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Chapter 1: Virgin


"It's a C rank seduction mission." Tsunade informed the youngest of Konoha ninja's adept seductresses.

"H-Hai." A determined Hinata nodded.

"Investigate if he really has committed multiple sexual harassments," Tsunade looked up from the file in her hands.

"T-Tsunade-sama, in case that the accusations are incorrect..." Hinata trailed off, her unspoken question quickly answered by the Hokage.

"Then you are to collect evidence of the accusation being untruthful, and when you have enough of them, the wrongly accused can choose to come back here in Konoha with you, and file a case against the lady who reported him, or he can just forget everything as he will not be pursued anymore. But if he did commit the offences, detain him and bring him here. Understood?"






Standing in front of a two-story business building, Hinata prepared herself for her first day of undercover employment. She had applied to be an administration assistant in the same firm that Mamorou Chiba, the suspected harasser, works at. And conveniently, she was appointment to assist him.

Calming herself, Hinata stepped inside the building with humble confidence and grace. A close-fitting, dark grey women's suit showed off her magnificent figure, turning the heads of males and females her way. She looked at them with her eyes that are concealed in black contact lenses, greeting them warmly with a "Good morning".

She reached the office of Mamorou and firmly knocked trice. Hearing a 'Come in' from the inside of the room, she pushed the door handle down and entered.

"Good morning Sir." Hinata greeted with a smile, stopping in front of Mamorou's desk after closing the door.

Darting his eyes away from his paperwork, Mamorou blinked twice, taken aback by the beauty in front of him. He had small difficulty in composing himself, but when he did, he gently put the papers down and stood up. "You must be Tsukino-san."

"That's me." Hinata validated.

"My name is Chiba Mamorou." He held out his hand for her to shake.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Chiba-san." She smiled as she shook his hand, taking notice that his eyes stayed on her eyes. She expected him to leer at her, but morning and afternoon went without any incident. It was already closing time and he had been nothing but a complete gentleman towards her. But never the less, she is still to seduce him and collect information to find out the truth.

She came out of her little office and found herself in Mamorou's office, their workplaces are connected. After closing her door, she turned around and unexpectedly bumped into something. A startled sound escaped her and her butt hit the ground.

Mamorou mirrored her shocked expression and hurriedly apologised. "I'm deeply sorry. Are you alright?" he bent and offered his hand to help her stand up.

Hinata's face flushed red, both from embarrassed and from the closeness between her and Mamouru. She wondered how she didn't notice before, but at that time, she saw clearly how handsome he was. "Y-Yes, I'm a-alright." She stuttered and took Mamorou's offered hand. He was the most handsome of the men that she had to seduce; truth be told, he was the only handsome one that she got to seduce. She found it hard to believe the lady who accused him. With his attractive features, and not to mention the great feel of his hard and sexy body, he could have any woman that he wants. Even she, herself, was somewhat attracted to him, and she didn't mind it, because it just made seducing him easier and more exciting for her. In fact, she can't wait to get it on with him, so she thought, why not try seducing him now?

As she was being pulled up by Mamorou, she feigned to stumble and Mamorou caught her. His arm went around her shouler, and the other around her waist, while Hinata's hands grasped his formerly unwrinkled suit. She made sure that her breasts are pressed nicely against his chest, and that her hips are making slight, but enough friction to get a reaction from his genitals.

Mamorou went rigid.

Smiling, Hinata became excited as well when she felt that something big was poking her down there.