Chapter 1

"So, what's everybody planning to do for the holidays?" Mrs. Anderson, Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru's Homeroom teacher asked.

Six months into her time in Boston and Haruhi was now just finishing up with her first term at school and getting ready for the holidays that were coming up. In all honesty, she wasn't exactly sure what her best friends had planned for Christmas and New Years however she had to admit, she was a little worried. This wasn't just any Christmas, this was the first Christmas she would be spending out of Japan, away from her father and she wasn't sure how things would turn out. Especially since she would be spending all her time with her six loud, flamboyant and partially crazy best friends.

"I'm going back home to New York," A girl replied

"My family's taking a trip to Mexico to get away from the cold." Another student said as they went around the classroom answering. It was now Haruhi's turn and everyone turned to look at her expectantly, waiting for her answer.

She thought for a moment then shrugged, "I'm not sure."

"You're not going back home?" The teacher asked. Haruhi shook her head and turned to Hikaru and Kaoru.

"What are we doing?" Hikaru and Kaoru turned to each other then hesitantly turned back to Haruhi, Hikaru's mouth open, about to reply when he was interrupted by another student.

"You're spending Christmas together?"

Kaoru nodded, "Yeah, the three of us along with our four other best friends all came here together so we're going to be together for Christmas."

"I guess I'm going to be spending the day cooking Christmas dinner for the seven of us." Haruhi said, already thinking of some great recipes her mother used to make during the holidays.

" might need a bit more food then you think." Hikaru said timidly.

Haruhi furrowed her brows, "Why?" She asked

"Well...we're going to be having some visitors over the holidays."

"Who?" Haruhi asked, figuring that their families might be coming.

Hikaru gulped, "A few of the girls from Ouran, some of the boys, Hunny-senpai and Mori-senpai's younger brothers and Mei are coming." Haruhi's eyes widened.

"What?" She shrieked

"Told you she'd take it well." Hikaru said sarcastically, turning to his brother. Just as Haruhi had opened her mouth to yell at the twins, the bell signalling the beginning of lunch rang, saving their American classmates a lecture directed towards the twins.

Hikaru and Kaoru packed up as quickly as they could and tried to slip out of classroom unnoticed by Haruhi, however, they failed.

"Stop right there." Haruhi said, coming up behind them. They stopped uncertainly and waited for Haruhi to catch up.

"How could you guys invite them? It's not that I don't want to see them but the point of coming here was to study! That's already hard enough with having you guys here but I'll never get any time to study if the others come to visit!"

"We didn't invite them!" Hikaru insisted

"Yeah, this morning Kyouya-senpai got a call from Renge-chan. That's how we all found out. They planned it without telling us." Kaoru explained. Haruhi shook her head and sighed.

"Where are they staying?" The brothers turned to each other nervously, not wanting to tell Haruhi the answer but knowing that they had no choice.

"With us." Kaoru said. Haruhi's eyes widened in shock for the second time that day.

"When you say 'us', do you mean you or 'us' as in 'us'" Haruhi asked, waving her arms around to demonstrate that the second 'us' was meant all seven members of the host club.

"The second one." Hikaru replied, not looking Haruhi straight in the eye.

"They wanted to experience Christmas as an American commoner." Kaoru said

Haruhi shook her head. "Fine, who's staying with me?"

"Mei," Haruhi sighed in relief. That was the best news she had heard since this conversation had begun. As loud as Mei was, she was infinitely easier to handle then her any of the students at Ouran.

"Reiko-chan, Bossa Nova, Yasuchika and Satoshi are staying with Hunny-senpai and Mori-senpai, Kurakano and Class Rep are staying with us, Nekozawa-senpai is staying with tono, Renge-chan is staying with Kyouya-senpai and the others rented rooms in the same building." Hikaru explained. Haruhi nodded, absorbing all the information in order to try and find the best times to study while everyone was around when suddenly she heard a familiar voice coming closer and closer to where she was walking with Hikaru and Kaoru. Without having to look, she knew that it was Tamaki who most likely was with Kyouya.

Tamaki pranced down the hallways, ignoring some pointed glances his way and the admiration of his new American fangirls as he made his way to his girlfriend.

"Haruhi!" He yelled just as he bounded in front of her and pulled her into a rib-cracking hug.

"I missed you!"

"Senpai, we saw each other this morning," Haruhi said, though her voice was muffled since her head was squeezed against Tamaki's chest.

"Tamaki, you're squeezing her to death." Kyouya said, coming up behind Tamaki at a much slower pace.

He must have realized because as soon as Kyouya said his comment, Tamaki let go of Haruhi in haste.

"Oops, sorry!" He declared, grinning from ear to ear as he grabbed Haruhi's hand and interlocked their fingers.

"How was Homeroom?" He asked

"Fine," She shrugged, "So we're having some visitors for Christmas, huh?" Haruhi said. Tamaki's expression melted from excitement to nervousness as he turned to his girlfriend.

"You're not angry, are you?" He asked. Suddenly, his eyes widened. "You're not going to break up with me, are you? I'm sorry if I annoyed you by not saying anything!"

Haruhi laughed, "Senpai, if I broke up with you every time you annoyed me, we'd never be together." Tamaki retreated over to his corner of woe in an instant after hearing his girlfriend's tactless comment. As he grew mushrooms near one of the many lockers, the twins burst out laughing while Kyouya smirked into his notebook, shaking his head.

"Senpai, stop growing mushrooms in school." Tamaki pouted but stood back up and walked back over to the others.

"Fine...We have to go anyway." Tamaki said

"Where?" Haruhi inquired curiously, the twins with the same expression of confusion on their faces.

"We're having lunch with Hunny-senpai and Mori-senpai in a restaurant near campus." Kyouya said

As they proceeded over to the restaurant and sat down with their senpais, they began discussing Christmas break once more. A topic, Haruhi guessed, was gonna be the subject of all discussions for the next week.

"I'm gonna make fruitcake!" Hunny exclaimed, shovelling another forkful of New York Cheesecake in his mouth, momentarily going into a daze after each bite.

"I think I know a good recipe we can use. I'll help you bake it." Haruhi said, popping a fry in her mouth.

"Yay! Thank you Haru-chan! Takashi, you'll help to, right?" Hunny asked hopefully to his cousin.

Mori nodded, "Mm," He said

"This Christmas is gonna be awesome!" Hikaru said

"Here's to a Merry Christmas!" Kaoru exclaimed, lifting up his glass. The others followed his example and lifted theirs as well.

"And a Happy New Year!" Hikaru said before everyone began clanking their glasses together.

As Haruhi took a sip of her drink, she couldn't help but wonder how things would turn out. One thing, however, was for certain; this was most definitely going to be a Christmas she would ever forget. No matter how hard she tried.

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