"You loved her all along, InuYasha. I was aware of this, and yet I thought..." The words tumbled from her lips in a whisper and were carried away by the wind into the gently rocking trees. Her tresses,

umbral and wild, swam around her visage, cradling the contours of her face with ease.

Her hand rose to clutch her chest, as if attempting to calm the irregular flutter of her heart, while sooty lashes fanned across her cheeks.

What a foolish woman she had been, bound to him by such a naive hope, a delusion created by her own feelings.

They orb of night illuminated the Bone Eater's Well, providing it with an ethereal appearance, as if a subtle hint of how this final conversation would end. Her eyes wandered over every nook and crevice of the well, knowing that this would be the last time she'd see it. It had finally come to this—the end.

Her purpose in this world was no more.

Now, InuYasha could finally live his own life and settle down—with the woman he truly loved.

No, I don't belong here.

The Sacred Jewel was now complete and purified, so what use was she? Staying by his side would only hurt, would singe her nearly broken wings.

I can move on now, go along the path that I was meant to travel.

"I wish you well, InuYasha. I wish you happiness, utter bliss."

His lips parted as if to speak, but only silence ensued.

She smiled sadly, expecting nothing more.

He was never good with words.

And suddenly, his arms were around her, his loose sleeves enveloping her petite frame.

"I'll miss you."

Her eyes widened at his words.

He'll..miss me?

Tears silently fell down her cheeks—the ability to speak somehow robbed from her.

And like that, his arms are gone so quickly, it's as if they were never there.

Taking that as her cue, she made her exit from the foreign world, the pink light from the well appearing the moment that she did.

As her soul catchers carried her away, she caught a glimpse of the futuristic girl clad in sailor's outfit coming from inside of the well, and being yanked up by InuYasha, and into his arms.