Hi, I am BladeMasterWolf, and this will be my first major outing in the land of storytelling.

I decided to do a story around the Adeptus Arbites as I liked the feel of them, I know that is a weird reason but roll with it please.

I suppose a better first choice would be Space Marines or even the Imperial Guard, both of whom I own table-top armies for, but I was drawn to the Arbites. They seem to be Judge Dredd in the year 40,000 so to speak. They are sometimes all that holds the Imperium from collapsing in on itself from within while the vast armies of the Imperial Guard and the magnificent Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes hold the line against the enigmatic Eldar, the brutish Orks, the young Tau, the ravenous Tyranids, and against the thrice-damned Traitor Legions with their human thralls and the ruinous powers of the Warp.

As for this story, I started it a year ago on the Warseer forums, where I still update it, but after a little goading, I have decided to post it up here, as to gather some more feedback.

As I stated, this was started a year ago and all I have done is collate the myriad posts into 'proper' chapters. This side will be updated a little slower as I will allow the other site to build up before creating a larger post for here.

As for story quality, I know my writing in the beginning is... how to say... not up to standards, but I hope you'll agree, it gets better as I write more and more. I have gone through briefly and corrected some of the most glaring mistakes but of course I will have probably missed a few.

Thank you for having a look at a young man's fledgling story and I hope I entertain you.

To those of you coming from Warseer, Hi, BladeWolf here, I tend to lurk around the Stories and Art area.

And so, here I go forth into this most strange of realms, please be nice.