"Trick or treat"

"Here you go dears"

"Eek, she's a witch!"

*squeals of laughter, running feet

Hermione turned to the frowning blond next to her, "what now?"

"I don't know why you wear that ridiculous costume, no so respecting witch would ever…"

"It's a traditional muggle style costume, it's all in fun."


"Trick or treat."

"Oh my goodness, aren't you the cutest Harry Potter ever and look, there's Dumbledore."


"You see. I was actually hoping that in America I would be free of this agony. Instead I see little Harry Potters everywhere, and don't forget little Hermiones and Dumbledores, for Merlin's sake I've even seen a little Snape bastard!"

"I've explained to you, it's Halloween, the kids dress up as their favorite characters from books and movies and comics."

"I am aware of that Hermione, but Potter's English not soddin' American."

"The book was an international bestseller, dear."

"Damn that JK Rowling. She made such a hero out of him. You can never trust a Hufflepuff!"

"You can never trust a Hufflepuff to what?"

"Lie damn them!"

"What's bothering you?"



"It's just that…"


He looked away, "They never dress as me."

"Oh Draco."