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Chapter 8: Jailbreaks and Conversations

"Well now what do we do?" Donald asked, still glaring up through the grate at the guards that were no longer there. "We're stuck in this cell with all these weird creatures."

A growl from one of the nearby Pokemon was heard.

"Oh, shut up!" Donald barked at the Pokemon.

That retort elicited a growl from the Pokemon which was met with an even fiercer snarl from Donald. Too tired and a bit too intimidated by the court magician to deal with the duck, the Pokemon just directed one last growl at Donald before it attempted to return to dreamland.

"This is an old primitive cell," Tails reasoned, "So I'm quite confident there has to be some way out. We just have to look around."

Yoshi nodded. "Yoshi."

Kirby nodded in agreement as well.

Suddenly a small boulder is pushed out of the wall nearby, quickly catching the group's attention. A Pichu with a notched ear pokes her head out of the wall and gives the group a cheerful cry as it rushes over to them.

"Hey there, little fella." Goofy said, cooing the tiny little creature. "Where do you come from?"

Pichu momentarily looked startled at the strange appearances of several members of the group. That, however, only lasted for a quick second as the little mouse-Pokemon gave a cheerful cry before moving over to Pikachu, conversing with the thunderbolt Pokemon in in their native language.

"Have any idea what they're saying, your Ma…er…I mean Mickey?" Donald asked his king, almost forgetting that Tails was with them.

Mickey shrugged. "Welp, I'm not quite sure, Donald. I guess we'll have to just wait and see."

After a few more mutterings in their Pokemon language, Pikachu and Pichu gain cheerful expressions on their faces as they put their tails together, creating a small spark of electricity.

"What did they just do?" Donald asked.

"Maybe that's their way of greeting each other or agreeing on something," Goofy suggested. "Ya know, like how we use handshakes or hugs?"

The court knight then proceeded to place his large butt towards Pichu. "Gawrsh it's sure is great to meet ya, little fella." If this were a cartoon, Donald, Mickey, Tails, Yoshi, Pikachu, Piplup, and even Kirby and Goddard would have gained anime teardrops as they could only stare awkwardly, completely at a loss for words.

Pichu looked confused at first as to why Goofy was placing his large rear in its face, but it quickly got the gist of it. Smiling, Pichu places her tail on Goofy's butt. Unfortunately, the court knight failed to realize why only electric-type Pokemon did that.


Goofy yelped in pain as electricity coursed through his body from Pichu's tail. Donald couldn't help but laugh and roll his eyes at the same time in both annoyance and laughter at Goofy's…well goofiness. Mickey tried his best to keep from laughing as well, but he couldn't help but let a faint grin come to his face. Tails, Kirby and Yoshi laughed as well; they just couldn't help themselves.

Suddenly, Pichu gestures to the hole in the rocky wall from whence it came. Pikachu, Piplup, Kirby, and Goddard follow the tiny little yellow mouse Pokemon to the hole.

"Um, I hate to burst your bubble," Donald squawked to the Pokemon, "But that hole is only big enough for you guys."

The Pokemon, Kirby and Goddard glanced at the Disney Trio, Tails, and Yoshi and then the hole that Pichu came from. They quickly realized Donald was right; they were far too big to fit through that hole. Looks of confusion came upon their faces, wondering if they should leave the group and come back for them with help or just stay with them altogether.

"Hey, it's alright." Tails cooed them, knowing what needed to happen, "We can take care of ourselves."

"Don't worry about it fellas," King Mickey assured them, seeing their confused looks. "Just go help our friends."

Pikachu slowly approached King Mickey and Tails with eyes that seemed to say. 'Are you sure?'

The King smiled. "Don't worry about us, we can find another way out." Seeing Pikachu's unbelieving look, Mickey adds in. "Trust me, Pikachu. Now go! Ash needs you right now."

Pikachu really didn't like leaving his new friends behind, but he knew that King Mickey was right. And so with one last look, Pikachu and the group of small individuals followed Pichu inside the hole.

"So, how are we going to get out, your….er…Mickey?" Donald asked curiously.

King Mickey smirked.


In a flash of light, his golden Keyblade appeared causing Tails to gasp in surprise.

"You have one too?" Tails asked in shock.

Mickey smiled. "Yep!"

Donald smacked himself for his stupidity. "Oh, right."

The next thing we see is the door to the cell opening up as two surprised guards pointed their weapons at the group while Yoshi glared at them.

"Freeze!" One said, though his tone was shaky.

"Get back in your cell!" The other shouted, sounding a bit braver then the first.

Mickey just sighs.

The screen then goes black for a second as two golden slashes are seen. When the screen fades back, we see the two guards on the ground in a daze as many tiny Keyblade-armed King Mickey's raced around their heads.

"I wish I didn't have to be so rough with them," Mickey said, not thrilled at the fact that he had hurt innocents that were just doing their jobs. "But with the current situation at hand, I didn't have much a choice."

Goofy placed a hand on King Mickey's shoulder. "Don't worry, yo…Mickey. You only did what you had too."

"Yeah!" Donald agreed, "Besides, they're only knocked out. They'll recover before you know it."

"You were only doing what had to be done," Tails said comfortingly, "C'mon, we better go find the others."

Mickey nodded. "I suppose your right. Sora and the others needs us. Come on!" And with that he, his two most trusted servants, Tails, and Yoshi rushed down the underground hallway as they began their search for the others.

Meanwhile, the soldiers leading the hypnotized humans reach a cell somewhere underground.

"In here," One of them said as they opened the door to the cell. One by one, the seven are forced to walk in due to their hypnotic status. Apparently, thought, the soldiers didn't seem to like how slow they we're going and proceeded to prod the last of the group into the cell, Kairi.

It was only when the door to the cell slammed shut that the group finally regained their senses as their eyes return to normal with a blink. The sound of someone locking a door catches their attention as they swerve around to see the two soldiers on the other side of the metal bars walking up the stairway nearby. It didn't take long for them all to put 2 and 2 together.

"Hey!" Sora exclaimed.

"Bout time you snapped out of it," Roxas retorted inside the Key bearer's head, which was stubbornly ignored. "Shut up, Roxas."

"Tell us where we are anyway!" Ash shouted, but the soldiers continued to walk up the stairs as if nothing was said.

"What cowards." Ethan scolded the retreating guards.

"Well, what do we have here?" The group turn to see a old white-bearded man dressed in the same attire as the soldiers were. He appeared to be the guard of their cell. "You see, this is the underground prison. And one of Master Marcus' magical creatures just used hypnosis on all of you."

"Magical?" Ash asked.

"He means Pokemon!" Dawn answered.

Kairi blinked. "Hypnosis?"

"They basically hypnotized us, Kairi." Jimmy informed, sparing the group from his scientific explanation.

"He's right, Kairi," Namine said from within the redhead.

"Couldn't you have just snapped me out of it?" Kairi mentally asked.

Namine sighed. "Tried. The barriers blocking me from your conscious were too strong for me to break at the time."

"I see," Brock realized, "That was Brozong!"

(A flashback of Brozong using Hypnosis on the group is seen.)

"That's cheating!" Sora shouted in anger and annoyance. "I would have wiped the floor with those guards otherwise!"

Suddenly, a thought came to Ash's head. "What happened to Pikachu!" The Pokemon Trainer demanded, noticing that his Pokemon Partner was nowhere to be seen.

"There not the only one that are missing," Roxas added in within Sora, prompting said person's eyes to snap open.

"Where are Donald, Goofy, and Ki…er…Mickey?" Sora shouted, realizing his partners were not among them as well.

"And what about Timmy and Tails?" Kairi asked.

"And what happened to Piplup and Kirby!" Dawn cried.

"What did you do with my dog!" Jimmy demanded.

"Yeah, I wanted to learn more about his robotic dog and all his other cool inventions!" Ethan whined.

"And Sheena and Yoshi," Brock added in with a worried tone.

(Wow, a lot of people to be worried about, huh?)

"They're all safe," The guard assured them, proceeding to sit down on an elevated stone platform, "Sheena is speaking with Master Marcus, right now."

Sora blinked. "Marcus?"

Dawn turned to look at Sora. "Yeah, remember?"

Sora nods as a flashback of the man in robes is seen; the only candidate in Sora's mind to possibly have that name.

Ash put a hand to his chin. "I wonder who Marcus is?"

"A backstabber."

"Huh?" The group turn to the back of the cell to see a depressed man sitting in the shadows. "It's true, you see. Marcus was an underling of mine, but he tricked me and threw me in jail."

The man looks up.


The group ran up to the man as they immediately recognized who this guy was.

"You must be…." Sora trailed off, too shocked to finish the statement.

Ash finishes for him. "Damos!"

Damos raised an eyebrow. "Wait, you say you know me?"

"Yes, of course!" Dawn exclaimed.

The betrayer looked utterly confused. "But your not from him."

"I want to know why you won't return the Jewel of Life to Arceus!" Ash snapped in rage.

Damos gasped.

"And why are you setting a trap for Arceus too!" Kairi shouted, her anger at Damos evident in her tone of voice.

"Hold on Kairi," Namine vocalized, "Let's get all the facts straight before we jump to conclusions. Damos may be innocent."

"What could possibly be going through your head to think that!" Kairi demanded angrily, "You saw as well I did what Damos did to Arceus."

"Yes, but with these recent discoveries, I have a theory," Namine replied.

"How could you be that cruel to him after all he's done for you!" Ethan growled at him.

"Your betrayal is going to jeopardize many innocent lives in the future!" Jimmy chastised him, "Why are you going to do that, Damos?"

Damos gives the group an angry glare, stunned at how they accuse him of such. "I am doing nothing of the sort! I have every intention on returning the Jewel of Life to Arceus."

"You're a liar!" Sora growled in anger at hearing how Damos was denying such a cruel act he had in store for Arceus.

Damos stands up, proving to be noticeably taller than their tallest member: Sora. "It's the truth! That's why Marcus put me in jail…to keep me from doing that very thing."

The group looked at each other with confused expressions. Damos' explanation did seem to check out well, and it also explained why Damos was in jail with them. However, they saw him betray Arceus in the timeline that Dialga had sent them to by mistake right before their very eyes. So, either Damos was telling a bold-face lie or there had to be something more going on then what met their eyes. The latter seem to be proving more likely than the former; why else would Damos be locked behind bars?

"May I say something?" The group look back over to where the guard was sitting at the front of their cell. "That man is definitely speaking the truth. I absolutely know for a fact that Damos was attempting to return the Jewel of Life to Arceus." His tone changes to one of grim. "What I am completely uncertain of is whether or not that's the correct action for Damos to take."

"So, you're telling the truth," Ash said, slowly starting to believe Damos' words.

"Hey, the hypnosis!" Brock exclaimed.

With those words from Brock, everything quickly came together as everyone immediately realizes what had happened.

"Right, Brozong used it." Dawn replied.

"So Marcus must've used this Hypnosis on Damos and manipulated him into betraying Arceus like how it made us to walk into this cell!" Ethan realized.

"And that's why Mickey and Goofy said that Damos' eyes were so weird!" Sora added in.

"And now my theory is fact," Namine retorted within Kairi's mind.

Kairi rolled her eyes. "Okay, I may have accused him rationally without thinking. I'm sorry, Namine.

"You've been hanging out with Sora too much," Namine giggled.

"Hey!" Sora mentally shouted, having heard that from his own mind.

Roxas snickered. "Ooo, burn."

"Of course!" Jimmy shouted in acknowledgement, "It all fits! Everything makes sense now!"

Damos looked confused at their sudden outbursts. "Hold on? What in the world are you talking about?"

The group look at each other for a second, all of them mentally agreeing on something before they turned to face Damos once more. "We came here from the future," Ash began.

Damos blinked. "The future?"

Ash took out a Pokeball from his belt. "Take a look at this!"

The Pokemon Trainer then opens the Pokeball as a beam of red light shoots out of it and strikes the ground before them. The red light quickly forms into the fire ape Pokemon: Monferno.

Damos gasped in shock. "Magical Creature!"

"In the future, this is called a Pokeball," Ash explained, gesturing to the Pokeball in his hands. He then turns to face his Monferno. "Return!" Another beam of red light shoots out and envelopes Monferno as it fades away in the light and re-enters its Pokeball. "Course, you don't have these yet."

"And back where we come from," Dawn began, "What you called Magical Creatures we call Pokemon."

"Pokemon?" Damos asked, never in his life had he heard such a word before.

"What are you doing here, Danielle?" Danny asked, he had never expected to see his female clone, or rather as they both like to refer to her as Danny's little sister or cousin, here of all places.

Danielle no longer had any trouble keeping her form anymore, due to Danny stabilizing her ghost form after their last run-in with Vlad. She, in hers and Danny's opinions, was her own person and not a clone of someone else, even if that someone else was Danny Fenton/Phantom himself.

"Well, Clockwork said you were fighting some mega-powerful creature or something and that you needed my help," Danielle replied with a smirk, "Besides, I'm not letting you get all the action."

"So I'm guessing that's why you're here too, Na…er…Muscleman?" Joshua inquired to his best friend.

Nathan nodded. "Yeah, that creepy ghost guy poofed up and just….froze everyone, right in the middle of my wrestling match! But when he told me you were in trouble, I quickly decided to come and help you."

Joshua chuckles. "He paused the wrestling match until you returned, didn't he?"

Nathan scratches the back of his head sheepishly. "Well…yeah."

"Danielle, are you crazy!" Danny shouted at his clone sister/cousin, "You aren't as strong as me! And I'm getting creamed! Even with a whole entire team of super powered allies helping me out! Arkbutt over there will wipe up the floor with you!"

"Arkbutt," Joshua snickered until a glare from Danny promptly shut him up.

Danielle crossed her arms and glared at Danny. "Hey, my powers are just as powerful as yours are!" She protested. "In case you've forgotten, your not the only one having training sessions with Clockwork, Danny."

Before Danny could gives his snappy retort, Joshua interrupted him. "Um Danny, who is this?"

"You could say that she is a relative of mine," Danny said with a suspicious tone as he rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Hi, nice to meet you," Danielle said with a smile, "I'm Danielle."

"I'm Laserstorm!" Joshua proudly exclaimed, "And I think you already met my friend."

"Yeah, Clockwork introduced us to each other," Danielle replied, "Now that we're probably introduced to each other, how about we take care of that guy up there?"

Muscleman cracked his fingers. "Let's do it!"

Joshua and Danny, who had seen and felt the powers of Arceus firsthand, didn't look too sure. Before they could stop their brave allies, however, they ran/flew towards the Alpha to engage him in combat. They didn't even seem to hear the protest yelling coming from the elder ghostly halfa.

Danny groaned when he realized this. "Come on, we better make sure they don't kill themselves."

Poor Joshua simply shrugged as he activated his jetpack thrusters and took off into the sky after Danny.


Giratina screeched in pain as it was pelted by a Blizzard from Arceus, who seemed to show no signs of ending the attack shortly. Suddenly, a voice yelling out at it caught the Alpha's attention as it stopped the attack, allowing Giratina to quickly gain some distance from Arceus.

"Hey centaur freak!"

Arceus glared as it saw what seemed to female version of the troublesome ghost kid that had been one of the combatants interrupting and delaying his plans of justice, charging up ghostly energy in her hand.

"Eat this!"

Danielle fires an ecto-beam straight at Arceus, only for it to smash into some kind of invisible shield or something as the Alpha's golden parts turn to black.

Danielle's eyes shoot wide. "What the!…."

"I DON'T CARE HOW MANY OF YOU COME TO FIGHT, ALL OF YOU WILL BE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!" Arceus screamed, charging up a Flamethrower to pulverize Danielle.

"DANIELLE!" Danny cried in fear, rushing up towards her and grabbing her as he turned both of them intangible to dodge Arceus' fiery attack.

"Are you okay?" Danny asked to his clone with a concerned look, dropping the intangibility around them.

"You didn't tell me he could just block my attacks!" Danielle scolded him.

Danny glared at her. "That was what I was trying to tell you! Arceus has some kind of weird Life Plate things that can be used to block different attacks."

"Then how in the world can we beat him!" Danielle shouted in shock.

Danny put a hand to his chin. "From what I seen, it appears to be that Arceus can only use them for certain attacks. Albeit he has managed to block most of our attacks. The main attacks that I've seen that work on Arceus are electric-based ones."

Suddenly, a bluish-white fist of energy slams into Arceus, sending it spiraling through the air from the sheer strength of the attack. The ghostly duo's eyes went wide. "And that."

Looking towards the source of the attack, they see Muscleman as he crosses his arms and grins.

Whoa. The ghostly siblings thought.

"There's a reason why we call him Muscleman," Joshua said with a cocky grin of his own as he flew up next to them. Nathan blew his fist like if they were pistols he had just fired. Kevin, Riku, Meta-Knight, Tucker, and Sam were just as speechless as the Phantoms were. They hadn't seen an attack that had actually caused Arceus to literally spiral back through the air. Being part of the team Joshua and Nathan were in, Tommy was the only one who maintained his composure as he had witnessed Nathan's insane strength numerous times before so this didn't come as a surprise to him.

Meanwhile, Arceus, more ticked then ever before, zoomed right back into view and blasted a Flamethrower straight at Muscleman with a vengeful cry.

"NATHAN, LOOK OUT!" Joshua cried.

Nathan quickly abides to Joshua's warning and dodge rolls out of the way as the Flamethrower annihilates the ground were he had just been. "Whew," Nathan breathed as he wiped imaginary sweat from his brow. "Close one, eh?"

Joshua and the Phantoms breathed a sigh of relief.


That is until a Flamethrower crashed into them all of a sudden and knocked all three of them into the ground, each making their own crater upon impact. Nathan, wide-eyed at what just happened to his friends, turn to glare at Arceus just in time to get once heck of surprise as the Pokemon rammed him into the ground with one of its hooves. If Nathan wasn't so durable, his ribs probably would have been crushed from Arceus literally slamming its foot down on him.

"JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!" Arceus roared once more as it charged a Flamethrower in an effort to blast Nathan into oblivion. Judging from the force Arceus was exerting on him, Nathan deduced that it would take him a couple of seconds to throw Arceus off him even with his super strength, seconds he did not have.

"Cracka towa!"

Both Nathan and Arceus glance up at the sound of a very bizarre cry just in time to see a blue ball uncurling itself in midair. Any hunches of it being our famous blue blur died when the thing brought out two pistols and launched a barrage of green energy upon Arceus, forcing the Alpha off of Nathan.

As Nathan gets to his own two feet, his mysterious savior lands besides him with a 'thump.' While it had blue fur like Sonic, it also had black beady eyes, stumpy toes for feet, sharp claws, and large ears. It looked to be some sort of weird species of Koala, like how Sonic was a Hedgehog.

Regardless of its appearance, it still deserved his gratitude. "Eh, thanks for the save…uh.."

"Stitch!" The blue koala proclaimed.

Nathan blinked at the weird name but decided to go with it. "Er….Stitch."

Rushing wind brought the two back into reality as they turn just in time to feel the full brunt of Arceus' Twister attack. The two beings of strength and durability place their hands up in front of their faces as they resist the knock back power of the attack. They growl in pain as the high-powered winds cut at their bodies like sharp disks. Despite the excruciating pain, the duo keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. However, as soon as the vortex faded, but wobble on their legs, off-balanced; they had barely been able to stand after suffering the power of the fierce winds Arceus had conjured up.

The Alpha shows them no mercy and prepares to launch a Flamethrower to finish the two off. However, a sharp cry draws Arceus attention to its right where it sees Giratina charging it with one of its limbs glowing a bright pink. Thinking fast, Arceus dismisses its attack and zooms higher up into the air as Giratina came barreling through the area, it had once been in, with Dragon Claw.

Meanwhile, Joshua, Danny, and Danielle begin to slowly make their way out of their craters, all in a world of pain.

"That hurt," Danielle clarified, giving Joshua the strangest sense of déjà vu.

"I told you Danni," Danny said to his 'cousin', clutching his chest in pain. "Arkbutt is not a pushover!"

"How powerful… can this guy…. be?" Joshua gasped, glancing up to see Giratina dueling it out with Arceus as Palkia made its way back into the battle as well.

Elsewhere, Riku, Kevin, Sam, Tucker, Meta-Knight, and Tommy continued to watch on with growing worry. Despite the growing number of allies, Arceus was still prevailing throughout it all. While the horde of heroes did keep Arceus distracted from bringing forth its justice upon the town of Michina and the rest of the world, some of the heroes didn't look like they could keep this up much longer. The six spectators could only hope and pray that they could hold on just a little while longer. Little did they realize that a certain plumber was missing among them.

"It doesn't look like they can take much more of this," Kevin informed, "I don't think we have much time left."

Riku nodded as he quietly whispered, "C'mon Sora, hurry up."

"I understand," Marcus began, "You said you all came here from the future and that you're telling the truth."

Marcus and Sheena were currently discussion the situation at hand inside Marcus' home. It appeared to be that they were having either lunch or dinner, presumably the former due to how bright it was outside, as they discussed this since they were seen sitting on either end of a long table line with a variety of foods. As expected, Macrus' two bodyguards, Heatran and Brozong, were present as well. The fire/metal Pokemon seemed to be incapable of standing still as it was seen moving around the entire area nonstop and it even crawled along the walls and the ceiling as well. The floating Brozong, on the other hand, remained perfectly content in its position beside Marcus.

However, little did anyone know that four others were present as well, spying on this whole conversation as insects from a corner of the room near to the ceiling.

"I always love spying on people," Timmy said gleeful to his Godparents, "Its always cool hearing things that your not suppose to know about."

"But you already knew about all of that, sweetie," Wanda explained to him gently.

Timmy paused as he recalled what had happened so far in the story, "Oh, right."

"Ooo," Cosmo exclaimed, eyeing the food on the table with hungry eyes, "Look at all the food, Timmy."

"Don't you even think about it, Cosmo," Timmy chastised him. There was no way he was going to let Cosmo compromise their presence just because he wanted to eat the food down on the table.

"Damos has no intention on returning the Jewel of Life to Arceus, I'm certain of that." Sheena explained.

Marcus looked down at his bandaged hands. "I see."

Sheena's face turns to one of worry. "Then, if Arceus doesn't get the Jewel of Life back, terrible things will start to happen."

"What kind of things?" Marcus asked.

Sheena cast him a concerned glance. "Concerning you and Damos."

A flashback of Damos and Marcus falling to their deaths back in the shrine is seen.

Marcus' heart began to race at hearing this. "What are you saying?" He practically demanded.

"You have to trust me, please!" Sheena pleaded, knowing that it was better for Marcus not to know of the death that awaited him if Arceus was betrayed.

Marcus blinked; he was a bit lost here, but that soon ended as his facial expression turn to one of deep thought. From above, Wanda stared at him suspiciously as he did this. She didn't know why, but she was starting to get a bad vibe from him. The responsible fairy knew from experience that her suspicions were usually correct.

Pichu continued to lead the group of small individuals through the winding, small cavern. Eventually, they came to a fork in the cavern, but that didn't slow down Pichu as she quickly rushed into the left cavern without stopping even for a millisecond. Pikachu and Goddard were right on Pichu's tail and enter the left cavern as well.

Kirby was soon seen crawling into view but just as he turns to the left cavern to follow the others, a pleasant aroma fills his nostrils. Instantly knowing what it is, Kirby smiles and crawls into the right cavern just as an exhausted Piplup crawls into view. After stopping momentarily to catch its breath, Piplup catches sight of Kirby as he disappears from sight in the right cavern. At first Piplup was left confused as to why Kirby would separate himself from the group, but that pleasant aroma quickly supplies the answer for the penguin Pokemon. With salivated lips, Piplup eagerly followed Kirby into the right cavern.

It was at that moment when Goddard, Pikachu, and Pichu returned to the fork in the cavern, curious as to what was keeping the others, just in time to see Piplup entering the right cavern.

"Pika?" Pikachu called after the penguin Pokemon.

"BARK BARK!" Goddard barked, but his robotic vocals didn't have any success either.

The three look at each for a moment, totally confused, before deciding to go after Piplup and Kirby.

Meanwhile, we see a Chickorita, wearing some kind of strange armor on its back, atop a counter in a medieval kitchen taking out a piece of fruit from a nearby basket. After placing the fruit on the chopping board, Chickorita pauses for a second to catch its breath.


That is until the guard nearby thump the counter with his less-than-threatening spear, startling the Chickorita. "Quit dillydallying!" The grass-type Pokemon gives the guard a whining expression but does what it is told and chops the fruit with the leaf on its head before scooping it into another basket, positioned on the side of the counter.

On the kitchen floor a Cyndaquill, strapped in another one of those weird pieces of armor, was keeping the stoves alit by firing a constant stream of Flamethrower into the fire below the stove. As soon as the Cyndaquill stops to take a short break, the guard bumps the ground with his blunt 'U'-shaped spear. "No goofing off!"

Reluctantly, Cyndaquill reignites its back as it resumes its task at hand.

Up in a corner of the room near to the ceiling, Kirby popped his head, or rather his entire body since he lacked a neck, out of a small hole in the wall. Why there was a gaping hole in the wall remained a mystery to us. It wasn't long before Kirby spotted a basket, filled with many different kinds of berries, just out of his reach. At that moment Piplup poked its head out beside Kirby's as the duo eye the berries with a hunger-filled eyes. Unable to resist the temptation, Kirby and Piplup both stuck a hand out towards the basket. Unfortunately, the basket remained just out of reach, but that didn't stop the determined duo as they edged up as close to the edge that they were on as possible and stretched out their arms, desperate for the food nestled in the basket.

It wasn't long before Kirby decided to just inhale the entire basket of fruit into his mouth, a content smile on his face. The stunned Piplup lost its footing, in shock at what it had just witnessed, and fell off the platform that it had been on. Thankfully, it was at that moment that Goddard leaped through the hole, stretched out its neck, and gently clamped down upon the startled, free-falling Piplup.

However, Goddard failed to stop its momentum in time as it slid off the platform as well. Pikachu came running through the hole and grabbed Goddard's metallic body. However, the weight of Goddard and Piplup combined proved too great for Pikachu as it was dragged over as well. It was at this moment that Pichu came in and grabbed Pkachu's tail, but the little mouse stood no chance of holding on and was quickly pulled over as well. Kirby hopped in next and grab Pichu's tiny stomach, straining to pull all four individuals up.

However, the effort was too great and all five finally fell down and landed upon a wooden table. Kirby, however, landed in a silver, six-legged, pot, the force wedging his head, or upper body really, into it. Even as he struggled to get out of it, Pikachu accidentally knocks over both him and the pot down onto the floor as it attempted to regain its footing.

All this ruckus finally catches the attention of the guard and the two Pokemon working in the kitchen. The supposed bold guard's eyes widen in fear as he spots Kirby, still with his head trapped in the pot, standing up on his feet and unknowingly stumbling over to the panicking guard.

"Don't come near me!" The fear-stricken guard cried as he backed away from the approaching Kirby and up against a wall. "Stay back! What do you want!"

If the panicked guard had been paying attention he would've noticed his spear tipping over a shelf above his head that held a very large pan….


The guard collapses to the floor, unconscious, as the pan that had fallen on him topples to the floor with a clang. The Pokemon and Goddard just stare at the guard's unconscious form until a noise alerts them to Kirby, who had finally freed himself from the pot after bumping into the stove.

Finally, Pichu moves over to Cyndaquill and, after saying something in their Pokemon language, cuts the device on Cyndaquill's back with Iron Tail, much to the fire-type Pokemon's delight. The group smile at Cyndaquill' newfound happiness as Pikachu spots Chickorita and climbs onto the counter. Goddard, being the friendly robotic dog he was, follows the electric mouse.

After Pikachu says something to Chickorita, the grass-type flinches as it braces itself for the Iron Tail. However, Pikachu strikes the device straps with a gentle one and with precise accuracy. Metal appendages spring up from Goddard's metallic back, startling Chickorita for just a moment as the metal hands remove the device off of the grass-type Pokemon.

After examining itself, Chickorita smiles and gives friendly cries to Pikachu and Goddard, no longer finding the latter that scary at all. Pikachu and Goddard, if the latter could, smile back.

"Bark, bark!" Goddard happily barked.

Meanwhile, the guard nearby had manage to regain consciousness but was seen clutching his sore head in pain. He is quickly brought out of his pain when he sees Pichu, Pikachu, Piplup, Goddard, Kirby, Chickorita, and Cyndaquill running past him and through the doorway, parting ways down separate hallways as they sounded off their happy cries.

"Hey, wait!" The guard called after them.

We pan across the wall of a random wall of the kitchen as it slowly rises up to an old-fashioned window, showing a partly cloudy sky. The view then wavers to show that the window had become nothing more then a hole in a crumbling, mossy mass of rocks, which provided a gloomy sight to a cloudy sky. Suddenly, an unmistakable cry is heard as its maker, Palkia flies past the hole's view. A sharp cry is then heard as Giratina is seen, flying after Palkia. Another cry, this one of fear, is heard as Joshua flies past the hole as well.

Seconds after these three had flown by, Arceus flies past the view of the hole, charging up a ball of orange as it continued to pursue its three targets.

"Not the face!" The voice of Joshua cried out before a flash of orange light was seen in the upper left corner of the hole's view zone. The screen then changes to a view of the hole from the other side to see three exhausted members of Team Rocket stumbling into the abandoned kitchen.

"Okay, you guys," Meowth began, barely able to stand, "I think we'll be able to chill out here."

As James staggered his way into the ancient kitchen, his tired eyes fell upon an old, worn-out pot. He picked it up and examined it with curiosity in his eyes. "Could it be?" James' forms a content smile as he places the old pot on his head. "Say, it's a helmet from ancient times."

"Whoa, check this out!" Both James and Jessie turn to see Meowth placing a six-legged pot, which very much looked like a crown when it was upside-down, on his head. "Were talking ancient crown here!"

"Feast your eyes!" Jessie proudly proclaimed as she placed the U-tip of a spear onto her head like a tiara to match with the staff/rod that she had previously found. "Doesn't this tiara set off my modern look!"

James and Meowth 'woo' her in agreement. "This place is teaming with treasure!" James exclaimed gleefully.

Meowth smiled a cheerful smile as he put a hand to his old pot-hat. "Hm, hm, I love work when your using your head!"


The seemingly tired group of Team Rocket glance up through the hole in the ceiling at the sound of an explosion to see Giratina recoiling after taking a fiery hit from Arceus.

Elsewhere, we see Mario still lying in a crater that had come about from his first round with Arceus. Despite the amount of time he had to recover, Mario was still struggling to stay conscious from the powerful blow he had endure from Arceus.


Luigi suddenly came running into view in a state of panic as he eyed his beaten brother in worry. Thinking fast, Luigi takes out a green one-up mushroom and opens Mario's mouth as he hand-feeds it to the plumber. The effects are almost instant as Mario leaps up to his feet in a shower of fancy sparks, completely healed from the one-up. Luigi lets out a cry of joy as Mario glares up at Arceus after it had blasted Giratina with a Flamethrower.

Once again Mario takes out not one, but two feathers and hands one to Luigi, giving his fearful brother a pleading look. "Lets-a-go!"

And without waiting for a response, Mario transforms into his 'cape form' and rockets up into the air. Luigi sighs in annoyance, and not for the first time, at his brother's boldness, but that was what made Mario, well, Mario. So, with a reluctant groan, Luigi absorbed the power of the feather and flew up after his brother to combat Arceus.

Arceus, having blasted the deity of antimatter away, turns to glare at the approaching forms of the Phantoms.

"Together, Danielle!" Danny shouted to his cousin, who nods as a reply.

With a war cry, the Phantoms send four ecto-beams from each of their glowing palms at Arceus. However, Arceus' plates just change to black as the power of the Dark-type Life Plate nullifies the attacks.

Danielle groaned at seeing this. "This is getting us nowhere."

"Look out!" Danny cried as he turned intangible.


Too later. Danielle was struck by the billowing blizzard of Arceus making and screams in pain as she is forced backwards and into the side of elevated terrain. Seconds later, a ring of white appears around her waist as she transforms back into the unconscious Danielle Fenton. At seeing this, Danny growls in anger as he turns to glare at Arceus with a ticked expression.

"Okay, that does it!" Danny cried in anger, "You need to chill, dude!"

Danny's hands glow a fluorescent blue as he launches twin ice beams at Arceus whose golden parts turn light red as the ice is stopped by an invisible shield. The halfa grinds his teeth in frustration as Arceus gathers its energy for a Twister attack that plows Danny into the ground, creating a fairly decent crater upon impact.

Danny grunts in pain inside his crater as he clutched his chest in pain. Glancing up, Danny saw Arceus already engaging itself with Palkia in combat. Ash, Sora and the others really needed to finish things up in the past because the ghostly halfa wasn't sure how much more any of them could take. Fighting through the pain, the ghostly halfa slowly hovers back into the air for another round at Arceus.

After blasting the space deity, Arceus turns at the sound of another cry as he sees Stitch leaping towards it from nearby elevated terrain. Arceus scowls at the alien as it dodges the tackle attempt, but Stitch turned in the air and unleashed a barrage of green bolts at the Alpha even as the blue alien fell to the earth below.

But before the Alpha could even pursue after Stitch, a certain Italian Plumber's foot found its way to Arceus' face, pushing the powerful Pokemon back through the air. Even after that was done, Mario unleashed another one of his 'Mario spins' upon Arceus before bringing out his hammer.

"Eeeee." Mario slammed his hammer down upon Arceus' head as hard as he could, knocking the Pokemon down to the ground. "Yaaaa!"

Even still, Mario flew after Arceus to continued his assault, knowing that the Pokemon was far from finished. Spinning his hammer around in a vertical circle, Mario crashes into Arceus' falling form, smacking him with the hammer every fraction of a second. The Alpha couldn't help but cry out in pain but that quickly turns to a loud scream of fury.


Mario goes rocketing off into the distance and crashes into elevated terrain far off in the distance after Arceus had sent out a giant burst of energy in its rage. Far from done with the plumber, Arceus rushed towards the crater and blasts the barely conscious Mario with a raging Flamethrower.

"MARIO!" Luigi screams in horror as he turns to glare at Arceus, all fear of the Alpha gone from his systems; no one harmed his brother like that and got away with it.

With a cry, Luigi boldly zoomed straight at Arceus and gave it his signature head butt move, cancelling out the Flamethrower that probably would have killed Mario. Arceus grunted in pain, but the angry Luigi wasn't done yet and proceeded to give Arceus a 'Luigi spin', amplifying its power with his hammer. Arceus growls in pain as Luigi smacks him away with the final swing of the hammer. The green plumber then spun his hammer in his hands before sending it hurling toward the flying Arceus.

However, Arceus recovered in midair and batted the hammer right back at its stunned owner with a simple swing of its tail. As the hammer flew in the air, Arceus launched a Flamethrower at it, propelling it at even greater speeds. Luigi lets out his famous scream as the double, amplified whammy, barreled into him at incredible speeds with a sickening crunch. The green plumber had never travel so fast in his life as he rocketed down into the ground, creating a huge crater upon impact. Luigi was unconscious even before impact.

Arceus floated over to his totally defeated form as the Alpha charged up another Flamethrower. "This should finish you off!"

Suddenly, Arceus finds itself encased in a purplish shield of spatial distortion before a whitish-pink shield formed over that, and then a ghostly green one over that. Now thoroughly trapped within this triple layered imprisonment, Arceus turns to glare at its three makers.

Palkia floated there with its outlines glowing a fluorescent pink as it continue to glare at Arceus. To the left of Palkia was Joshua, who was currently launching a steady beam at Arceus' 'prison', so to speak, that supplied and maintained his part of the three layered encasement. A similar incident was seen with Danny on Palkia's right. Arceus slammed his forehead into his three-part prison uselessly as he glared at the three makers, who glared right back at him.

Down below Kevin watched Arceus continuing to bang his forehead on the triple imprisonment that he was currently trapped in. He sincerely hoped that this 'triple shield' would hold out against Arceus, but the three makers looked quite exhausted and were straining to keep the shields up. Giratina was seen flying not too far away, ready to engage with the Alpha once more should it break free of its prison. Silver floated nearby in the air, via his telekinetic powers, also ready to combat Arceus the moment it broke out of its imprisonment.

"Palkia, Laserstorm, Phantom," Kevin whispered to them, "Please hold on, I beg you!"

Sam clutched her hands to her chest in worry. "C'mon Danny, you can do this."

Tucker looked to the others, worry plastering his face. "Do you guys think they can hold him?"

"As much as I wish that to be the case," Meta Knight began, "I fear that our assistance will soon be needed."

Tommy looked worried, an unusual feature on the jokester. "Yeah. I don't doubt their power, but they're already exhausted and hurt and Arceus is quite the powerhouse too. Those shields of theirs probably won't last very long."

Riku turned to look at the fainted Dialga with an unreadable expression.

How much longer do you need, Sora?

Chapter 8 End

Well there's chapter 8 for ya. The Disney Trio, Tails, Yoshi, and the Pokemon have escaped their cells, although in separate ways, as they search for the others. Sheena has now begun explaining the situation at hand to Marcus while the FOP secretly spy on the conversation as insects from above. Ash, Sora, Ethan and the other humans have met up with Damos and have learned the truth about who the real culprit behind Arceus' betrayal is. Meanwhile, Danny, Joshua, Sonic and the others are struggling to combat the incredible power of Arceus in the present. Will everyone succeed in their missions? Will the group in the past regroup? Will Ash, Sora and the others be able to warn Sheena in time about who the real betrayer is? And last but not least, will the heroes in the present be able to hold Arceus at bay long enough for the previous questions to be answered? Stay tuned to find out!