'Holding My Silence'

I woke up hearing voices that sounded unclear. I couldn't understand what they were saying but I know it was more then one person. I moved my legs a little bit but I couldn't feel anything with my right foot, "Bella," I heard a male voice say in a whisper beside me. I opened my eyes a little bit but shut them quickly because of the light, "Oh, hold on let me close the window," The same voice said, "Okay, now try opening your eyes, Sweetie," Did this stranger just called me sweetie. Who the hell is with me. After that thought crossed my mind I opened my eyes to see the most amazing looking man I have ever seen. That's when I realized who he was. My Husband Edward. I smiled lightly has he grinned and hugged me gently," What happened?" I asked in a scratchy voice. Edward pulled away and looked at me then stroked my cheek lightly, "Well, I would like to know that too. I came home and you were all beat up laying on our bed, passed out," I smiled when he said our bed but the thought of what happened was still unclear. I don't remember anything. At least not now I don't. But it can't be good if I am beat up and I was pass out on the bed. I looked around the room for a second then back at Edward, "I don't remember anything or even how I got here," I told him in a soft quiet tone. He nodded then looked at my face intensely for a minute or two. I was a little confused but I didn't mind. I could stare at his face for days if I could. He is the love of my life. We met when we were in collage back when I was still a very shy, innocent, never talked to anybody type of girl. The girl that if you said hello to would be so quite you would think she was deaf. But after I met Edward he helped me not be so closed in all the time. I have been betrayed by so many people in my life it's hard to really know who i can really trust. But me and Edward have been together for seven years now. We are both twenty five years old. We both love each other a lot and always will. I trust him more then anyone in this whole world. We live in small town named forks. My parents live in California. My parents moved there after I started collage and them give me there old house and then a few months after me and Edward started dating he moved it then two years later we got married and now seven years later we are still together and still just as much in love. I used to think love like this never lasted but I was completely wrong.

"Bella, I looked over the end of my hospital bed and saw my brother, Dean, "Dean, what are you doing here? I thought you were out of town with Alice?" I asked him confused. He and Alice: My Best – Friend just got married a few days ago and they were gonna go out of town for there honey moon. But because of me they didn't go I guess, I wish they would have I mean I'm fine. At least I think I am.

"Bella, your my sister. I'm not gonna leave town when I get a call from Edward saying your in the hospital all beat up," He told me in a stern tone. I sighed lightly as I looked at Edward then back at Dean.

"Now, tell me who did this too you? Because the kinda bruises you have aren't from falling down the stairs. Someone beat you up and I wanna know NOW!," Dean's tone of voice was angry, very angry and it scared me a little bit. I looked at Edward with wide eyes.

"Dean, calm down. Bella just woke up let her rest before you start asking her a million questions." Edward said while looking at Dean.

"Don't start that crap with me Edward, she's my sister and it's my job to protect her," Dean started walking toured Edward.

"Yeah, I know that Dean, But she's my wife and I have just as much say in this as you do." Edward almost yelled. His voice was cold and hard, it only ever get like that when he is really angry or upset about something.

"Stop it, please. I don't start fighting right now. I don't even remember what happened so you are fighting about nothing," I told them both in a quiet low voice.

I know it's really short, but i just started this story. so tell me what you think and if i should continue posting this story! :)