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Chapter 35:

Katniss's POV

"What do you mean? Why can't we see her?" Madge shouts at the Guard. Upon arriving at the hospital ward, We were promptly told that under, no circumstances, would we be allowed into see Madge's mother.

"I'm sorry." the guard stammers for probably the thirteenth time. "Those are my orders. I know nothing else about it." the guard is stammering and is visibly flustered. He is used to being treated as an authority figure, and Madge's blunt anger is new to him. My own anger is beginning to build.

I place a hand on Madge's shoulder, which is still shaking with rage and desperation. She turns to me, tears beginning to stream down her face. She opens her mouth to say something, shuts it, and just ends up burying her face in the shoulder of my dull district uniform. I gently nudge her behind me, my own anger continuing to build. I step up to the guard and cross my arms.

"How is that all you know about this?" I demand. "Surely you have some idea as to what's going on in there." I add, gesturing at Mrs. Undersee's door with my head.

Recognition flashes across the eyes of the stammering guard. My status as the Mockingjay must make us worthy for this information in his mind, because he speaks again.

"Mrs. Undersee has reached a critical state." he says. "I don't know what your extent of the knowledge regarding your mother's condition is," he says to Madge," but the treatment they gave her in the capitol has caused her throat to begin swelling along with general illness. Her throat has reached a point to where her airway is cut off. They are performing emergency surgery now." he continues. "I'm sorry, but that is the full extent of my knowledge."

Madge can't hold back her tears any longer, and they begin gushing from her eyes. She begins to speak through her sobs and her words are just barely understandable.

"But she'll be okay won't she?" Madge asks the guard. After this, the sobbing becomes to much, and she gives up speaking. I allow her to bury her face back into my shoulder as I address the silent guard.

"Well?" I ask. He looks at his boots for a bit before speaking.

"To the extent of my knowledge…Things look bad." he says. "they didn't catch the swelling soon enough, and…" he can't find the words to continue.

Understanding his meaning, I lead Madge back to the small waiting room of the hospital ward. Once she's settled in a chair, her sobbing seams to settle a bit.

"Oh, Katniss." she says between sobs. For a bit, we just sit there. Madge sobbing, and me, waiting until she's cried herself out.

Almost immediately after Madge seems to have calmed down, I hear a voice that I haven't heard in a while.

"Katniss?" my head snaps up, and I scan the room for the source of the voice. He's standing at the entrance to a hallway, his long auburn hair sticking up at odd angles suggests he's been lying down.

"Spade!" I exclaim. He walks over to join us, and extends a hand to Madge.

"I'm spade." he greets simply. Still a bit shaken, Madge looks up at the offered hand. She considers it for a bit before she takes it in her own.

"Madge." she manages to get out. Spade slumps down in a chair across from us. Before any of us can speak, I remember something. I'm on my feet and I tell Madge and Spade to stay put. I dash back to our compartment as fast as I can. Thankfully, it's on the same floor as the hospital ward.

Peeta isn't home, but this is standard since he usually meets with his family during reflection. I run to the window, open it up, and call out the wolf's name. Toaka is at the window a few seconds later, and does not resist when I pull her through the window. I stick my head out of the door, making sure that there are no guards, and when the coast is clear, I dash back to the ward with Toaka in hand.

Once there, the woman at the front desk stops me. She lets me through once I've explained the situation to her, on the promise that the wolf will go back outside as soon as we're done.

Spade's face beams at the sight of the snow white wolf. Toaka too, also begins wriggling in my arms at the sight of her friend. I release her, and she bound off towards Spade. As the two have their happy reunion, I notice that this is the first time that I've seen Spade without his bizarre costume. The hospital gown isn't exactly normal, but for the first time, his face is uncovered, reveling features that show that he can't be much older than me.

The characteristic that stands out to me the most, is his eye color. Blue, with odd golden flecks. I can't quite place it, but I know that this is not the first time that I have seen such an eye coloring. Where have I seen it before? I can't place the color to another face at the moment, but I let it go for now.

Madge seems entranced by Toaka. She reaches out a tentative hand towards the wolf, but then decides against it. Spade takes notice. He smiles at Madge.

"She won't bite you." he reassures. Seeming a bit calmer, Madge reaches back out to the wolf. Upon feeling her hand, Toaka turns her head towards Madge. Madge Begins scratching behind Toaka's ear, causing the wolf to close her eyes in happiness. Madge laughs, and I remember that this was Spade's job. Cheering up saddened rebels and the poor on the streets of the capitol. Spade doesn't need that costume to do his job.

Madge's laughter is cut off. The alarms have begun to ring and the lights blacken out. The emergency lights that line the hallways turn on, giving the room an ominous feeling to it. Coin's Voice crackles over the speakers.

"Attention, District Thirteen," she begins, "I regret to inform you that the district has been infiltrated. As you can see, the power has been cut. Our outer guards were found dead and we have no information on where these people are, or how many of them are here. Please, report to your compartments and bolt your doors. People will be expected to welcome hospital patients into there compartments. I will inform you of when it is safe to return to your daily activities."

The static comes back, announcing the end of her alert. We are all on our feet.

"Spade, You can come back to our compartment." I tell him. He nods. I hug Madge and tell her to be careful, and the three of us run through the halls, Madge turning to go to her own compartment.

As we dash down the hall, I almost run into Blaire.

"Blaire!" I gasp out. "Why aren't you at your compartment?"

"I was wandering the halls…" She says, a bit shaken.

Before she can finish, I grab her hand and drag her with us.

When we arrive at our compartment. I call out to Peeta.

"Peeta!" I call. I look around and then I realize that he's with his family still and most likely won't be back until after this is over.

Blaire and Spade sit on the small bench that sits by the door, and Toaka paces on the floor.

I'm about to speak, when I notice something. Seeing them side by side. Spade's auburn hair is definitely not the same as Blaire's raven black, but their eyes…

"Spade…?" I start. But I stop myself. Surely it's nothing. What we have to do now, is wait this emergency out.

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