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Chapter 12: Saving Arceus

While Sheena and Damos had managed to convince the attacking Pokemon to stop their attacks on the Alpha Pokemon, they still had the task of calming the angry Arceus, which was easier said then done. Nevertheless, Sheena and Damos ignored the red waves of hatred that Arcues' had completely enveloped the surrounding spiritual realm with and plunged their hearts closer to Arceus'. However, the Alpha Pokemon sent a consecutive stream of gale-force gust back at them that threaten to eject them out of the plane. Sheena shrieked in fear as the winds continue to crash against their bodies.

"Arceus," Damos began, opening his eyes, "Please, look at me!"

Another gale force of wind even stronger then the first was his reply and proved too much for Sheena as she was rip out of Damos' firm grasp, knocking her out of the metaphysical realm. The impact carried over to the physical world, sending Sheena crashing against a rock pillar behind her.

"Sheena!" Brock shouted in alarm as he rushed to her side.

"Are you okay?" Tails asked in concern as he knelt by her too.

Sheena ignores them and looks at Damos, sharing a moment of acknowledgement with each other. Damos nods his head, and, without a word, turns around and clasps his hands together, closing his eyes once more as he reentered the metaphysical realm.

Meanwhile, Marcus continued to stare into the calm air that now floated about throughout the shrine, having once been a-buzzed with electrical activity, with horror in his eyes. A noise drew his attention over to Ash as the Pokemon Trainer dashed right for him and tried to wrestle the Jewel of Life out of his hands.

Alas, after a few seconds, Marcus manages to force Ash off of him. "Heatran, Brozong," He ordered his Pokemon, "Take care of this!"

Immediately, Valor Sora, Ash, Donald, Mickey, Dawn, Ethan, Timmy, Jimmy, Goddard, Yoshi, Kirby and the Pokemon tense as they awaited for the Pokemon's attacks. However, Heatran just takes one glance at Ash, Sora and their friends and does nothing while Brozong just drops to the ground uncaringly.

Confused, but not at all upset by this sudden turn of events, the group relaxes.

Marcus, on the other hand, looks horrified. "Huh, what the?"

At the moment, Pikachu bounded forward to Heatran, its tail glowing a bright white. Again, the fire lizard does nothing and allows Pikachu to cut its metal strap off with Iron Tail. With a happy grunt, Heatran tosses the device off of him.


The group glance over to where the sudden sound came from to see Kairi, with her own Keyblade, cooing Brozong after cutting the device off of it. "There is that better?"

"Brozong!" The metallic bell cried happily and snuggled her.

Kairi smiled back. "Well I'm glad to see that your alright."

The group looked stunned at the sudden appearance of Kairi's rather beautiful weapon.

"She has one too?" Ethan asked in shock, "Is the universe practically giving those Keyblades out to just anyone? Then I want one too!" He looked up to the heavens. "Yo, universe, would it perhaps be too much trouble if I can ask you for a Keyblade?"

A moment passes.

"Pretty please."

Another moment.

"Pretty please with a cherry on top?"


"Uh, Ethan?" Valor Sora began with an awkward expression and tone, though it clearly was evident that he wasn't the only one as the others were given Ethan similar expressions.


"I'm afraid it doesn't work like that."



Ethan moaned. "Aw, fudge!"

At that moment, Sora's clothes flashed a bright white in a fraction of a second as Goofy reappeared beside him. Sora's clothes reverted back to their original condition and color scheme.

"Aw, man!" Sora whined in protest, "My Valor Form timed out already? That stinks! It takes forever for my clothes to recharge for another use!"

'Gawrsh, don't worry, Sora!" Goofy assured him. "They'll be recharged again before ya know it!" Sora just sighed exaggeratedly.

"You know he's just sugar-coating it, right?" Sora's other half inquired.

Sora mentally sighed. "Totally."

"I hate to break up the chatting and everything," Timmy stated from below, "But what do we do about Marcus over there?"

"Oh, that's' right. I'm almost forget about him." Ash stated aloud, before turning to glare at Marcus.

Following Ash's example, everyone else, including Marcus' own Pokemon, surrounded the evil man, pinning Marcus back against a wall. Sparks flared from Pikachu's cheeks and flames spewed from Heatran's mouth as the two glared at Marcus. Brozong and Piplup also look poised to strike should Marcus try anything. Sora, Kairi, and Mickey kept their Keyblades at the ready as Donald and Goofy raised their respective weapons. Yoshi held up an egg and glared fiercely at Marcus while Goddard opened his compartment to reveal a very big ion cannon that was pointing right at the man's head. Jimmy kept his watch, featuring a laser built-in, trained on Marcus while Ethan's arms turned into B3's. The B3's compartments spun dangerously as their owner pointed them at the evil man with an angry glower. Timmy, Ash, and Dawn also gave Marcus fierce scowls as well, doing what little they could to increase the intimidation of the army of heroes.

At that moment, Ash rushed straight up to Marcus and once again try to wrestle the Jewel away from his grasps. However, Marcus used his free hand to push Ash's head down as he held the Jewel of Life high into the air and as far away from Ash as possible.

Seeing this, Donald squawks in rage. "Oh no, you don't!"

The court magician then proceeds to hop onto Marcus's struggling form as he reached for the Jewel of Life in Marcus' hand. Determined to keep his prized possession, Marcus moves his hand away from Donald before he could snatch the Jewel of Life. At that moment, Ethan decided to join the fray as he runs for them and attempted to swipe the Jewel out of Marcus' hand in a quick snitch. However, Marcus spots him, takes his free hand off of Ash and then uses it to bar both Ethan and the trainer from the Jewel. Timmy rushed in next and crawled up Marcus' legs as he tried to quietly take the Jewel of Life.

Unfortunately, Marcus spotted him as well and withdrew the jewel up out of Timmy's grasps.

Abruptly, A tongue flew out of nowhere and latched onto the Jewel of Life right before the stunned eyes of Marcus'. However, that second quickly passes as Marcus bites down on it in a pure act of desperation to keep the Jewel of Life. Yoshi howled in pain as he tried to pull his tongue free, but Marcus would not let go, knowing that Yoshi would probably try again.

A pulling sensation overcame Marcus's arm that was holding the Jewel of Life as the owner looked over to see Kirby trying to inhale the Jewel of Life right out of his grasps. Somehow, Marcus managed to garner the strength to fight against the suction despite fending off so many individuals at the same time.

Sora, Goofy, Kairi, Dawn, Piplup, Pikachu, King Mickey, and of course the Pokemon, were the only ones who didn't become part of this wrestling game, feeling perfectly content to watch the others 'sorting' it out.

"Good grief," Sora shouted in aggravation, "That man is obsessed with the Jewel of Life!"

"How do you figure?" Goofy asked.

Sora began to tick things off with his fingers. "Well, Marcus is holding Ash and Ethan back with one arm, holding the jewel high enough out of Timmy's reach, and trying to keep Donald from crawling over his back to get to the Jewel of Life, not to mention biting Yoshi's tongue, and fighting against Kirby's inhaling, all at the same time."

"Gawrsh, that is pretty obsessive." Goofy agreed.

After several more seconds, Ash finally managed to clasp a hand around the wrist of Marcus' hand that held the Jewel of Life. Then, after all this time, Marcus' grip on the item slipped as the Jewel of Life pops out of his hands.

"OH!" Marcus, Ash, Ethan, Kairi, Mickey, Jimmy, Goddard, Timmy, and Dawn gasped.

"Wak!" Donald squawked.

Goofy covered his mouth. "Gawrsh!"

Yoshi!" Yoshi exclaimed in shock.

"Poyo?" Kirby chirped in confusion.

"Whoa!" Sora said aloud in shock as he watched the one thing that could fix everything flying through the air.

The group watched on in horror as the Jewel lands on the ground with a thud. Thankfully, it survives the fall as it rolls into and along an ancient drainage system gutter which unfortunately lead straight into the hole that water drained down through. Just as the Jewel of Life began to fall down the hole, though, Chickarita appeared into view and quickly scooped the Jewel with the leaf attach to its head. However, the Pokemon was clearly having trouble as it struggled to pull the Jewel of Life back up.

"I got it, I got it!" Goofy shouted for the world to know as he dived head first into the hole just as Chickarita's grip finally slipped. However, it only found itself falling for a brief second as Goofy's clumsy fingers wrapped around it tightly. "I got it, you guys!"

"Great job, Goofy!" Dawn praised him.

"Nice one!" Sora cheered him.

Timmy breathed a sigh of relief. "Whew, that was close."

"Uh, guys." Goofy said slowly, quickly realizing that the lower part of his body was wedged tightly in the opening of the hole.

Donald didn't need to hear the end of that statement. "You're stuck aren't ya?"

"Yeah." Goofy replied.

"Don't worry Goofy, we'll get you out of there!" Sora exclaimed as he proceeded to grab a leg of Goofy's

"Just don't drop it, ya big palooka!" Donald shouted through the stone, as he grabbed the other one.

Back in the shaft of the hole, Goofy chuckled his famous chuckle as it echoed within the narrow shaft. "Don't worry guys, I've goOoOt iIiIiIt. Ah….Ah…..Ah….."

Back outside, Donald and Sora could hear the growing sound as they took a pause in hauling Goofy up, eyes constricting; they knew what was about to happen. "NO, GOOFY, DON'T!"


Goofy's very ill-timed sneeze echoed throughout the shrine as the stone platform underneath Ash, Sora and their friends' feet vibrated. Back inside the shaft, the sneeze had caused Goofy to lose his grip on the Jewel, flailing his arms at it as he tried to regain his grasp on it. However, the effort proved futile as Jewel plummeted down the shaft.

"Uh oh," Goofy moaned.

"You dropped it, didn't ya." Donald asked from above with an annoyed groan, not needing to hear the answer.


"GOOFY!" The group screamed at him.

"Gawrsh, I'm so sorry, it was an accident!"

At hearing that, Yoshi quickly rushed over to the side of the ledge and shot his tongue downwards the moment a tint of green reached his eyes. A sudden pull on his tongue signaled his success.

"Yoshi!" Yoshi cried out to the others to the best of his abilities with his tongue sticking out.

"What is it, Yoshi?" Jimmy asked.

The group quickly rush over to Yoshi and look over the edge, save for Sora and Donald, both of whom who were still struggling to pull their clumsy friend out of the hole. They looked over the edge to see the green dinosaur's wet, sticky tongue clinging onto the Jewel of Life down below.

"Alright, Yoshi!" Timmy cheered. "You did it!"

"Can you pull it up?" Dawn asked hopefully.

Yoshi shook his head no, earning groans of disappointment. Ash, however, noticed the wooden beams sticking out of the side of the rocky wall below them. As if by coincidence, it just so happened to be that they lead right near to where the orb was hanging from Yoshi' tongue. Sharpening his gaze, Ash took off and ran alongside the edge of the ledge they were on. Pikachu, being the loyal friend that he was, followed.

"Where you going, Ash?" Kairi asked, but Ash doesn't answer.

"I don't know," Ethan replied, clueless as he'll ever be, "Cause the Jewel of Life is down here."

"C'mon Goddard," Jimmy said to his robotic dog, "I think Ash has conjured up an idea."

"BARK, BARK!" Goddard barked in agreement as the two gave chase after the Pokemon Trainer from Pallet.

Suddenly, a noise drew the other members back over to Yoshi to see Kirby clinging on the tongue.

"Kirby, what are you doing!" Dawn screamed in worry, but Kirby just gave her a friendly chirp as he slide down the tongue, nerve-wracking the trainer all the more.

"Relax, Dawn." Timmy assured the worried coordinator as the little puffball slide down the tongue, "He can fly, remember?"

"The little cutie sure is brave." Kairi commented.

"For a puffball." Ethan added in.

Meanwhile, Kirby finally slid down to the end of the tongue and plucked the Jewel of Life clinging onto its end. However, as Kirby began to float off of it, Yoshi' tongue instantly retracted back into its' owner's mouth too soon for the puffball's liking. The sudden motion of this caused Kirby to lose his balance in the air and accidentally drop the Jewel of Life as the orb fell down through the air. Then, at that moment, Ash was seen as he made a daring jump right off of the ledge, falling for more then 20 feet before gripping a wooden beam. The momentum Ash had built up from his fall propelled his body forward, allowing the trainer to catch the Jewel of Life in-between his feet in the nick of time.

However, Ash was at a dilemma.

Since he was hanging from the beam he was gripping, Ash couldn't pull his legs up to him without most likely separating them and dropping the Jewel of Life.

Realizing this, Ash looks back up at the ledge. "PIKACHU!"

Immediately, Pikachu leaps off the ledge, landing on the highest beam and using the rest of the beams as stepping stones to get down to the thin, wooden balcony down below Ash. As soon as the electric mouse landed on the balcony he gave out his cry to Ash, signaling that he was ready.

"Okay, here it comes." Ash warned his partner as he dropped the Jewel.

Pikachu tensed as the Jewel came falling down towards him, and, reacting as quick as it could, the yellow mouse used its tail to cushion the orb's landing. Straining with effort, Pikachu managed to bounce the orb back up with its tail before catching and balancing it on the top of the Electric Pokemon's head.

"Pika!" Pikachu chirped in success, though nearly losing it's balance when Ash dropped down onto the balcony.

"Way to go, Pikachu!" Ash cheered his Pokemon as he took the Jewel of Life off its head.

However, Ash failed to realize how awkward his landing position had been and quickly stumbled off balance the moment he tried to move. Screaming in terror, Ash began to fall before a golden object halted his fall and pushed him back onto the balcony. Confused, Ash turns to see his savior as he dismissed his weapon in a flash of light.

"Whoops," Mickey began, "That would have been a nasty fall."

"Thanks Mickey," Ash thanked him gratefully, "You saved me!"

No, problem!" Mickey said kindly, "Now how about we stopped this betrayal already?"

Ash nodded in firm agreement and the three of them proceeded down the balcony before coming to another set of beams that lead toward another balcony a little higher up. Despite the gander, they quickly ventured through it as they hopped across the beams like stepping stones, Mickey accomplishing this rather skillfully. Back atop the ledge high above them, the others watched as they saw Ash, Mickey, and Pikachu hopping across the beams far below, Jewel of Life in hand. It was at that moment that Kirby rejoined them on the ledge.

"Hey look, Ash managed to catch the Jewel of Life!" Timmy exclaimed.

"That's great!" Ethan added in, just as excited to hear the news as everyone else.

"Now if he can get it to Arceus, all of this will be over." Kairi explained.

"Provided Arceus doesn't kill him first," Namine retorted.

Kairi grimaced; she hadn't thought of that nor did she want to. "Let's not think about that."

"Okay Donald," The others turn to see Sora and Donald preparing to tug Goofy out of the hole he was still wedged in. "On the count of three. One, two, three, PULL!" Both Sora and Donald pulled with all of their might to remove Goofy from the hole. After a few seconds, Sora and Donald finally manage to pry the court knight free.


However, the three fly back into a wall from the force they had created from their combined efforts.

"Ouch." Ethan winced, "You guys alright?"

"Just peachy," Donald replied groggily as he tried to stop his head from spinning.

"Yeah, were okay." Sora assured them, rubbing his sore head.

"Gawrsh, those stars sure are pretty." Goofy commented, eyeing the cartoon-gag stars flying around his dazed head.

"Sorta." Sora murmured, reconsidering what he had just said.

Meanwhile, Ash, Mickey, and Pikachu had just made it to the next balcony when the former spotted Brock, Sheena, Damos who was still in deep concentration, Pichu and Tails down on a large balcony down below.

"Hey guys, I got the Jewel of Life!" Ash shouted, making sure they could hear him.

Sheena, Tails, and Brock look up at them with relieved and joyful expression.

"Ash, great!" Brock hollered back.

"Alright, way to go!" Tails added in his own cheer.

"Return it to Arceus, quickly!" Sheena shouted up at them.

Ash nods back. "Right!" He then looks at Mickey and Pikachu. "Let's go, guys!"

The three nod in determination but before they could make a single step, a voice rung out. "Need some help?"

The three look up to see Jimmy flying down towards them with his trusty jetpack as Goddard hovered down alongside him by rotating his ears like a helicopter rotor. "My dog can get you guys down there no problem! Goddard, Fly Cycle mode!"

"BARK, BARK!" Goddard replied as he transformed back into his flying, motorcycle-like mode.

"Is it safe?" Ash asked, curiously.

"As long as you hang on tight." Jimmy replied with a wholeheartedly smile.

Ash eyed Goddard, uneasy about getting on. "Well if you say so."

After a moment of hesitation, Ash slowly and awkwardly climb onto Goddard's back and settled into the 'seat'. Pikachu hopped onto his back while Mickey hop aboard as well.

"Are you sure Goddard can hold all of us?" Mickey asked the boy genius curiously.

"Absolutely." Jimmy replied with a 100% confident tone.

With that, Goddard's thrusters activated as the robotic canine flew into the air and began to descend down to the chamber Arceus had been forced into. Jimmy took flight after them.

Meanwhile, Sheena, Brock, Pichu, and Tails just stared as Goddard flew down past their level. Ash gave them an awkward wave and a clueless shrug, unsure of how to respond to their stares.

"Wow, Jimmy has gotta show me all of Goddard's features later." Tails said with a tone of voice similar to that of a child in a candy store.

Meanwhile, up above, Marcus glared in pure rage as he saw his prized possession being flown down to Arceus. There was no way he was going to let Michina revert back to its previous desolation state. So, with both a determined and ticked mind, Marcus took a step….

And was forced to retract it as a shard of ice slammed into the ground in front of the foot he had moved. Marcus gasped in shock as he turned to see everyone giving him fierce glares and scowls.

"Going somewhere, Marcus?" Donald asked with an angry, yet mocking tone after firing his Blizzaga spell.

Marcus just glared at them in return before he suddenly felt the barrel of a gun-like device being pressed against the side of his head. Turning, Marcus saw Ethan pressing his B3 directly into the side of his head.

"Try to move, I dare ya!" Ethan asked with a mocking tone.

Marcus just scowled in anger as he stubbornly accepted defeat.

There was no way he was going anywhere anytime soon.

Chapter 12 End

Well, Ash, Goddard, Jimmy, Pikachu, and Mickey are heading down to the chamber to give the Jewel of Life back to Arceus while Damos remains lock in deep mediation. Will Ash and the others save Arceus in time? Stay tuned to find out!