Note: I know I have used this before for the first chapter in this trilogy, but a certain reviewer requested this and that I mix in his theme song within it.

Disclaimer: Again, this theme song sequence belongs to those who made The Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana! However, I've replaced the cube with a twister instead :D.

A twister of random colors is seen hovering in midair as screens showing the different shows fly around within it, showing scenes from their series. A mix of the theme songs is soon heard.

Sometimes it's hard to know…

He's a Phantom.

He's the bad's guys biggest fear


In you and I….there's a new laaaaaand!


Let me take on eternity.

But gloom and doom up in his room is broken instantly.


Gotta blast!

Today, full of energy, Mario's still running, running

In his world, where one is all…

We will the battle, Pokemon!

Suddenly the twister's location changes to some ancient ruins as screens showing the character of Pokemon fly into view. The theme for the current season of Pokemon this movie takes place in soon begins to play.

Sometimes it's hard to know

Shows Ash Ketchum and his ever-present partner Pikachu.

Which way you're suppose to go

Shows Dawn with her partner, Piplup.

But deep inside, you know you're strong.

Shows Brock wincing in pain as Crogaunt rams his fist into his chest.

(Again, what else would you expect from this guy? Lol)

If you follow your heart you can't be wrong.

Shows Jessie with a mischievous smile on her face.

Stand Up! (Stand Up!)

Shows James with an mischievous grin of his own.

For what is right! Be brave!

Shows Meowth with a confused look on his face as he eyes his comrades.

Get ready to fight! Hold on! (Hold on!)

Shows Sheena with a smile on her face.

We're friends for life. And if we come…

Shows Kevin sharing his friend's smile.

Together as one, complete the quest we've begun..

Shows two more characters that I refuse to mention…..for now.

We will win the battle, Pokemon!

The Twister's location switches to a view of Destiny Islands as screens showing the KH characters fly into view. Their theme song soon begins to play as the twister takes off a moonlight glow similar to the glow of Kingdom Hearts..

I watch you fast asleep,

Shows Sora as he raises his Keyblade into the sky.

All I fear…means noooooothhhhing.

Shows Donald as he prepares to cast a Blizzaga.

In you and I, there's a new laaaaaannnnnd.

Shows Goofy as he guards against something with his shield.

Angels in flight. Japanese: (I need more affection than you know)

Shows Kairi giving us a friendly wave of the hand.

My sanctuary, my sanctuary

Shows Riku regarding us with a scowl. (He doesn't like us, how rude.)

Where fears and lies melt awaaaaaaaaaay

Shows Mickey with a golden Keyblade held in hand.

Music in time. Japanese: (I need more affection than you know)

The twister then gains a ghostly green hue as the environment changes to the Ghost Zone. The Danny Phantom theme song immediately starts playing as screens showing Danny Phantom characters fly into view.

Danny Phantom….phantom…..phantom.

Shows Danny going intangible to dodge something.

Yo Danny Fenton was just fourteen when his parents built a very strange machine.

Shows Samantha (Sam) Manson (SHOULD I use her in the story)

When it didn't quite work his folks, they just quit, then Danny took a look inside of it.

Shows Tucker Foley (SHOULD I use him in the story)

There was great big flash and everything just changed. His molecules got all rearranged.

Shows Danielle Fenton with glowing palm extended.

He's here to fight for me and you!

The Twister gains a whitish-pink hue as it warps to the city of Hughesville, where Laserstorm's gang resides. The Laserstorm theme song begins to play as screens of his franchise begin to play.

Now with his newfound strife, Josh protects innocents with his life.

Shows Joshua/Laserstorm with a glowing ball of energy in his hands.

He fights and keeps the villains on the run. He loves to see them cringe in fear.

Shows Nathan/Muscleman as he rears back to punch.

Enemies he's dealt with often tear. So you dudes better arm your guns.

Shows one more character that I'll reveal should he make an appearance.

Cause here comes…..LASERSTORM!

The Twister's color changes to a metallic gray as the location switches to a futuristic city well ahead of our time. Once the screens showing those from the Metal-Man franchise fly into view, their theme song begins to play.

(Guitar Solo)

Shows Ethan/Metal-Man as he gets ready to sock Cyro with his B. M. F. (Big Metal Fists)

Unseen…..The crime of destruction is facing me.

Shows Anthony/Shockwave rocking on his guitar.

I wanted to retreat, but you won't let me be.

Shows Steven/Orok with a glowing blade of white in his hand.

I'm calling for belief. Be sure, I will be there.

Shows Damian/Sharp-Shooter ready to unleash a blast of energy from his hi-tech gun.

And you will fall (fade) Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Shows Boomer reaching for a bomb inside of his chest compartment.

Bye, Bye, Babylon.

The Twister's then takes us to the bedroom of a certain ten-year old as his theme song begins to play. Like usual, the screens showing the Fairly Odd Parents characters fly into view from within the twister.

Timmy is an average kid that no one understands.

Shows Timmy pumping a fist into the air.

But gloom and doom up in his room is broken instantly.

Shows Wanda

By his magic little fist who grant his every wish. Cause in reality they are his…

Shows Cosmo STILL playing with a piece of string. (Seriously, for a whole year?)

Odd parents, Fairly Odd Parents!

Shows Poof letting one rip.

(Normal) Really mod, pea pod, buff bob, hot rod. (Timmy) obtuse, rubber goose….

Shows Vicky as she laughs an evil cackle.

Green moose, giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake!

The Twister becomes a deep blue as the famous shuttle loop from a certain franchise replaces Timmy's Bedroom. Soon enough, the screens showing Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends fly into view as their theme song begins to play.

Running back again, well what'dja expect? Comin' out to win ten out of ten

Shows Sonic running across the ground like a rush of wind.

Got a real rough neck. Strikes something slippery, straps on his shoes.

Shows Shadow with a Chaos Control in hand.

'Cause he's the best there ever was, haven't you heard the news?

Shows Silver glowing a fluorescent green.

Intergalactic continental champ running things, hyperactive instrumental and pulling strings.

Shows Tails as he flies in the air by spinning his two tails like a helicopter rotor.

You can't stop now, lock and load! I said you can't stop now, rock and roll!

The Twister gains a reddish hue as the location changes to that of the Mushroom Kingdom. Again, the screens showing this respective franchise fly into view as Mario's Theme Song begins to play.

Today, full of energy, Mario is still running, running

Shows Mario as he launches a fireball at his opponent.

He's made it to the castle and gets fireworks!

Shows Luigi running away as Mario continues to battle.

Lightly sidestepping the Hammer Bros., show the last of your power, Mario!

Shows Yoshi as he gives us his cheerful cry.

You've done it, you've done it! You've defeated Bowser!

The Twister then takes us to the underground lab of a certain big-head genius as his theme song begins to play. This is soon followed by screens showing Jimmy Neutron and his dog flying into view.

Into the stars to buy candy bars rides a kid with a knack for invention.

Shows Jimmy Neutron with his trademark shrink ray.

He's got a super-powered mind….a mechanical canine. 'Bark, Bark'

Shows Goddard

Rescues the day from sure destruction.

The Twister finally returns to the ruins as multiple screens fly into view, showing random scenes from all the shows.

Gotta catch them all cause he's….Danny Phantom.

Mario's adventure is over for now, but Mario's dream lives forever.

(Vicky) Yeah, Right.

Bye, bye, Babylon!

This is the theme song for….


Don't stop now, c'mon and rock and roll!

My heart's a battleground but

We will the battle, Pokemon!

Well there's the theme song introduction chapter for ya. Stay tuned for the actual story! Yeah I know there is no 'but' after 'my heart's a battleground' but it connects a lot better with the Pokemon segment. Oh and yeah, I did cut some parts out of the theme songs in order to make them fit, just so you know. Yeah, I did neglect to put Kirby in there, but, by my knowledge, he doesn't have a theme song.