Hiii I'm back :) But not for the story you've been waiting (don't worry it will be update soon for the final chapter for those who knew which story I'm talking about), it's another one because I was bored today :( Enjoy !

Leaving is easy, living without what left is harder.

He hated rain, he despised it. But at least, no one could see his tears, those melting with the cold rain falling on his skin.

Rainy days were painful days.

Aching memories of the day she left...

...of the day he lost her,

The deafening sound of the sirens mixed with the blue and red lights made him dizzy. How could this have happened?

He saw it turned red,

She did not,

One second she was standing beside him,

The other she was in the middle of the street, lying under the wheels of a car.

He could have stop her, told her that it was not green,

but one second can pass so quickly, making you unable to anticipate what could have happen,

while the other seconds are long, making you unable to erase from your head what must have never happened.

And there he was, 4 years later, standing at the same street corner, leaving the rain drown his sadness.

He thought that the sight of this place would ease his pain, what the last years have failed to do in England. He thought leaving would help him to forget, but it seems that memories follow you wherever you go.

He stood at the same place he was when she got hit.


"Yellow" He whispered, staring blindly at the traffic light.

Why did you not see it…

Because he was holding her, her back was facing the yellow light. He didn't want to let her go, but she has decided otherwise…

"Perverted Outer-space alien, don't ever do that in public"

Those were her last words.

She did not see the yellow turning into red, too preoccupied by what happened.

I should have never let you go…

A sentence he repeated constantly during those 4 years of remorse.

He lifted his head, to stare again at the traffic light, like it could help him to reverse the hands of time but something caught his vision.

Someone actually…

A blond hair girl …


She began to walk, seeming to forget the presence of the cars.

It was like she was hypnotized by something, 3 seconds away from a tragic accident.

She was now lying on the sidewalk, a blond hair guy over her.

"When it's red, it means you stop" Usui snapped at her, angry for some reason.

He helped her to get up, ready to repeat his sermon, but something made him stop.

Lost gaze, he took a closer look at the girl standing in front of him. Her hair was blond, but it was not a thing that could make him forgot this face and those gold eyes.



But she was now far away from him, her footsteps mistaking with the sound of raindrops falling on the dark street.

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