the morgue.

Inside there were several rooms with an autopsy table in each as well as several long freezers on the wall of each room, enough to fit several bodies. Harry nose turned as he noted the smell was that horrible sterile scent that seemed to be even more prominent than those in hospitals.

They walked in one of the autopsy rooms and the doctor reached out to one of the middle drawers for the bodies and pulled it out.

"This was the latest victim," the doctor explained. "Look, I don't know exactly why the FBI would be investigating these animal attacks. I would have thought that it would be a rather straight forward case, to be honest."

"Hmmm," Agent Jones gave a non-committal reply. "And that is indeed what you've determined to be the COD?"

"Yes," the doctor sounded a little exasperated. "Nothing else – especially people – could have caused these scratch marks and the bites are that of an animal – most likely a wolf, although it's a rather large one, based on the gap between the top and bottom teeth," the doctor explained. "I've already written this all in my report, which I submitted last night. Like I said, I do not understand why the FBI would be investigating animal attacks?" the doctor questioned yet again.

"Well, let's just say this particular case caught our eye," Agent Foley hinted, although Harry could tell there was something more to the Agents story then they were willing to let on. Harry moved cautiously around the agents and the coroner in order to get a better look at the body. Harry almost gasped as he saw it.

The body of the deceased was really mauled, over seventy percent of the body was covered in claw and bite marks andhis chest looked like a real mess. There were more claws marks around the left side of the chest area as the animal had no doubt dug its claws in to reach the prize underneath, because Harry could see that the heart had been taken. There was a gaping hole that was a bloody cavity and the vital organ was clearly missing. Looking at the body, it started to trigger some memory that was deep in Harry's memory, but before the exact memory could surface, Agent Foley interrupted again.

"Any chance we could look at the body alone?" Agent Foley asked the coroner.

The coroner blinked, as if surprised by the question, and it led Harry to believe he did not get asked to leave his own morgue very often.

Finally the coroner nodded his assent. "Of course agents, let me know if you need anything further from me."

The coroner walked out of the room and Harry moved to follow him. He'd seen everything he needed; he just needed to work it all out. Harry knew that if Hermione was still alive she would have already worked it out and researched what they would need to do to stop it all. That is if it wasn't a regular animal attack in the first place, as Harry thought, but it looked as though the main reason for the attack was to get to the heart. Is that common animal behaviour? Harry wasn't so sure. Harry slipped out to the bathroom again and removed his invisibility charm after checking the entire bathroom was empty.

"Thank you," Harry said, nodding to the receptionist, flashing her smile. She nodded in response.

Harry walked out of the coroner's building and over to his motorbike, deep in thought, his mind going over the state of the body. But what kind of creature would go straight for the heart? He thought to himself as he started his motorbike and took off, going through the streets, heading almost automatically over to his house. However, something stopped him and he figured that while he was in the city, he might as well go get some lunch and Harry weaved through traffic until he found a safe spot to do a quick U-turn and he headed back into the city.

He soon came across a diner and Harry pulled into its parking lot. As he took off his helmet he noticed that the parking lot wasn't that busy, which was good considering he must have missed the peak hour for lunch. He walked in and the door swang open with a chime of the bell. He automatically walked over to the corner both and sat on the side of the wall, facing the entire diner, so he could see who was coming in and out. It was reminiscent of Moody's phrase, 'Constant Vigilance!' which was now very much engrained in Harry's behaviour. Harry looked at the menu and ordered a beef burger with a side of chips and a coke. Now out from the influence of the Dursleys', he was able to enjoy his meals, although nothing he encountered so far could match the meals at Hogwarts. They weren't even in the same league really, Harry thought with a rather disappointed sigh.

He didn't have to wait too long and as he nodded his thanks to the waitress who brought him his meal. As the waitress walked away, he'd noticed that there was a discarded newspaper sitting on the other table and on the front page was a sketch of someone who Harry thought looked remarkably familiar. He stood up suddenly and walked over to grab the newspaper, before retreating back to his booth. As he sat down again and unfolded the newspaper, he took in the front page. The newspaper was the current issue of the San Francisco Chronicle and emblazoned on the front page was the latest news on the recent killings in Muir Woods national monument. But underneath the massive headline was a picture that looked like …

"Greyback? It is Fenrir Greyback, but…," Harry said aloud, quickly scanning the article. He looked up and noticed that while he did just speak aloud, thankfully and luckily no one had heard him. "The style of attacks does sound like him … wanted for questioning over deathsBrutalsavagevicious killingsvictims mauled beyond recognition…Greyback must have escaped the Final Battle and fled the country."

A memory suddenly assaulted Harry. It was of the 24th of December 1996, almost two years ago. He was at the Burrow and he and Remus were discussing Greyback. Remus' voice came flooding back to him.

"Fenrir Greyback is, perhaps, the most savage werewolf alive today. He regards it as his mission in life to bite and contaminate as many people as possible; he wants to create enough werewolves to overcome wizards… Greyback specialises in children…bite them young, he says, and raise them away from their parents, raise them to hate normal wizards, " Remus had said.

But the big question is - why was Greyback in America of all places and was it a coincidence that Greyback seemed to be in the same city as Harry? Was this all a big coincidence or was Greyback wanting to send a message to Harry? Back during the final battle, when Harry finally defeated Voldemort, a lot of his supporters fled as soon as Voldemort died. With their master now deceased, they knew that it was only a matter of time before they were hunted and rounded up. Greyback was one of the first to flee, Harry found out much later, and no one seemed to be able to track him down. If he'd fled the country and fled to America, it made sense why they'd never been able to find him. America only housed a relatively small community of witches and wizard, compared to Europe and there was something about the place that only a few witches and wizards seemed to want to settle here - one of the reasons why Harry had chosen the country in the first place. It also made the perfect hunting grounds for murderous psychopath werewolves like Greyback.

Harry sighed, frustrated.

Harry needed to stop Greyback, before the werewolf continued his life's mission, and got away with it, from the looks of it too. Either that or no one knows he's here. 'And I don't know which is worse,' Harry thought, 'Knowing that someone like Greyback is on the loose and not stopping him, or not knowing someone like him is here –' Harry stopped short, having decided what he should do. "Greyback needs to be stopped and if no one else was going to do it and save lives, then I will!"

Those FBI agents he'd encountered at the coroner's office were out of their league and didn't know what they were dealing with. Harry, in good conscious, couldn't let them get hurt trying to stop something like Greyback with no clue how to truly defend themselves. Harry was determined to stop Greyback from hurting anymore innocent people and at that it suddenly occurred to Harry. The missing feeling that was in every inch of his being had dissipated. This was exactly what Harry had been missing – saving people, fighting evil.

"Well," Harry mused, "Hermione did say that I have a 'saving people thing'".

It was something that was obviously so engrained in harry that he didn't feel right unless he was helping others. Living a 'normal' life had been great – for the short term though – and Harry couldn't seem to shake the feeling that something important was missing from his new start in life. And this was it, helping people, like he was doing in England against Voldemort. Only this time he had to do it alone and without the support from his best friends. But Harry stood and abandoned his lunch with a shaky sigh; suddenly no longer as hungry as he'd been before he saw the news.

Greyback had been spotted near the crime scenes by witnesses and that meant that he was doing these despicable acts outside the regular full moon period. So what was the creature up to? Harry wondered as he reached into his back pocket of his jeans and pulled out his wallet, placing a note down on the table next to his abandoned meal before leaving the diner.

He reached his house in no time and walked in, still deep in thought over the situation with Greyback. He glanced at the calendar that was hanging on the wall opposite him. The full moon was in two days. And it was on the full moon that Harry knew that he would have a better chance of locating Greyback in the forest but it was also the most dangerous time.

Two days to get ready and get back into his 'saving people thing' and fighting evil. It was the only thing that made Harry feel whole…complete. Despite wanting the simple life, Harry knew, now at least, that deep down the only thing that really mattered was the difference to people's lives he could make. He had the power (which he never really wanted) and now he would stop fighting it and start embracing it, to save people… to set things right and defeat evil.

And right now it was time to go hunt down that werewolf.

Huge apologies for the extreme wait between chapters! I hope you enjoyed regardless.

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-Azure the Dragonlady-