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Sora PoV

I'm torn out of my blissful and peaceful sleep with a loud bang. My eyes fly open and I shoot to my feet, looking aroud frantically. The first thing I automatically look for is Roxas. My heart calms down the slightest bit when I see him, still curled up and naked and all messy and cute and sexy as hell from last night. The memories of what we'd done—we'd made love—swirl through my head, making me grin like an idiot and pretty much forget about anythig else. I get snapped out of it when I hear voices. They sound like they're close, but not close enough to worry about. But still… I scramble into the first clothes I see; blue jeans and a bright red t-shirt. Hell if I know whose they are.

I swallow and put my hand out. I need a weapon. Let's see if I can summon my keyblade again… Okay. I can do this. I want to protect… My eyes find Roxas again, and before I can get stuck staring at his
angelish perfection, I finish my thought. I want to protect Roxas. I focus all my concentration onto that one thought and eventually the growing tingling in my hand explodes, and I'm holding my keyblade. I stare at it, proud that I'd figured out how to do this on my own. Even though I've made it come out of nowhere three times now, it still amazes me.

I glance at Roxas, wondering if maybe I should wake him up. I don't want to leave him here, alone and vulnerable… He's not. says a voice in my head. He's probably stronger than you are. Yeah, I guess… and I don't want to wake him, he looks so peaceful. I decide to not drift too far away from this room, and with one last look at Roxas, I slip out of the room.

Resting my keyblade on my shoulder, I look from side to side cautiously. The voices speak again, and I jump. They're a lot closer. Actually, so close that there are two shadows approaching the corner of the hallway. What the hell! I gulp down my fear, plant my feet, and hold my keyblade in a fighting position, waiting for what I can't help but think is something dangerous. Through the pounding in my ears, I think that if this is Riku and some ally of his, I have no chance. Maybe it's just me being paranoid, but…

Two people dash around the corner and I squeak, half out of horror of what I'd expected and half out of relief from what I see. It's sort of embarrassing how high that squeak was.

"God, you guys scared me!" I gasp, clutching my chest and making my keyblade disappear. "Jeeze, I think I peed a little!"

"This is no time for joking," Zexion snaps, grabbing my shoulders. He looks like a madman, his violet eyes wide and pupils dilated. My stomach churns at the look of panic in his eyes and the barely controlled tears in Demyx's wide aqua ones.

"What's going on?" I demand, my voice sounding a bit too breathless and trembly for my liking.

"Get Roxas, he should hear this too."


"Get him!" Demyx shrieks. This is what makes my resolve break. Demyx had never looked so insanely panicked in his life. My heart is pounding so hard I can feel it in each of my veins, but I nod. Something is wrong, horribly wrong.

Without another word I whirl around on my heel and book it to the room Roxas and I were sharing. Throwing open the door, I don't allow myself the pleasure of staring at his frail, pale, beautiful form as I yell, "Roxas, wake up! Something's going on!"

Groggily, his baby blues flutter open. "Sora...?"

Rummaging through the dresser, I throw a pair of what was probably Riku's jeans at him and my shirt from yesterday lands beside them. He looks at me, his eyes sharpening as he wakes up and feels the same ominous feeling I'd suddenly gotten when Zexion and Demyx had run at me.

"What's wrong?" he demands, throwing the shirt on. As soon as his jeans were buttoned up, I grab his wrist and yank him out of the room, trying not to hyperventilate. Zexion and Demyx are waiting a bit away, and as soon as they see us, they frantically wave us towards them.

"What the hell is going on?" Roxas yells, his voice still rough from sleep. He looks pissed, and...Is he glowing? It's not the same diamond-like sparkle, more of a bright glow, like an incandescent bulb. I could also swear that I'd noticed something on his back earlier, but I was kind of a bit preoccupied to pay much attention. "Someone tell me just what the fuck is so important that—" If possible, he gets even paler. "Hey..." he says slowly, looking around. "Where's Axel? He should be back by now..."

Demyx looks like he wants to throw up. "Well, yesterday, after you left, Roxas, me and Zexy went to the river again so I could practice with my water, yeah?" Roxas and I nod like bobbleheads, gesturing for him to continue. "After a while, we heard noises in the forest, and got a bit freaked out, so we went to check..."

"Yes?" Roxas growls impatiently.

"We saw Axel, but... well, it didn't really seem like him. When he saw us, he sort of looked like he was confused, and he didn't look right..." Demyx looks at Zexion. "How do I explain this...?"

"It wasn't Axel," Zexion says. "But at the same time, it was. I'm thinking that one of Sephiroth's, err, minions I guess, might be able to possess people."

"No," Roxas flat-out says. We all look at him incredulously. He shakes his head. "There's no way Axel would let that happen."

"Roxas," I try to say, but he cuts me off with a glare.

"The thing Axel hates most is people that think they can get away with anything. If someone even tried to possess him, even if Axel was a human that could do nothing, even if he was bloody and broken, let me tell you, there is no way he'd let anyone do that to him."

"But... Roxas..." Zexion says softly. "The vampire we're dealing with is more powerful than you think. If Sephiroth really wanted to possess Axel, he'd do it and Axel wouldn't stand a chance."

"You don't get it," Roxas snaps. "No one knows Axel like I do. He would rather get himself killed than let someone do that to him. He might have gotten kidnapped, or something, but he'd never let himself get taken advantage of. He's had enough of that in his life from his brother; he won't let someone else fuck him over too. He's strong, probably stronger than any of us; If someone even tried, he'd bite his own tongue and drown in blood."

"So, basically you think that that was just a fake Axel?"

Roxas shrugs. "Why not? Lately, there's not a thing on earth I would believe is false."

As wrong as his words seemed, I can feel the truth. Axel wouldn't get possessed or some crap by anyone, so it was a good chance someone had just used an illusion. I guess this was one of those gut-instinct moments.

"So what do we do?" Demyx asks warily.

"I feel so cheesy asking this, but did you find any clues?" Roxas asks. "I last saw him in that meadow, where he buried Xion." He shuts his eyes, a line of stress appearing between his eyebrows. "If he was abducted, he might have left something behind. You know Axel, he won't go down without a fight; he probably left something behind if he knew he was going to be taken hostage so that we would be able to find out where he is."

"You have a valid point," Zexion says, tapping his chin. Now that everyone had calmed down, it was easier to think straight. "Okay. So pretty much we need to get to Xion's grave, right?"

"Yeah, which is only about ten minutes out," Roxas explains. He heads to the door. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to look right now." I guess I couldn't blame him for rushing in; Axel was his closest and oldest friend, after all. The three of us nod and follow Roxas' shaky, yet determined footsteps out the front door.


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