Super Robot Wars RX Prologue

By The Last Dalek

Edited by Rpgingmaster

The age of planes, tanks, and other conventional weapons of war has long since ended, and humanity moved on into a new era.

It all began in the year 2105 A.D when the world was divided into three main alliances: the Union of Energy and Free Nations (oft referred to as just "The Union"), the Human Resource League, and the Advanced European Union. It was at that time the construction of Orbital Elevators and space colonies began for the purpose of gathering solar power and expanding humanity's domain into space, and for a time it seemed as though this new revolution in technology and progress would bring the world into a new age of peace.

Sadly, all it proved to do was serving as the calm before the storm of a new era of war.

Humanoid machine like weapons known as mobile suits were constructed to defend the Orbital Elevators and their effectiveness in combat eventually led them replacing all other conventional weapons. The three main super powers of the world soon used them exclusively and eventually even the poorest nations utilized them. Naturally, such new and powerful weapons led to wars escalating to the point that numerous conflicts started all around the world.

In 2272 A.D, an alien space craft crash landed onto the Earth near South Atalia Island in the Pacific Ocean, and the Union was able to restore and modify it into the mobile space colony and exploration ship known as the SDF-1 Macross. And, as a bonus, the technology found with led to the creation of the transformable weapons known as Variable Fighters (also known as Valkyries). On its maiden voyage, the Macross was accidently transported into the far reaches of space after its Fold Engine (repaired by the Union yet not well understood) went awry. Once there, it came into contact with the alien race known as Zentradi, who accused them of stealing their technology (as the Macross had been one of their ships), and after several battles the Macross eventually returned to the Earth, where the war continued, especially because the Zentradi were convinced the Protoculture (a priceless treasure of their culture had been stolen by the people of Earth.

However, thanks to the healing power of music, their races came to an understanding, and ultimately peace won out between the two races while the Macross itself was placed in an artificial lake as a landmark of mankind's progress. With help from the Zentradi, the Macross was able to be mass produced into a fleet called the Megaroad for the purpose of colonizing and exploring the universe. At the same time, the three world powers had resolved to put aside their differences and became the Earth Federation, which formalized their alliance with the Zentradi, and aside from some small scale conflicts, the world was mostly united and back on it feet, and it seemed once again humanity was resuming the road back towards progress.

Everything changed in 2298 A.D, when the catastrophe known as the Second Impact occurred in the Antarctic, wiping out half of the world's population and taking an incredible toll on the Earth's ecosystem.

Nine years later, in 2307 A.D, as the world had once again struggled to regain its former stature, order broke down and wars erupted across the globe. At the same time, a mysterious organization known as Celestial Being (who made it known their goal was to eradicate all war) dominated the battlefield by utilizing a new type of mobile suit known as Gundams. With their GN Drive equipped mobile weapons, they appeared for a time unstoppable to all who opposed them and eventually the formerly disarrayed remnants of the former Earth Federation put aside their differences and faced the Gundams as one force, united again by a common foe and a desire to once again stanch the flow of blood, and since Celestial Being goal of eradicating war had also included a desire for uniting the war, it seemed as if their mere existence had prompted those who had been fractured to reunite, and when Celestial Being was suborned by traitors from the inside who gave the Earth Federation a reverse engineered version of CB's own technology, the advantage of Celestial Being was lost, and the revived Earth Federation faced Celestial Being in one final battle which ended in the decimation of both forces. After this battle the world was finally united under one banner permanently, while the surviving members of Celestial Being disappeared into the shadows.

Again, this only bought a period of peace before another storm of war.

After the apparent fall of Celestial Being, the Federation founded the autonomous peacekeeping force called the A-LAWS to help police the world, who overtly came off as guardians against any incursions like those launched by Celestial Being, but in truth were a cruel, heavy handed secret police who crushed any hint of dissent, peaceful and civil or otherwise To most of the people of Earth, this new order seemed ideal at the outset, but anyone willing to peel back the skin of the apple would've found this new world ruled by a rotten, power hungry elite

The following year an even more disturbing event took place in the following year 2308 A.D when a meteor (later to be dubbed Meteor-3, due to it being the third heavenly body to have been determined to have landed on the planet aside from the SDF-1 and the harbinger of Second Impact) crash landed in Japan. Many of the world's top scientists investigated and eventually determined that it contained technology of an extra terrestrial origin. Noteworthy scientist Bian Zoldark theorized that the aliens the meteor originated from would one day invade the Earth. However, fearing mass panic, the A-Laws covered up all evidence of extra terrestrial life and silenced anyone who spoke out on the matter .However, Bian Zoldark vowed to not let the world fall to the fate he predicted and disappeared from public view.

The years 2310 and 2311 A.D proved to be a very eventful time. It was at this point that the mad scientist known as Dr Hell made his ambition to rule the world utilizing an army of mechanical monster, and at about the same time, the descendants of the Dinosaurs would revealed their existence to the world proclaiming a desire to reclaim the surface for their own people. However, these dark forces would face resistance as two scientists produce their own machines different from mobile suits known as Super Robots to face these menaces.

Dr Juzou Kabuto, the world's leading researcher into photonic energy, constructed the mighty Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger utilizing the virtually indestructible metal known as Super Alloy Z to provide armor for them and used Photon Power to turn them into unstoppable gods of war. Sadly, he died as he finished his research, but thankfully his son Kenzou continued his work, while Kenzou's sons Kouji Kabuto and adopted son Tetsuya Tsurugi faced off Dr Hell's forces and eventually their efforts were rewarded with triumph.

As for the menace of The Dinosaur Empire, a scientist known as Professor Saotome discovered energy that he dubbed the Getter Rays. With this power he built the machine known as Getter Robo to fight against the Dinosaurs.

Eventually the Dinosaur Empire had their final battle with the Getter in New York City, which ended tragically as its third pilot, Mushashi Tomoe, sacrificed his life to stop them by self destructing Getter Robo, and though this brought victory, the price was bloody, as New York City was destroyed in the process.

As a result research into the Getter Rays was banned and Professor Saotome was confined to his laboratory ever since.

Around this time, A-Laws, desperate to maintain the illusion of effectively defending Earth (since the Mazingers and Getters had made them look ineffective), they began persecuting the Zentradi, who cut all ties with The Earth Federation and left in search for a new home amongst the stars. The Earth Federation, however, still held onto the technology they gained up to that point and began Project Super Nova, which was to create a new generation of Variable Fighters.

As this happened, a fourth meteor collided with the Earth, this time landing in Japan. While the details of what caused this are unknown eye witnesses claimed to have seen a mechanical lion attacking the meteor shortly before it crashed.

Over the course of this time the organization known as OZ run by Treize Khusrenada rose to great prominence. Due to Treize's personal disgust for the A-Laws methods he set out to replace them as the Earth Federation's top defense force. By providing the Federation with much better trained pilots and much cheaper mobile suits, OZ almost replaced the A-Laws.

However, as if in challenge to their growing power, a new group of Gundam's lacking the originals GN Drives (yet possessing nearly indestructible armor known as Gundanium) appeared around the world attacking OZ. This battle eventually drew in a terrorist group known as White Fang, which culminated in an attempt by White Fang to drop the space colony Libra on the Earth. The new group of Gundams and OZ put aside their differences and barely managed to avert the disaster however OZ ultimately disbanded after the death of Treize during the battle, and the A-Laws quickly reasserted their control.

Not long after this rumors of a beast like robot known only as the Dancougar began to emerge. According to the stories, it would arrive to help the losing side of a battle, only to leave once the tide had turned.

The year is now 2312 A.D.

And the world is at the start of yet another storm of war…

Author's Notes

This story is my own attempt at writing a Super Robot Wars style plot, based after several of the preexisting games in the series, and while I'm not sure how well I will be able to do in this effort, I shall do my best within my limits as a writer.

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