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Chapter 1: The Next King of Games

The sun was brilliant today, the sky a nice blue hue, people happily chatting amongst themselves and doing whatever they would do.

One of them was riding on a scooter (the manual kind). This guy's face was concealed with a red cap that had a certain logo on it. He also wore a simple red T-shirt, a backpack, an analog watch, faded jeans, and white sneakers. His name was Onadi Edgeworth (1).

"Duel Disk, check. Decks, check. Means of contact with Story Crew, check. All that's left is to make it to the Duel Academy entrance exams."

Weaving through the streets, he went his fastest. As he passed by the park, he saw that he was approaching a certain celebrity. He screeched to a stop as he saw that it was none other than the King of Games.

"Whoa there?", Onadi gasped. "Do my eyes deceive me or are you—"

"If you think I am who you think I am, you're probably right.", the man said, his voice deep. "You're a duelist, are you not?"

"That's right!", Onadi replied. "I'll be trying out at Duel Academy today. I've heard about you through stories from my father. He claims to have known you personally, although I'm not sure I believe them myself." (2)

The man—no, Yugi Muto—chuckled. "Hmph. Is that so?", he said as his hand moved to the deck compartment on his belt.

"Yup. Hey Yugi, mind if I take a picture of you?", Onadi asked as he took out a camera from his backpack. "After all, you are the King of Games."

"…Okay. If you insist."

Onadi got off his scooter and positioned his camera to take a picture of himself and Yugi. While he was doing that, Yugi secretly slipped a couple of cards into Onadi's deck compartment, which was on his belt. After Onadi took the picture, Yugi started to walk away.

"Nice meeting you, Yugi.", Onadi waved as both of them began to part ways, Onadi to the Academy, and Yugi to who knows where.

"I can't believe it!", Onadi thought as he gleefully made it to a row of traffic cones that marked the line to the registration table, which was quite short. "I actually met with the King of Games, Yugi Muto!" He made it to the entrance exams. All that was left is to pass it.


Meanwhile, another young duelist was hurrying to the Duel Academy entrance exams. As he had no scooter, he was running as fast as he can, weaving through the streets and bypassing a lot of people. (Who am I kidding? This is Jaden Yuki.)

All right!, Jaden thought to himself. I got my deck, I got my gear, and I got about two minutes to get to the Duel Academy entrance exams before they start! Oh, well—at least since I'm not a student yet, they can't throw me in detention hall for bein' late! "

Just as he passed by the park, he didn't notice that he was about to collide into another person…and that's what he did. As he fell in a heap, so did his deck along with him. He quickly shuffled around to gather his cards making sure to wipe off some dirt, if any.

"Sorry!", Jaden apologized.

"You're a duelist, aren't you?", said the man he bumped into (who was the same one Onadi encountered earlier).

"Yep!" Jaden said, turning to the stranger. "I'm just going to try out at the academy."

The man chuckled. "You don't say…" He said as his hand moved to his deck compartment.

Jaden chuckled nervously. He then stopped as he realized who he was talking to. "Yeah… H-h-hey you're…!"

"Why don't you take this?", Yugi said, handing Jaden a card. "Something just tells me it belongs to you."

"Wow. For real?", Jaden asked.

"Good luck.", cheered Yugi as he then walked away.

"Oh! Hey, wait! Thank you!", Jaden bowed in gratitude and then stuttered, "I… I'll make you proud!"

Yugi turned to him, smiling as he gave him a thumbs up. "Hmm!"

'Whoa…', Jaden thought happily as Yugi disappeared from sight. He looked at the card, which was the Winged Kuriboh. Just then, The card winked at him.

Wooh…, it cooed.

"Huh…?", Jaden gasped as he glanced around himself, wondering what made that noise. "What was that?" He then looked at his watch and gasped, "Ah! Uh-oh, the exams!" Jaden continued in the direction he had been going earlier. "I can't be the next King of Games if I'm late to the games!"


[Lyrics for the English Dub Theme Song of the animé] (4)

-there will be 'scene changes' prior to my character's insertion-


{zoom across the ocean to an island, Elemental Heroes burst out of the water and fly to the sun; shift to Jaden, who gets ready to duel and looks to the right; his [soon-to-be] friends appear beside him, Onadi among them; transition to background of cards and a Duel Disk}

You're chillin' out with your crew in the schoolyard,

{flash transition, background of scrolling cards with Jaden in front; fade to him, Syrus, and Onadi lounging about}

Findin' trouble, never workin' too hard.

{Cut to Crowler, fade to Jaden summoning Elemental Heroes Avian and Bubbleman}

Well, back at class they never taught us this;

{cut to Duel Academy, then a shot of the classroom packed with students, then Elemental Heroes Sparkman and Flame Wingman wrestling for control in the air above Jaden and Chazz}

Some things you gotta learn hit-miss!

{Cut to a Night Lizard attacking Onadi's Yomi Ship, which destroys them both}

Tough times, hard climbs,

{cut to Crowler and his Ancient Gear Golem towering over him, both staring at Jaden}

We'll take 'em on together!

{Jaden poses with Elemental Heroes Sparkman and Bubbleman}

Right now—let's go!

{Jaden looks to the sea, and then a wave crashes over him, Jaden trust his fist to the air, accompanied by his Slifer Red companions, Alexis and Bastion on either side of him}

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX! Generation neXt!

{cut to background of cards and a Duel Disk zooming out, show panels of Onadi, Zane, and Alexis, then Chazz and Bastion, then Syrus, Crowler, and Chumley, horizontal split to reveal Jaden}

Game on, get your game on,

{cut to Chazz using Chthonian Polymer against Jaden; cut to Bastion between his Water Dragon and "Fire Dragon"}

Come on, ya better play your cards right!

{Jaden plays a card as Elemental Heroes Avian, Burstinatrix, and Clayman appear behind him}

Game on, get your game on,

{Zane looking serious as Cyber End Dragon appeared behind him; Alexis summoning Blade Skater, Etoile Cyber, and Cyber Blader}

We'll make the grade and win this fight!

{Alexis, Bastion, Syrus, Prof. Banner, and Pharaoh huddles together on screen, Jaden butts in and covers everyone, then cut to them, Chazz, Chumley, Onadi, and other Slifer Reds cheering}

(Guitar solo)

{cut to various Duel Monsters being summoned, attacking, or preparing to attack}

We'll make the grade somehow!

{Crowler commanding a monster to attack; Chazz drawing a card}

Yeah! Yu-Gi-Oh! GX!

{Onadi plays a card; cut to shots of Jaden and Syrus, then Chumley, then Alexis, and then Onadi}

Game on, get your game on,

{Bastion drawing a card; Alexis playing a monster}

Come on, ya better play your cards right!

{Chumley summoning Des Koala; Syrus drawing a card}

Come on and get your game on!

{Jaden thrusts his fist into the air with glee as a wave breaks behind him, with Duel Academy in the background and the title spinning to appear in front of him}


Somewhere in a domed building on a hill, the Duel Academy entrance exams were well underway. On the stadium floor, at least four separate duel arenas have been walled off, in which Academy hopefuls square off against test proctors. One of these applicants (Onadi) had Newdoria, Stumbling, and a Trap Card on his side of the field. Another of these hopeful applicants had a set monster in play. The third had Baby Dragon in Defense Position. The fourth had Gear Golem the Moving Fortress squaring off against Big Shield Gardna, both in Attack Position, with Gardna's controller having a face-down card.

"Once again, all Academy applicants who have already passed please proceed to registration.", said the announcer. "To all that have failed, better luck next year."

And have fun at Duel Academy's community college!, one particular proctor thought as he watched from a special set of risers. He wore pink frills at the cuffs, collar, and shoulders of his blue Academy blazer. His blond hair was tied in a rather long and girlish ponytail. He was also thin-faced and sharp-nosed, with dark purple lips and a 'skeletal' neck, giving him an unhealthy-looking appearance.

Down at the arena, a Leghul (Insect-Type/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 300/DEF 300) attacked an Academy hopeful wearing a grey sort of school suit, a "Battle City" model duel disk, and sneakers. He also had a pair of small glasses on his nose, and his hair was bright cyan and somewhat unruly.

Aww, man., he thought. I can barely concentrate with all these Academy kids staring at me, judging me! What I wouldn't give to already be enrolled in the school like them!

Academy students dotted the bleachers of the stadium, the aisles, the space at the top of the stairs, and the railed walkway above that, watching the matches with friends or alone. All of them wore an Academy blazer with either red, yellow, or blue. Two of the students the hopeful seemed to be looking at were at the railed walkway. One of them was a girl with tan-colored hair and the other was a boy with dark teal hair, both wearing white blazers trimmed with blue. These two duelists watched what happened below.

"Last call for all Academy applicants.", the announcer droned. "If you have not checked in for your exam, please do so now."

Meanwhile, the opponent of the applicant who summoned Baby Dragon now had a face-down card. The proctor who had Big Shield Gardna in Attack Position now also had a card face-down, with his opponent's Gear Golem the Moving Fortress was now in Defense Position. Onadi had summoned a Bowganian and his opponent had a Giant Soldier of Stone in play.


[Onadi: 2500 LP, Proctor: 3400 LP]

"I activate a Continuous Trap Card! Astral Barrier!"

The proctor's Giant Soldier of Stone (Rock-Type/EARTH/Level 4/ATK 1300/DEF 2000), equiped with the Spell Card Invigoration (ATK 1300 to 1700, DEF 2000 to 1800), was about to strike the Attack Position Bowganian (Machine-Type/DARK/Level 3/ATK 1300/DEF 1000) with its twin stone swords when an apparition of Onadi appeared between them. The Rock-Type Monster hit the apparition and Onadi slumped from the hit.

[Onadi: 800 LP, Proctor: 3400 LP]

"Hmm…I guess I'll end my turn.", Dean, the proctor said as he stood at ease.

"My turn!", Onadi said as he drew a card. "Okay! I summon Dream Clown in Attack Position."

There was a white wormhole that appeared on the floor, and then a purple-haired human with a green clown nose, pink hat, yellow trousers, blue cape, and pink top with yellow polka dots entered the battlefield. (Warrior-Type/EARTH/Level 3/ATK 1200/DEF 900)

"Don't forget.", Dean reminded him. "Due to the effect of Stumbling, Dream Clown goes to Defense Position."

Dream Clown kneeled and crossed his arms to shield himself.

"I know that.", Onadi replied. "That activates Dream Clown's special ability. When it goes from Attack Position to Defense Position, I get to destroy one monster on your side of the field."

With that, Dean's Giant Soldier of Stone was suddenly smashed into pieces.

"What?", the proctor gasped.

"Next, I activate the Spell Card Stop Defense!", Onadi said. "I return Dream Clown to Attack Position." Dream Clown stood up. "Now, Attack him directly. Bed Time!" Dream Clown did as commanded by taking off his cap and using it to whack the proctor in the face, somehow delivering a powerful blow.

[Onadi: 800 LP, Proctor: 2000 LP]

"Newdoria, attack too! Corrosive Slash!" (Fiend-Type/DARK/Level 4/ATK 1200/DEF 800)

A deranged green-haired, pink-skinned being with green trousers and black-and-yellow rings all over its body reacted to Onadi's command and rushed forward. Newdoria then slashed at the proctor with its hands as if they were claws.

[Onadi: 800 LP, Proctor: 800 LP]

"It's Game Over! Finish this, Bowganian! Poison Arrow!"

A small, round, green-skinned being with one cyan eye and a pair of brown arms aimed its steel crossbow at the proctor. Bowganian made its mark, and fired. The arrow pierced through Onadi's opponent as he keeled over in pain.

[Onadi: 800 LP, Proctor: 0 LP]

"Congratulations, applicant.", the proctor conceded as he got up and Onadi's monsters faded from the field. "You're in the Academy."

"Thank you, sir."


Back outside at the registration table, now empty, a black-suited school official and two young women wearing white Academy blazers trimmed with yellow were packing up, ready to leave. The official checked his watch, then turned to the ladies and said, "Well, ladies, mark all the no shows no-shows."

"Wait!", a voice came and they turned to the bushes by the railing.

"I'm no no-show!", it said as Jaden emerged. "You can…count…Jaden Yuki as present, thank you! Well…Just as long as I…Don't lose my grip!" He added a chuckle as the three just stared blankly.


The cyan-haired Academy hopeful rubbed the sweat off his forehead in relief. He made it, albeit just barely. Onadi, wearing the same uniform as the kid, sat next to him, having passed his duel.

"Whew!", Onadi sighed in relief. "That was a close call!"

"You think?", replied the kid, whose name was Syrus. "I bet mine was a closer call than yours."

Before Onadi could think of a reply, Jaden ran up beside them and grabbed the railing separating them from the top row of bleachers.

"Ha-ha, wow, look at 'em go!", he remarked.

Below, another test duel was in progress. This applicant had a clean-cut appearance and wore a white school suit, with a "Battle City" Duel Disk, and 3200 Life Points in the game. Doctor Crowler, the weird-looking proctor, was watching the match with a satisfied smirk. Apparently, he seemed to like this one. The students in the stands watched with interest. Wade, the proctor with Big Shield Gardna (Warrior-Type/EARTH/Level 4/ATK 100/DEF 2600) faced off against this applicant. During the duel, he had managed to take control of the applicant's Gear Golem the Moving Fortress (Machine-Type/EARTH/Level 4/ATK 800/DEF 2200), also in Defense Position (or perhaps he regained control of it after the applicant took control of it earlier in the duel). The applicant had Vorse Raider (Beast-Warrior-Type/DARK/Level 4/ATK 1900/DEF 1200) in Attack Position and a face-down card.

"Alright, new guy.", Wade said. "Multiple choice—Ya got two monsters starin' ya down. Do you, A) throw in the towel, B) beg for mercy, or C) run home to Mama!"

"I'll go with D) none of the above!", replied the applicant as he activated his face-down.

"A Trap?", Wade gasped.

"Exactly. You see, with Ring of Destruction, I can destroy any monster on the field that's in Attack mode— and then we both take damage equal to that monster's Attack Points."

The applicant destroyed his own Vorse Raider and his Life Points fell to 1300, while Wade lost all 1900 of his remaining Life Points. The crowd roared.

"Clever move, applicant.", Wade conceded as his remaining Monsters faded from the field. "Welcome to the Academy."

"Thank you, O wise proctor.", said he applicant as he bowed in honor.

Up in the stands, a trio of blue-blazered students have just watched the duel conclude.

"Wow, that guy's pretty good, don'tcha think, Chazz?", one of them said. He had had smooth, slate-blue hair and little glasses.

"Guess the rumors about him being some kinda whiz-kid were true, huh, Chazz? Huh?", the other one said. This one had spiky brown hair sticking straight up.

The third one, who sat between them, affected a posture of detached disdain. He didn't seem impressed with any of the new potential freshmen. He had spiky black hair, brown-grey eyes, and exceptionally pale skin.

"He's a punk.", Chazz said. "We went to duel prep school for the past three years, we're ready for the Academy. These kids don't know what they're getting into, but they'll learn. The hard way. The Chazz Princeton way!"


"Wow! That last guy really tore it up!", Jaden commented as he watched the previous duel conclude.

"Yeah. Bastion Misawa. They say he's got the highest scores on the written exams than all us other applicants.", Syrus explained.

"Wow, I just barely passed."

"Yeah, me too. My name is Syrus, by the way. Nice to meet you. I kind have a thing where I get test anxiety… I don't know how I won my match!"

"So? You're in!", Jaden said, slapping his back. "Congratulations! I'll be in, too. As soon as I win my duel!"

"Well, you might have a problem with that.", Onadi told him with a tone of worry.

"Why'd that be?", Jaden asked. "Why would I have a problem with my duel?"

"Well, this was supposed to be the last one.", he said bluntly, a tone of seriousness in his voice. When Jaden cringed in fear, Onadi smirked. "Don't worry, you just made it. By the way, my name's Onadi Edgeworth. I managed to score high in the exams. Nice to make your acquaintance, Jaden Yuki."

"Wait, how'd you—"

"The name tag on your bag."

Jaden looked at his bag and indeed, there was a name tag in it and it clearly stated his name; Jaden Yuki.

"Ah. Well, it's nice to meet you too! And, just call me Jaden!"

"Okay, Jaden."


In the teachers' seats, the purple-blazered proctors were chatting amongst themselves.

"Looks like we have a pretty good crop this year.", one of them said.

"Yes, indeed.", agreed another.

As Crowler closed a book he was writing on, getting ready to pack up, the black official from the parking lot came over and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but one last applicant has arrived to take his exam, Dr. Crowler."

"Tell the truant that he'll just have to come back next year.", Crowler said with disinterest.

"Oh, come on, Dr. Crowler. We have time for one more.", protested one of the proctors.

"Yes, let's give this duelist his chance."

"He was just a bit late, that's all."

"Late is rude!", Crowler screamed. "I've no time for slackers—"

As he stood, his cell phone suddenly rang. He answered it irritably.

"Hello, and who may I ask is—", Crowler stated.

"It's Sheppard.", said the caller.

"Ah, Chancellor Sheppard!"

"Just calling to be sure that everything's running smoothly, Crowler. Wouldn't want a repeat of what happened last year..." Crowler was at a loss for words. "...when you cut a third of our student applicants for some ridiculous reason. What was it? Calling you 'Mr.', or 'Mrs.'...? Whatever! Just make sure everyone gets a fair shot!"

"Absolutely!", Crowler replied as he ended the call.

Furry-chinned windbag!, he thought. Doesn't he realize that there are enough talentless flunkies at this Academy? But he's the boss, and if he wants to give this scrimshanker a duel, fine!

He then said aloud, "Pardon me, gentlemen, I'll be right back."

"But, uh, who's gonna be the boy's dueling proctor, and what exam deck shall we use?", asked one of the proctors.

"Leave that to me!"


Back at the bleachers, Bastion was making his was to where Syrus, Onadi, and Jaden were.

"Tight duel, Bastion!", remarked Jaden as Bastion sat down next to Syrus and Onadi.

"Thank you.", he answered curtly.

"From the looks of it, you just might be the second best duelist here!"

Onadi raised an eyebrow, exasperated. Just what is he talking about?, he wondered.

"Jaden Yuki, you are to head to Exam Arena Four.", the announcer called.

"Go time!", Jaden said. "Wish me luck, guys!" Looking up, Jaden walked down the steps.

"Hey, wait, if I'm second best, then who's first?", Bastion asked.

"Ha! Yours truly.", he said, pointing to himself. "It's what I'm best at!"

"Wow! He's so sure of himself. I wonder if he's really that good.", Syrus sighed sceptically.

"Well, he's going to need to be. Look who he's dueling.", Bastion said, pointing to the proctor, who happened to be Doctor Crowler.

"We'll just have to watch and see, then.", said Onadi.

"I hope Jaden will do okay.", Syrus sighed, unsure.


Four ceiling panels lit up above Exam Arena Four, where Bastion won his duel earlier. Down on the field, the two yellow-jacketed ladies back at registration table were helping Jaden's opponent put on his Duel Disk. As they finished and exited the arena to either side, Jaden entered the arena through a rising floor platform, looking around in the wrong direction.

"All right—test time!", Jaden's opponent said. "So, son, your name?"

"Jaden Yuki!"

"Well, Jaden Yuki. I'm Dr. Vellian Crowler, Department Chair of Techniques here at the Academy."

"Wow! A Department Chair, I had no idea!", Jaden exclaimed, rubbing the back of his head. "From how you dressed, I was thinking you were some weird academy mascot! Like a majorette or a cheerleader!"

"Now that he mentions it…", Onadi remarked back on the bleachers as he did a face palm.

Back at the arena, Crowler pressed a button on the unusual Duel Disk he was wearing.

"Duel Coat, activate!"

Jaden watched, amazed, as Crowler operated his Duel Coat. The central piece that housed the deck and Graveyard was strapped across his chest with a leather strap, and the disk itself hung from those straps. In this case however, as it was about to be used in a Duel, it was cradled with one arm. The button he pressed caused the deck to spit out five cards for an opening hand and Crowler smoothly caught them.

"Whoa, pretty sweet, teach!", exclaimed Jaden. "How do I get one of those cool blue duel blazers?"

"Oh, a lot of hard work and extremely high marks.", Crowler replied, then thought. Of course, you first have to get into the Academy! And I intend to make certain that won't be happening.

"Well, I'm ready!"

"So let's duel!", they both shouted.

[Crowler: 4000 LP, Jaden: 4000 LP]

"Here goes!", Jaden said as he drew a card. "Sweet! I'm gonna summon my Elemental Hero Avian in Defense Mode (Warrior-Type/WIND/Level 3/ATK 1000/DEF 1000)!" From the card emerged a 'superhero' who was colored green, had large feathered wings, a right gauntlet shaped like a claw, and what seemed to look like talons on his feet. "I'll also throw down a face-down. All right! Get your game on!"

"Yes, very good.", remarked Crowler. He then thought, Don't tell me what to do! After all, since I'm using my own personal deck, rather than one of those test ones, I'll be calling all the shots! I'll fail that insolent brat and send him home in no time!

"All right, for this first move, I think I'll start nice and easy!", Crowler announced after he drew a card. "I choose to play the spell card Confiscation!"

"Okay… So what's it do?", Jaden asked.

"What it does is allow me to pay one thousand Life Points for the chance to see your hand and toss one of your cards to the graveyard!", Crowler answered as four holographic cards then appeared in front of him.

[Crowler: 3000 LP, Jaden: 4000 LP]

"Hmm… Oh, yes, I remember some these when I was just a naïve rookie…"

"Ughh…", grumbled Jaden.

"Yes, now which of these shall I banish…?", Crowler thought it over before pointing to a card."Monster Reborn, to the graveyard!", the card he pointed at flipped over to Jaden and 'shattered'. Jaden was forced to put the Monster Reborn on his hand into his Duel Disk's Graveyard slot. "Next, I lay two cards face down on the playing field." Crowler set two cards. "And, last but not least, I play my Heavy Storm Spell Card! This Spell Card destroys every other Spell and Trap Card that's out on the field!"

There was plenty of wind and not only did it destroy Jaden's face-down Draining Shield, it also destroyed Crowler's two Statue of the Wicked traps.

"Whoopsie!", said Jaden. "Did you forget that you had two Trap Cards out on the field yourself?"

"Now, now, you mustn't speak out of turn, young scholar!", Crowler replied as a dark cloud loomed over the two.

"Uhh…What's happening?"

"Nothing's happening. Not yet, but that's about to change!" Two Wicked Token Monsters then appeared on Crowler's side of the field.

Back at the bleachers, Bastion, Syrus, and Onadi watched all this happen.

"Uh, could somebody tell me what's goin' on?", Syrus asked.

"The two trap cards that Dr. Crowler had on the field were called 'Statue of the Wicked'.", explained Bastion. "It's a special trap that creates a vicious Token Monster when destroyed. That's why he played Heavy Storm."


Elsewhere, Chazz and his lackeys also watched. the latter looked stunned, while the former looked smug.

"A card that strong couldn't be in one of the test decks.", remarked one of the lackeys. "Crowler must be usin' his own."

"Then this is over.", agreed the other lackey. "No applicant could beat the deck of an expert like Dr. Crowler."

"Yeah, it's impossible. Don'tcha think, Chazz?"

"Yeah, whadda you think, Chazz?"

"I think I'm gonna enjoy watching Crowler mop the floor with our mouthy little friend down there.", Chazz answered. "I only wish he'd treated all of the other second-rate duelists who applied at this Academy the same way!" Chazz finished with an evil chuckle.

Above them, the two students in blue-trimmed white also watched this turn of events.

"What an elitist snob, bullying some amateur with his very best cards.", the girl said.

"You're too soft, Alexis.", her friend replied.


"I just hope we get to see that powerful rare monster Crowler has had stashed away in that deck of his."

Back on the field, there was still a thin halo of smoke from that last Special Summon, but that dissipated after a moment longer.

"Ready for your next lesson?", Crowler asked.

Jaden laughed, "You bet. I can't remember the last time learning was this much fun!"

Crowler didn't know how to respond to that. "Yes, well, I'm quite an excellent teacher, thank you…", he managed to say. "And now, I sacrifice my two Wicked Tokens and summon my Ancient Gear Golem!"

When will his turn end already?, Onadi thought impatiently back at the bleachers as a couple of the students, including Syrus and Bastion, gasped in anticipation.

Back at the arena, the Wicked Tokens disappeared, and a white hole opened on the floor. From it emerged a giant mechanical monster with broken parts, had plenty of visible gears in its body, and as it gears whirred, it sounded rather…ancient. (Machine-Type/EARTH/Level 8/ATK 3000/DEF 3000)

At the bleachers, everybody was speechless with awe.

"There it is!", said Alexis.

Even her friend, who seemed to be the one who always kept his cool, looked rather startled. "Looks like we're about to find out just what makes it so powerful.", he stated.

Back on the field, Jaden looked at Crowler's monster with amazement and shock.

"Now, now, I hope you're not too scared of my Legendary Ancient Gear Golem!", Crowler mocked, feeling quite content with Jaden's expression of shock.

"Aww, no way.", Jaden replied with confidence. "I've always wanted to take one on."

Everybody in the bleachers gasped as one, unable to believe their ears.

"Wah! Either Jaden's brave or he's nuts!" Syrus exclaimed.

"I'm thinking the former.", Onadi voiced out his opinion. "At least he's not being arrogant yet." He then thought. Besides, Jaden just might teach this Dr. Crowler a lesson that can only be learned and not taught…

Around Chazz, the crowd was agape, while he seemed almost pleased with this development. Above him, Alexis and her friend haven't moved from their vantage point on the walkway.

"He's staring down that legendary rare monster like he doesn't have a care in the world!", remarked Alexis' friend. "I guess that youth and inexperience have their benefits after all, huh, Alexis?"

"Come on, give it a rest, Zane.", Alexis replied. "At least the kid's showing some backbone."

"There won't be much left of it to show after this...", Zane said cynically.


Doctor Crowler laughed as he then said, "Golem, attack! Mechanized Melee!"

The gears in Golem's face started to whir. It then cranked back one massive fist, and sent it straight for Avian, who was immediately shattered to bits.

"Aww! Jaden's monster didn't stand a chance!", lamented Syrus back at the bleachers. "Its Defense Points were way too low!"

"And, it's about to get worse," Bastion replied. "When that Ancient Gear Golem attacks a monster in Defense Mode, the difference between its Attack Points and the defending monster's Defense Points is dealt to the opponent as damage."

"In short, Ancient Gear Golem inflicts Piercing Damage.", Onadi summed up.

"But that would mean…Jaden's Life Points are going to take a hit!", Syrus gasped.

Back at the arena, Ancient Gear Golem's fist continued straight for Jaden, and sent him a few steps back. As the Golem retracted its arms, Jaden's legs shook as he was winded from the blow.

[Crowler: 3000 LP, Jaden: 2000 LP]

Crowler laughed mockingly at him as he saw Jaden with his head down, trembling. "Now, don't feel bad!", he said. "This is the top dueling school in the country. Some people just aren't… cut out… for…"

At those last words, he realized that Jaden wasn't wearing an expression of fear, but of glee.

"Boy, I really wanna go to this school now!", he said. "You really know your stuff, teach!"

Can't he take a hint?, Crowler thought vividly. He will not be allowed to pass and I'll be certain he's not allowed to make a mockery of my deck!

Just look at him tremble! He must be really impressed by me! Jaden thought.

Oh, Jaden, you're so dense, aren't you? Onadi mentally sighed at him, reading his thoughts.

As Jaden began to draw a card, he heard a coo. Huh? What was that?, he thought. He drew the card and turned it to see what he drew. It was Winged Kuriboh. Oh, it's you!, he thought as he thought back on what Yugi said as he gave him the card.


"Something just tells me it belongs to you.", he said.

end flashback

You know… Something's starting to tell me that, too! Jaden thought as he smiled at the card. Just then, he thought he saw Winged Kuriboh wink. All right. I'll take that as a sign to play you. Yeah, definitely!

"Okay, I summon Winged Kuriboh in Defense Mode!", Jaden said as he did just that. (Fairy-Type/LIGHT/Level 1/ATK 300/DEF 200)

Upon seeing Winged Kuriboh, Onadi decided to check his deck…and saw some cards that didn't belong to him. He suddenly realized Yugi slipped them in back at the park. Onadi decided to check out his new cards. They were Kuriboh (the regular DARK one), Rainbow Blessing, Magician of Black Chaos, Black Magic Ritual, Berserker Crush, The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh, Multiply, and Detonate. He looked at the Berserker Crush, then back at Jaden's Winged Kuriboh.

"I think I'll give this card to him later.", he said to himself. "It only works for his Kuriboh and not mine."

"And I'll place one card face down.", Jaden continued back at the arena as he ended his turn. "Not bad, huh, teach?"

Crowler laughed. "No, not bad, but you must understand that I'm a master technician.", he then said dismissively. "Your Kuriboh to me is rather pedestrian, even one with wings. You see, its Defense Points are still no match for my Ancient Gear Golem! It's a test book mistake, don't feel bad. Now, let's proceed…" He drew a card. "…with the Ancient Gear Golem! Attack Winged Kuriboh with Mechanized Melee!"

His monster complied and sent Winged Kuriboh straight to the graveyard. However, unlike Avian, Winged Kuriboh shattered into shining sparkles.

Sorry, Winged Kuriboh…, Jaden thought.

"Humph, check your gear; your Life Points haven't changed!", said Crowler, realizing he hasn't won the duel yet. Sure enough, Jaden's Life Point meter still read 2000.

"My gear is fine.", Jaden replied. "On the turn Winged Kuriboh is destroyed, I take zero damage!"

Crowler cringed in shock.

"Well, how about that? A technique the good doctor didn't know!", Alexis remarked from above the bleachers.

"No one can be expected to know every technique, Alexis.", Zane replied. "Especially one as obscure as that."

"Yeah? Well, that kid sure knew it."

As Jaden placed his Winged Kuriboh to the Graveyard, Crowler said dismissively. "Fine, fine, I guess your lame little monster saved you there!"

"Hey, slow down there, teach!", Jaden snapped back. "You may have beat him, but that doesn't give you the right to call him lame!"

"Oh yes, I forgot how attached you new duelists get to your monsters, I'm sorry.", Crowler apologized sarcastically.

"Yeah? Well you should be, because by attacking my Winged Kuriboh, you set off a Trap Card! One of my favorites, too! Hero Signal!" Jaden's Trap Card was revealed, and shot a beam of light into the ceiling above the field, emblazoning a glowing letter H in the ceiling. "And that brings out my second Elemental Hero! Burstinatrix!" Crowler winced as an unnatural red fire flashed into existence in one of Jaden's monster card spaces. Amidst the flames, this fire-themed superhero appeared; a lady in a shiny red catsuit, boots, and gloves. The edges of her black hair were white, like burned charcoal, and she wore a gold helmet. (Warrior-Type/FIRE/Level 3/ATK 1200/DEF 800)

Back at the bleachers, Onadi raised an eyebrow in irritation on what Dr. Crowler said after insulting Winged Kuriboh. "How dare he say that!", he cried out. "This means war!"

"What's with the sudden outrage, Onadi?", Bastion asked.

"Well, he may not know it, but Crowler just dissed a bunch of the world's top duelists when he said that remark about new duelists being attached to their monsters.", Onadi said scornfully.

"You don't mean—"

"Yes. I mean people like Yugi, a few of his friends, some acquaintances, and even his less-than-friends like Pegasus and Kaiba. It's a well-known fact we should know by now that among the top-ranked duelists, the ones who triumph are those who care for their cards and put their hearts into the game."

"Really? I didn't know that.", Syrus said. "How do you know about such stuff?"

"Believe it or not, one of Yugi Muto's friends was my father."

"No way! Your father befriended the King of Games?"

"Yup. And that was before he became that."

Back at the arena, Crowler ended his turn.

"My turn!" Jaden said as he drew a card. All right, Winged Kuriboh. This next one is gonna be for you… Here goes nothing! "First off, I'm gonna bring Avian back to hand with the Spell Card, 'The Warrior Returning Alive', and then…I'm gonna summon him to the field!"

As Avian was recovered from the Graveyard due to the Spell Card, Jaden placed him immediately onto the Duel Disk, summoning him on the Monster Card Zone to Burstinatrix's right.

"Oh, Okay, another amateurish mistake!", Crowler condescended. "But, this is good, this is good. Now would anyone like to tell me what our little friend—"

"Actually, I wasn't done yet.", Jaden cut in. "See, I know my two heroes aren't very powerful by themselves. But if I can form them together, it's another story! And I have just the card to unite them!" Jaden then showed a card on his hand. "Polymerization, join Avian and Burstinatrix! Fusion Summon!" Mentioned Elemental Heroes then jumped into the air and both dissipated into particles, which joined together and reformed into a somewhat…more alien-like creature. He had one huge feathery wing, and the other shoulder was all red scales and muscle, culminating in a dragon's head for a right arm. He also had a long, red reptilian tail and talons for feet. "Here he is! The Elemental Hero Flame Wingman! I hope your feared Golem is ready for the clash of the titans!" (Warrior-Type/WIND/Level 6/ATK 2100/DEF 1200) So, teach, what do you think?"

"I think you're dueling very well…for an amateur.", Crowler answered. "But next time, try summoning a monster with more Attack Points than the one already out!"

At the bleachers, Zane, Alexis, and Chazz listened closely. So did Bastion and Onadi. But not Syrus.

"What's he mean?", he asked.

"The Ancient Gear Golem has 900 more Attack Points than Flame Wingman, Syrus." Onadi said analytically, then changed his expression and exasperatedly exclaimed, "You should know this by now! I mean, this is like the first thing you learn about dueling; seeing the difference between two monsters' Attack Points!" He then thought, But there's still a way to win. Let's see if he drew the right card.

"Onadi's right, Syrus.", Bastion said. "It's a shame too, because when Flame Wingman destroys a monster, that monster's ATK points are dealt as damage to its owner.", Bastion added.

"Wait, you mean they're deducted right out of his Life Points? Oh, that would've been a great way for Jaden to turn things around.", Syrus sighed.

"And it still is. If he has the right card.", Onadi said. Somehow, he just knew Jaden drew the right card. Guess my father was right; playing Duel Monsters does give me better instincts!, he thought, then said, "I'm sure your friend will do fine. If he's as good as he says he is, he will find a way."

"Wow, did we really seem like friends?"

Back at the arena, Crowler asked, "All right, young scholar. I don't mean to rush you, but I am a busy man. Are you done yet?"

"Of course I'm not done yet!", Jaden replied as the Field Spell slot on his Duel Disk popped out. "And, of course I knew my Wingman had less Attack Points than your Golem. That's why I have this; Skyscraper!" Jaden placed said card from his hand and onto the slot. In all of a sudden, the ground around Jaden started to shimmer with iridescent light, and tall buildings began to shoot up from the floor of the entire arena. Before they knew it, Jaden and Crowler were dueling on a cityscape of humongous buildings, lit by the illuminated windows and the full moon above the tallest building. Some of the buildings were taller than Ancient Gear Golem is, who stood on the ground, and some weren't. Flame Wingman, in his element, was standing on the tip of the metal spire atop the tallest building, silhouetted by the moon.

"All right, Flame Wingman!", Jaden commanded. "Go show those heroics—and attack that Ancient Gear Golem!"

Flame Wingman faced his foe, who stood below him in the streets of the city, and leapt into a glide.

"Fine with me, bring him on!", boasted Crowler. "This silly little Skyscraper Field Card hasn't affected my Golem's Attack level by one point!"

Flame Wingman continued his dive, darting between buildings too quick to be seen. He then landed on the ground in front, then kicked off, soaring high into the air above Ancient Gear Golem's head.

"You know what, teach? You're right. This Skyscraper hasn't lowered your Golem's Attack Points. What it's done is raise my Elemental Hero Flame Wingman's by a grand total of one thousand!"

"Wait! Time out!", Crowler gasped upon realizing what this meant.

"Go! Skydive Scorcher!" As Flame Wingman's ATK Points rose from 2100 to 3100, one hundred more than Ancient Gear Golem's 3000, he hit the top of his upward arc, did a backflip and dove straight downward, beginning to flame around the edges like a meteor, heading right for Ancient Gear Golem. Crowler was freaked out, wringing his hair in agony as the monsters collided. The crowd collectively gasped as there was a huge explosion of golden light, with lots of smoke.

[Crowler: 2900 LP, Jaden: 2000 LP]

"This can't be!", Crowler lamented as the smoke cleared and debris rained down on him. "He was my very best card!" Just then, a piece of concrete landed on his head.

"And, because of my Wingman's super power, the Attack Points of that Golem are dealt straight to your Life Points.", Jaden continued. "Sweet, huh?"

Crowler, already carrying a piece of concrete on his head and looking like a doofus, was stunned from this revelation. "No way…!" Above him, Ancient Gear Golem began to creak, about to fall over. Crowler yelped and frantically looked around, looking for some way to take cover. Before he could scamper, his Golem tilted, and collapsed right on top of him. "Aaaagh!" Crowler now lay under the pile of scrap metal, mussed and defeated.

[Crowler: 0 LP, Jaden: 2000 LP]

Jaden gave him a jaunty two-fingered salute and winked. "That's game! So I guess I passed the test, huh, teach?"

"Impossible…!", Crowler muttered as the Skyscraper Field Spell and the rubble disappeared. "There's no way this delinquent could defeat me…!"

At the bleachers, Chazz's lackeys stood agape. Chazz himself was even more thunderstruck, his eyes wide, intense, almost frightened.

It must be dumb luck!, Chazz was thinking. No way Crowler could lose to some flunky!

"That kid's got future here. Wow!", Alexis exclaimed, thoroughly impressed. Zane simply walked away, although within, he was impressed too.

"All right!", cheered Syrus. "Yeah, Jaden!"

Nice. I could use a little competition., Bastion thought.

He really knows how to use his cards, doesn't he?, Onadi smiled. This'll be interesting.

"Yes! I made the Academy! I'm in! Woohoo!", Jaden cheered as did a victory dance in front of everybody. He then looked at his Winged Kuriboh and said, "We did it together, pal. We're both in. And from here on out, you and I, will be partners."

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