Charming and Charmless

Summary: Ino hated guys like him. You know, the kind of guys who thought they were so great because they had enough money to buy the whole world. He was everything those dramas portrayed rich arrogant guys to be and there was no way in hell would she help him. Nope. No way in hell.

Charming and Charmless

One-First Impressions

Neji didn't like many things. He didn't like lazy people, people with no self-confidence (the only exception was Hinata), disloyalty, indecisive people, liars and cheap wine or beer. He loathed anything thing cheap, especially his beer.

When Lee invited him to drink at the new Tokyo Bar, he was expecting something amazing. Something magical that would make him forget all his troubles even more than regular alcohol; a liquid version of crack, he called it.

The restaurant had only been open for about two months, and it had very high ratings, so he trusted Lee's decision to make an appearance.

"Wow! This place is huge!" Lee said excitedly as he sat on the bar stool, Neji joining him. The brunette haired man looked around suspiciously. He didn't make it a habit to come to downtown Tokyo often. He hated the place. The people here were loud, and reeked of cheapness.

The restaurant had better meet his expectations.

"Welcome to Tokyo Bar! My name is Ino, and I'll be your bartender tonight!" A bubbly blonde haired woman grinned, standing in front of him and Lee, wearing a half cut shirt. Her ocean blue eyes instantly reminded Neji of another blue eyed idiot he knew. He shuddered at the thought of his cousin and that moron together.

The woman continued to talk as she began dancing around with the drinks Lee had ordered for them. Neji stared at her as she continued to grin while prancing around like a fool. Neji didn't understand a bartender's need to dance.

'She was probably a stripper before she became a bartender.'

No women in her right mind would happily dance half naked in front of men unless they were strippers or just that easy. The thought of such a woman disgusted him.

"Excuse me!" Another bartender said walking behind her quickly with a bottle of Bacardi and glass cups in his hands. The space behind the bar table was too small for both of them and ultimately pushed her a bit.

As if in slow motion, Neji watched as the drinks landed on him, messing up his newly bought suit and his hair. His recently washed hair! He could hear the stripper women gasp, as the rest of the bar got silent.

"Boss!" Lee panicked, as he watched in fear, waiting for Neji's reaction.

"Sir, I'm so sorry!" Stripper women said as she immediately grabbed some towels from behind the bar table. She hopped onto the bar table as she attempted to "clean" him up. Neji, already angry as it was watched completely enraged.

"Stop." He said calmly.

She obviously didn't hear him because she continued. He was trying his best not to sucker punch her right then and there.

"Are you deaf or dumb? I said stop!" He yelled.

This time she heard him and she stopped.

"I'm just trying to help," She said annoyed at his demanding tone.

"You've helped enough. Stop making excuses as to why you're touching me." He glared whipping off his suit jacket.

"Wait, what? You think I spilled the beer on you on purpose?" She asked, her face getting red from anger.

"M-ma'am…please w-watch your tone." Lee did his best to calm the hot blooded women.

"Watch my tone? I'm tired of you snobby rich brats coming into this bar thinking you own everything. Get the hell over it, it's only beer!" She yelled.

Neji started at her in awe. She had balls.

"You have some nerve woman. You know why you even have this job? Because I invested my money in this damn bar. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have a job or a place to work in. I own this place." He challenged and it was the truth. He owned 15 percent of Tokyo Bar.

Her piercing blue eyes, met his annoyed brown eyes.

"So that makes you superior? Fine." She threw the towel at him. "I won't clean up after you. You can clean up after yourself!" She said and turned away from him.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Her attention was now at another group of people. They watched fearfully, as she smiled at them.

"She better not be here when I come back." Neji huffed, then stormed out of the bar, throwing the white towel on the floor.

Chouji and Ino stared at their boss, one more frightened than the other.

"What the hell were you two doing out there!" The angered man said.

"Boss, we're sorry! It was my entire fault! If I hadn't bumped into Ino, she wouldn't have spilled the drink! I take full res—"

"What are you saying Chouji? The douche bag deserved what he got! Asuma, you should have seen the way he had been looking at me the whole night, as if I'm a someone not even worthy of his presence!" Ino huffed, crossing her arms.

"I-Ino!" Chouji tried to pacify her.

Asuma looked at the woman, completely annoyed.

"Ino, that douche bag owns fifteen percent of our stocks. He's part of one of the biggest families in Tokyo. How could you just disregard him like that?"

"The same way he disregarded me as nothing more than a servant. Just because he's rich doesn't mean I should put aside my pride! Isn't it enough that I degrade myself wearing this ridiculous dressing?" She asked, just as annoyed as she pointed to her uniform.

"You're saying too much Ino!" Chouji pleaded.

Asuma sighed and put out his cigarette.

"Ino, I have a wife and a son at home that I need to feed. This is the second time you've lashed out at a customer. If my bar gets closed, I don't want it to be because of my workers. I take pride in my employees. At this very moment though, you're pissing me off. You think you're too high and mighty to wear your uniform and treat customers properly, then you can find a new job where your needs will be met."

Ino looked at him, completely stunned.

"What?" She said quietly.

"I'm letting you go, sorry." He turned to leave.

"Asuma! I'm the best bartender you have! If you let me go you'll regret it!" She yelled to him, her eyes watering up.

He looked back at her with a glare.

"I'm regretting the decision right now, but you know what I think? I think no matter how good of a bartender you are, your attitude speaks louder than your talent. I've given you several chances because of my faith in you as one of my favorite students, but quite frankly, I'm sick of your diva attitude. Sooner or later someone better will come along and replace you. Chouji, I need you to get back to work." He ordered as he walked away from the two, and then entered the bar.

Ino's eyes were beyond watery, but she couldn't bring herself to let the tears drop.

"I'm sorry Ino." Chouji sighed as he tried to comfort her.

The tears began falling, one by one.

"W-why are you sorry?" She smiled at him boldly. "I h-hate this job anyway. Y-you better g-get in there before he fires y-you too." She whipped her blue eyes.

He gave her a hug.

"I'll go get your stuff, wait here." He said, releasing her, and then walked back into the bar.

It started with a sob or two, then her nose started running as the waterfall rolled in. She couldn't hold back her emotions anymore and let it all out in the dark alley.

She didn't understand why she lost her job. Yea, maybe she shouldn't have said what she said about her provocative uniform, but it was truth. As much as she loved her curves, she didn't like giving everybody a glance of it. She wasn't that confident. And that jerk! All she was trying to do was help him! He didn't have to undermine her!

She heard the door of bar open, and she quickly cleaned her face. She didn't want anyone to see her cry. She wasn't that weak.

"Thanks Chouji." She said, as she turned to face someone who was not Chouji.

"I knew you'd be crying." A man with carefree look said.

Ino gasped at the man. He had dark hair pulled into a pony tail and he looked rather bored.

"Shikamaru? What are you doing here?" She asked slightly embarrassed. Her tears had caused her mascara to run, and she didn't want him of all people to see her in this state.

He shrugged as he passed her the bag she had brought with her clothes in it.

"I came to get something to eat, and saw what happened earlier. I heard Asuma actually getting serious with you, so I figured he fired you. It'd only make sense you'd be crying." He said, pulling out his cigarette pack from his pocket, ready to light it.

"Yah, you of all people know I hate the smell of cigarettes. Don't smoke while I'm upset." She frowned as she pulled her sweater out of the bag.

He groaned as he put the pack away.

"Are you going home?" He asked, even though he knew the answer.

"Yeah, I'll probably grab some newspapers and start looking for a new job or I'll call my dad and see if he can let me work at the flower shop tomorrow." She mumbled as she began to walk off.

"Hey," Shikamaru called.

Ino looked back, still frowning.

"Should I walk you home?" He asked. He knew if she walked home in the dark she wouldn't be attentive to her surroundings. She'd be too busy crying to fight of the predators of the night.

Ino shrugged. Normally she'd jump at the opportunity to spend time with Shikamaru, but she really wasn't in the mood.

"Should I give you a piggy back?" He said, half jokingly. As much as he hated giving her a piggy back ride, that was one of her favorite things. He had been doing it since they were in high school.

Ino weakly smiled.

"How am I suppose to say no to that?" She said as she walked towards him. He crouched as she got on his back. She was so skinny; it felt like he was carrying air.

"Are you on a diet again?" He asked.

"Why?" She asked holding on to him, her face buried in the nape of his neck.

"You feel lighter than usual is all." He noted.

"You really know how to make me feel better." She smiled, holding on to him even tighter.

"That wasn't a complement." He smiled as they continued towards Ino's apartment.

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