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btw, this happends before Tohru becomes a shiki ^^ Enjoy~

Again Natsuno decided to stay again in Tohru's house. Tohru didn't mind at all, on the contrary, he liked to be close to Natsuno, lately he had been feeling something for Natsuno, but he didn't want to tell him.

For Natsuno it was so he could sleep calmly without Megumi creeping him on his house, but why only when Tohru was close that he felt protected and calm? Tohru was nice and since the first days they met, Tohru had been nice even if he tried to be cold, Tohru always tried to make friend with him.

Natsuno was watching how Tohru was playing videogames, Tohru offered him if he wanted to play so he can distract himself a bit about what was going on, since he tried to ask Natsuno why he was staying there too much, but Natsuno didn't want to tell him the truth, so Tohru decided to leave it like that.

Natsuno couldn't take it anymore and finally gave up to the sleep. Tohru didn't notice that Natsuno was falling sleep, until he felt Natsuno falling on his shoulder, he got surprised and looked at him.

"Hey Natsuno, maybe you should get to bed." Tohru said trying to wake him up.

"I… am… tired…" Natsuno whisper softly and drifting to sleep again.

Tohru blinked and then smiled, he put the control of the video game away and he wrap his arms around him and hugged him tightly "It's okay…" It felt good to hug Natsuno, he wasn't sure if the feeling was love or just friendship.

Tohru could lift him up and noticed that Natsuno wasn't that heavy. Then he put him on the bed. He wanted to know what was going on with him, he had been coming to his house to sleep very often this days, but as long as Natsuno didn't say anything he was not going to make him talk about it.

Tohru look at the sleeping face of Natsuno, 'He looks cute when he sleep.' he thought and smiled. He put a hand on Natsuno's forehead and then without thinking he kissed his lips softly.

Natsuno moved a bit to turn to a side and surprised Tohru, who jumped away from him. When he noticed that Natsuno didn't wake up, he scratch the back of his head and laugh softly. He didn't know why he felt that way for Natsuno, but was not going to leave him alone now.

"I will be here for you…" Tohru whisper and then he went to shut everything off.
After he lay down beside Natsuno and fall sleep with an arm around him.