Chapter 2

"Stop it, please. Don't start fighting right now. I don't even remember what happened so you are fighting about nothing," I told them both in a quiet low voice.

Edward glanced at me quickly before looking back at Dean, "Bella's right. She just woke up and has been through a lot. We shouldn't be doing this. Bella needs to relax not stress out because we can't get along."

Dean looked at me and smiled, "I'm sorry, Bella. I'll try an get along with Edward like you always want me too."

I giggled lightly before smiling, "Thank you Dean. Now shake hands and say sorry to each other," I ordered while looking back and forth from Edward and Dean. They both looked at me and I raised an eyebrow. They know when I say to do something they better do it...not because I am a stuck up women who thinks she needs to get what she wants, but because all Edward and Dean do is fight. Dean never liked Edward; Even before Edward and I got married. I keep trying to make them get along; not as easy as I thought it would be.

"Sorry, Edward," Dean said with a sigh and held his hand out.

Edward shook his hand and then let go, "Yeah, I'm sorry too." Edward apologized kindly then looked at me and smiled lightly. I smiled back at him and then glanced at Dean and saw that look in his eyes.

"Edward, would you mind getting me some water? My mouth is kinda dry," I asked him and he nodded, "Yeah, I'll be back in a minute," Edward leaned down and pressed his lips to my forehead softly for a second then pulled away and started walking out of the room smiling at me.

I sat up a little bit and Dean walked toured me and helped me sit my pillow up so I was in a sitting position on the bed, "Are you feeling alright, Bella?" He asked in his deep low voice.

I nodded lightly. "Yeah, I'm okay," I glanced down at my bruised up arms, "So how bad does my face look?" I asked baffled by how black and blue my arms were.

I looked away from my arms and looked at Dean. He looked down then back up at me, "That doesn't matter right now, all that matter is that you get better," He said then sat down on the edge of the hospital bed next to me. I could tell just by the way he was talking that it was a lot worse then he wanted me to know.

"Dean, just tell me the truth, Please?" I pleaded and he sighed.

"You have a black eye, and your face is pretty bruised up. You also have a sprained ankle. But I am guessing you already knew that," He told me softly.

I looked away from dean and down at my legs, "I have a sprained ankle?" I asked confused. Maybe that's why I can't feel anything with my right leg. I looked back at Dean. He has sad smile on his lips as he nodded lightly.

"But if it's sprained shouldn't it hurt are something?" I asked with a small smile. I guess I was trying to listen the mood, but deep down I knew it wouldn't work. No matter how much I tried.

He nodded, "Yeah, it would but they gave you pain medicine when you were still passed out. Edward asked them to so you wouldn't feel pain when you woke up."

That's something I would expect from Edward. He is always trying to protect me from anything that could cause me pain, even though he knows he can't sometimes. Like now. He must be going insane trying to figure out who beat the crap out of his wife. I am too. Who the hell beat me up? I don't have a grudge with anyone. Who would want to hurt me like this? What if they try again. I don't even remember anything, expect that I was in the kitchen cooking dinner for me and Edward 'cause he was coming home from work soon. Edward is a Detective for the forks police department. He asks the thieves questions about what crime they committed. I am always worried 'cause ones one of them tried to attack Edward. So every time he leaves for work I always tell him to careful because of what happened last time, and he always says he will, but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna worry. He's my husband I can't help but worry about him.

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