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Shisno Chronicles: Megami Ibunroku Persona

Chapter 1: The Persona Ritual

"Earth to Todo! Naoya Todo!"

A boy with glasses and freckles, windblown black hair, and a yellow neckerchief and armband was catching the attention of a certain boy with a pierced ear.

(The former boy's the 'Shisno' of this story, the latter is the 'native' protagonist.)

"Yeah, Shoichi?", he asked.

"Pay attention and don't fidget around with your pierced ear. We're in class. And I told you to call me Skie."

Sure enough, the two were in class. Chinese Literature, to be exact. With more than a dozen other students.

(A/N: This information is custom.)

[Naoya Todo (Nickname: Nao) - Doesn't speak much. Your average student, yet others defer to him in group decisions.]

"By the way, won't your ears get infected from playing with your piercing?"

"I got them pierced when I was a kid, so the hole is completely formed."

"How old were you?"

"Twelve. I did this myself, by the way."

"No way!"

"Once, I dreamt that I was a butterlfy.", the lesson's teacher quoted. "I forgot myself and know only my happiness as a butterfly. Soon, I waoke and I was myself again. Did I dream that I was a butterfly? Or do I now dream that I am a man? Yet there is a distinction between myself and the butterfly. This is the transformation of the physical. This is a quote from Zhuangzi."

There was a moment of silence for the class to take in what they heard.

"If there are no more questions, let's turn the page.", the teacher said.

"Sir Nishida.", a voice called.

"Yes, Nanjo?"

Skie turned to a student with glasses and a cyan scarf with a black "1". As Nanjo stood up, Skie used his glasses (which weren't ordinary) to 'analyze' him.

[Kei Nanjo (Nickname: Nanjo) - Heir to the Nanjo Group. An utter pragmatist and skeptic.]

"Excuse me, but…with that sort of casual explanation, don't you think there's no meaning to this class?", Nanjo stated.

"What?", gasped Sir Nishida.

"Here he goes again…", muttered one of the students, who wore a yellow tuque.

"Zhuangzi and the butterfly are clearly distinct and different, yet Zhuangzi and the butterfly are one and the same.", Nanjo argued. "This circumstance forms the core of 'universal equality' in the core of the 'Chi Wu Lun'."

"Na…Nanjo! That's enough! Thanks for your opinion, but this is Chinese Literature, not Philosophy. You can study that after getting to college!"

"…Sorry to disturb you.", Nanjo apologized as he sat down.


Somewhere in an empty classroom…

The tuque-wearing guy, Naoya, Skie, and Nanjo, one other boy, and three girls were cleaning up some stuff.

"Man!", the boy with the tuque complained as he painted on a wide canvas. "It's because of your pointless argument that that Chinese Literature guy gave us a report to do and stuff! That pisses me off!"

[Masao Inaba (Nickname: Mark) - The spoiled son of Inaba Dry Cleaning's owners. Earnest and excitable.]

"Hmph. All I did was speak the truth.", Nanjo countered as he cleaned up a prop. "Nishida's thoughts and personality were at fault, not me. With just that level of…" He stopped for a second, then continued, "Oh, sorry. Monkeys wouldn't understand."

"What? Who's the monkey, you bastard!"

"Yeah!", agreed Skie. "Masao is right. It is your fault. If it were Philosophy class, your argument would've been valid, but we were in Chinese Literature, so it wasn't."

"Who ask your opinion, Yamashina?", Nanjo simply stated.

"Hey! Stop it you three!", said one of the other students, who was a short-haired girl who seemed to be their senior and had an air of authority. "You're being annoying! Let's hurry up and get the work done! I have to go to my part-time job this evening!"

[Yukino Mayuzumi (Nickname: Yukino) - Trusted by everyone, she's like an older sister to ll the students.]

"Come to think of it, Yukino, this is pretty rare of you.", remarked the fifth boy, who had a pair of yellow goggles over his head, wore a purple shirt with a pink spade decal on it underneath his grey uniform, which was partly unbuttoned to reveal the decal, and had magenta highlights on his hair. "You always leave immediately."

[Hidehiko Uesugi (Nickname: Brown) - Craves attention and doesn't take things very seriously.]

"It can't be helped. Sir Nishida personally asked me to do this."

"My, Yukino. You sincerely…truly like the teacher, don't you?", another girl teased. This one had magenta hair tied up in a ponytail and looked quite prim.

[Eriko Kirishima (Nickname: Elly) - A ladylike student recently returned from abroad. Beautiful and intelligent.]

"Eriko…" Yukino blushed, then waved it off, swinging a razor around. "Well…well, yeah. After all, the only fair people in this school are him and the principal, right?"

"Uhh…it's pretty dangerous to flip something so sharp in such a manner.", warned Skie.

"*yawn* I'm already tired.", said the third girl, who seemed to be quite an airhead.

[Yuka Ayase (Nickname: Ayase) - A troublemaking member of the suntanned, bleach-blonde "kogal" set.]

Along with her standard uniform, this girl also wore a blue jacket over it and high heeled boots of the same color. Both of these also had a green line on them bordered with white. Her bleach-blonde hair was tied into pigtails by two green ribbons. Just then, she noticed Masao's painting. "Hey, Mark. Your signboard is really good."

"Heheh. I've thought about doing this kinda stuff for a living."

"Well, no one really knows what's going to happen in the future."

"Hey! Hey! Hey!", said the goggles-wearing student as he put his hand over Mark's tuque. "For that sort of thing, leave that up to Brown."

"What the hell…you bastard.", Mark exclaimed as he got Brown off his grip.

M—S—B—A—E—N—Y—N (Mark, Skie, Brown, Ayase, Elly, Nanjo, Yukino, Nao)

A minute later…

"Persona?", asked Mark. "Dude, it that really worked and I could see my future, I'd be on easy street. You sure you ain't got the brain rot, Hidehiko?"

"Hehehe…", snickered Brown. "Turns out there's more to it than an easy joke. Maybe not seeing the future, exactly, but weird stuff does happen! I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is if you are, Mark!"

"Alright… You're on.", Mark told Brown. "I'll bet you an all-you-can-eat dinner at the Peace Diner on Joy Street."

"Woooo! I'm with Hidehiko!", claimed the airheaded girl.

"Ayase!", Mark complained.

"I'll throw in my lot with Brown, too.", Eriko agreed.

"Elly! Are you two serious?", Mark asked the two girls. He then turned to Nanjo and Yukino. "Yo Kei, Yukino! Who're you guys gonna side with?"

Nanjo replied, "Hmp, As if I care one whit… It's absolute bunk."

"What he said…", Yukino agreed. "This is all you."

"You guys are so cold, y'know?", Mark said in disgust. He then turned to Skie and Naoya. "Hey, who're you with? It's gotta be me, right? C'mon, what's it gonna be?"

"Well, I'm siding with Brown.", Skie told Mark. "This Persona thing sounds interesting."

"Sheesh, you too? All y'alls crazy."

"Heeheehee…", Brown snickered. "This'll be fun!"

"I'm with Inaba.", Nao said. "One-sided bets are boring."

"Oh, well. You're paying along with Mark when you guys lose.", Brown told him. "Awright, let's get started!"


Some time later…

Brown finished drawing on a blackboard, explaining how the "Persona Ritual" goes.

"And so for all you late-comers, I will explain how this works.", Brown said. "First, a person stands in each corner of the room. After reciting the incantation, walk over to the next person and touch them. When all four people have finished walking, the Persona is supposed to descend."

"That's great, Brown. But…why am I doing this?", Mark asked.

"Don't worry about the little details. Now let's get started."

After that, everybody got into position. Ayase, Brown, Mark, and Elly stood at one corner of the room each. Everybody else stood around in the middle, being observers.

"'Kay! Here goes!", Ayase said. Turning to face Brown, she said, "Persona! Persona! Please come here!" She then walked along the wall to Brown and then tagged him.

"My turn!", said Brown. He turned to face Mark and said, "Persona! Persona! Come here!" He then walked along the wall to Mark and tagged him.

"Man, why I gotta do this…?", Mark complained.

"Hurry it up!", Brown said. "All-you-can-eat! All-you-can-eat!"

"Okay, okay…", sighed Mark. "Persona, Persona. C'mere, I guess." He then walked along the wall to Elly and tagged her.

"Well, then…", Elly said. "Persona, Persona! Please come to us…" She then walked along the wall to where Ayase stood at the beginning of the 'ritual'.

"Alright! Here it comes!", Brown thought out loud.

However, after waiting for a full minute, nothing happened. Nothing except Nanjo adjusting his glasses, Nao touching his face, Yukino sighing in boredom, and Skie raising an eyebrow.

"H-Huh?", gasped Brown as he fell out of position and rushed to where Yukino stood. Ayase promptly went out of position and confronted Brown.

"Hidehiko! You jerk! Now I look like a total idiot!", she screamed. Mark and Elly then joined them, standing next to Nao and Skie.

"See? A fat load o' nothin'.", Mark said. "Hehe… Looks like I win."

Yukino sighed, then said, "Happy now? Hurry up and go get the teacher."

"W-wait! Hold up!", Brown exclaimed. "One more time! Please? Mark screwed it up! C'mon, you gotta take it seriously when you do it!"

"Oh, you little…!". Mark complained. "What a sore loser."

Just then, an apparition of a little girl in white appeared. Nobody noticed save for Nanjo and Skie. The rest were staring at Brown and Mark.

"Wh-what is…?", Nanjo managed to mutter.

"Huh?", Mark asked as he started to turn to where Nanjo faced. "It's too late now to ask to—Whoa!"

Mark's gasp caught everybody's attention and they all turned to see the girl.

"H-h-help me.", the girl said inbetween sobs. Of course, nobody knew how. Just then, the lights began to flicker and electricity began to go loose.

"Wh-what the—", Mark said. Suddenly, there was a flash of lightning which struck Yukino. Nanjo noticed and called out her name. As he ran to him, he then noticed that Mark was struck by lightning as well. A split second later, Nanjo himself met the same fate and so did Nao. The others could only look in horror as all of this happened.

Finally, Brown, Ayase, Elly, and Skie sighed in relief, thinking that no more bolts were gonna zap them. Just as the girl was about to disappear however, one last lightning bolt hit Skie and knocked him out cold like the others. Yet another minute passed and once they made sure nobody else was gonna be zapped, Brown immediately left to get help while Elly and Ayase stood watch, fearing they might get shocked if they touched anybody.


Everything seemed to fall apart for Skie. As far as he knows, he's was in a colorful, wintry, wormhole, crossing it for about a minute now. Just then, the wormhole ended and he was now in a strange place. It seemed to be a circular platform and it had six gold-colored columns. The platform was barred by a waist-high 'fence'.

"Where is…", he said. Just then, a mask appeared and seconds later, a man in a white trenchcoat appeared, wearing the mask.

"Welcome.", he said. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Philemon, a dweller between consciousness and unconsciousness. And now…a simple test. Can you state you name?"

"Shoichi Yamashina. (2)", Skie answered. "My friends call me Skie."

Philemon stood there for a few seconds, and then replied. "Splendid. There aren't many who can remember their identity in this domain. It seems you've passed that test. But tell me this…" Philemon pointed at Skie. "Are you aware of the multiple versions of yourself that lie within you? The self infused with divine love. The self capable of demonic cruelty. People live by wearing different 'masks'. Your current self…may be one of those innumerable 'masks'."

"You, though…You have a very firm grip of your identity." Philemon then moved his right hand to his side as if to receive something from somewhere. Just then, a little pixie appeared above his hand. (3) "I respect your strong will. In return…I grant this power; Persona. It is the power to summon the selves within you. The gods and the demons you harbor. The time is soon when you will need this power. Now, you must return to your proper time and place."

Suddenly, everything around Skie was fading away and he was then lost in the void.

And that ends the chapter. I won't be posting new ones anytime soon. This story will be on hiatus until further notice.

(1) This serves as my break for some of my Shisno Chronicles stories before introducing any characters. Oncoming breaks will have the first letters of the characters, just like in my Shisno Chronicles: The Last Airbender.

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(3) I know…why is Skie's Persona something under the Lovers Arcana, which in-game is rendered best for females? Well, Gameplay and Story Segregation applies; What happens in the game does not limit how a fanfiction goes.