"Oh hello, Hermione."

"Hello, Percy."

"Nice to see you."

"Nice to see you too."


"Well hello again."

"Hel-oh gosh, so sorry."

"That's okay, I will just smell like peppermint. Umm, unless…it's not dangerous is it?"

"No, no, I wouldn't walk through the halls if it were. Just a perking up potion as it were. How can I make it up to you Percy?"

"Lunch tomorrow?'

"Oh, well, sure."


"This place is wonderful. However did you find it?"

"I have my secrets."

"Who knew you could be such a man of mystery."

"We Weasley's have our ways."

"I suppose you do."


"Hello, Hermione Granger speaking."

"Dinner and drinks? After work?"



"That would be nice."


"Good morning.'

"Good morning to you."

"Ron is going to be angry isn't he?'

"That was over a long time ago, but I suppose he will."

"What a shame. You know you have such lovely hands."

"Oh, Ohh, Oohh…So do you. So do you."