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Sometimes, they come back.

That's what he told her, glancing back at the Ayuzawa's residence.

But others have to leave…

He looked at his watch.

3 hours were left before he'll leave this town for good.

Restless night.

Scattered pieces merging together to form what she thought were dreams.

Her forgotten past was gradually discovered as the moon was slowly losing her brilliance to leave place for the first rays of sunlight.

She looked herself in the mirror, staring at the brunette with golden eyes.

She was the same girl but yet so different from yesterday.

Some say that the past of a person defines what she truly is, her errors or her successes having an impact on her future actions and on the attitude she adopts.

Before today, her past consisted in memories of four monotonous years.

Right now, she realized that the first sixteen years of her life were everything but insipid.

The fact to retrieve her memories wasn't like she would have thought. She expected that, when she will wake up, her past would be like a movie that would show her gradually what was her life. But no movies were played, it seemed like she had already watched it. She woke up like every normal person; knowing what was her past but not scrolling it precisely. However she tried to summarized her life, somehow happy that she could now sum up more than 4 years.

She was Misaki Ayuzawa, the demoniac Seika High council president, protecting the ladies, terrifying the boys. Despite all the council work, she had time to work in a maid latte, something that had to be kept secret but, of course, a stupid outer-space alien had discovered it. She even had time to help her mother and sister with the chores, because her father left them.

It was probably the most aching memory, remembering that she had always swore to herself to not let him entered in their life.

But she failed, he entered and destroyed more than just her own life.

She stared at the door, not knowing how she should face him. He might have been self-centered, egocentric and selfish but she had liked him like a daughter would do toward her father during the years he was all that she had left. But back then, she didn't know that he was the one responsible for that.

Something caught her attention. It was as if two persons were arguing in the living room.

She opened her door and walked carefully on the wood floor, not wanting to disturb an important conversation. But her footsteps grew larger the more she recognized the voice that was not belonging to his father.

She was instantly discovered as soon as she peeked into to the living room to see who it was.

But two arms rushed to her, enlacing her tightly. The sobs were drowning her name that the person was trying to say, making it totally incoherent.

"M-Mom!" She gasped, so jubilant that she found her. Her mother stopped momentarily , looking at her in surprise, but immediately enlaced her again.

Not long after, another girl joined the hug, crying also. At first, she didn't recognize her; her long hair was cut very short. Also, it was the first time she saw her show her emotions, usually remaining inexpressive.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't told you that I was still alive, I-I can explain everything" Misaki cried, not finding anything else to say. The last thing she wanted was they think that she didn't care about them during 4 years.

They loosened each other hold as her mother took her by the shoulders, inquiringly.

"Then would you explain me why are you able to recognize us? He told us that you weren't able to remember anything!" Her mother asked, still sobbing.

Her gaze flickered to her father, who was somehow angry.

"He told you this…" She evilly grinned, clenching her fists.

Seeing the misunderstanding, her mother hurried to clarified what she said.

"No I wasn't talking about him" She said, glancing hatefully at her husband. "Because he told us nothing" She yelled, venom in her voice.

"Well then who did?" Misaki asked hurriedly, not wanting that they continued to fight like earlier.

Her mother turned back her gaze on Misaki, a warm smile on her face.

"Usui did, without him I wouldn't be standing in front of you right now, he was the one who explained us everything this morning." She said, emphasizing the 'he', to explain to a certain person that there were still honest persons out there.


She had forgotten about that. She had to tell him that she retrieved her memories. After all, he was the reason why she retrieved her memories. Without his stubbornness, she would never have doubt about his father, so she would never have confronted him.

"Misaki? You remember him, right?" Her mother asked her, concern in her eyes.

"How would I forget an outer-space alien like him" She scoffed but she stopped, noticing the sadness on the features of her mom.

"He's leaving, Misaki." She simply stated, sorry in her voice.

"For the pheromone planet" She smirked, missing something important that her mother had said.

"No, for England, he said he has nothing to do here anymore"

As the words were slowly making sense in her head, the reason why he has to leave was still a mistery, until…

I wish I could be her again, for you. But the day she walked on a red light, was the day where Misaki died.

She could never forget the intense pain in his eyes when she told him that.

"I'm still in love with a death person" He once told her.

Even if he said that, she couldn't figure out if she shared the same feelings.

But one thing was sure,

He was important for her. Too much important to watch him walked away.

So there was no way she would let him leave, not without the truth.

She rushed to the door, and as she opened it, she turned toward her father and said:

"Why don't you tell her the biggest mistake of your life, dad"

She winked at him, finally understanding that she didn't want him out of her life, and if what it takes is reconciliation with his wife to form again a family, well she was ready to forget the hatred she had toward him when he left them.

After all, every one deserves a second chance.

He looked at the city through the window of the cab.
He was bored. again.
And going back to England wouldn't certainly fix that, but it was better than to see a certain girl everywhere.
He looked ahead to see the cause of all this traffic.

A simple red light.

Those traffic lights were really getting on his nerves.
But why was he feeling so hurried? It wasn't like he was running away from someone.
It turned green. Finally.
But something hoarse hurried out of his throat,


The taxi driver slammed on the brakes, having also noticed the girl who was running across the street.

Eyes wide open, she stared at the taxi that has stopped one foot from her.

Usui came out from the taxi, recognizing the suicidal girl.

"You really don't get it. Why do you always have to walk on red lights?" He asked angrily, however happy that she was okay.

"Sir, it's green, we need to go" The taxi driver told him, slightly irritated.

Usui looked at her, wondering why she was so hurried, and then he realized it was not his business anymore.

He turned around, but just when he was about to come back to the taxi, Misaki yelled at him, flustered.

"Don't walk away from me, pervert alien"

Drivers were getting impatient considering the fact that Misaki was blocking the street.

Usui came closer to her, an indescribable look on his face. Each of his footsteps was made cautiously, afraid that the image of the old Misaki would fade away.

"Why did you call me like that?" He asked, frowning.

But she didn't have time to answer, interrupt by the taxi driver.

"I don't have all day" He yelled at Usui, throwing out his suitcase, and hedged them.

Usui picked up his bag while he grabbed her arm in order to bring her safely on the sidewalk.

"Answer my question, Naoki" He ordered, somehow angry that she had revived some of his memories.

She looked at him, uncomfortable: it was the first time she saw him frustrated against her. But she understood that it wasn't against her, but against Naoki.

"You can call me Misaki, you know" She replied, hoping that he will understand that she was the same girl from back then, that's why she referred to him as an alien.

"And if I do, will it bring her back to life" He retorted sarcastically.

She had to tell him. But something was clenching her throat.

Anger actually…

"Enough…" She whispered.

" Enough with all your self-pitying! It's been 4 years and all you have done was to mourn for me!"

He turned back.

"It was not because of you I was like that, it was because of the person you used to be, and she's not there anymore" He said monotonous.

She was boiling.

He was still thinking she was Naoki, with her past vanished.

But she was not anymore.

But did he deserve to know she retrieved her memories even if he's acting like that towards the girl who he thinks is Naoki?

"I didn't remember you were so retarded" She mumbled, turning her back on him.

"It's not like you would remember something…" She heard him say, a certain pain in his voice but with a hint of arrogance, which annoyed her.

She glanced at him, meeting his stoical face, which pissed her off.

"That's it Usui, feel free to leave to England or any planet where someone could accept a stupid alien like you"

She stepped out of the sidewalk to cross the street.

She really sounded cruel, she thought.

But that's how she was,

always denying and saying the inverse she was truly thinking.

In fact, she didn't want him to leave.

Yet, she lied to herself and to him, again.

A car passed really closely to her, but she immediately stepped back.

It was red…

As she came back on the sidewalk, she hit something, making her lose her balance to nearly fall back on the street.

But two arms caught her up, enlacing her from behind.

His hold was so tight that she had to focus on her breath.

She laid her hands on his to get away from him, but he immediately laced his fingers with hers, bringing her hands below her chest.

"U-Usui" She stuttered

"You really sounded like Misaki" He whispered to her ear.

That idiot…

"It's because I am, baka" She snapped, flustered about his blindness toward the situation and by the way he was too close to her, physically, yet so far away in thoughts.

"You were" He rectified as he loosened his hold.

Still back at him, the only thing she noticed was the sound of the rustle of his pocket.

"I need a cab on the Tomaki intersection to go to the airport" He said after what he closed his cellphone.

She turned around.

"Why are you leaving?" She asked, even though that now was not the time for questions.

"Because I have no reasons to stay"

What is this simple-minded answer?

She felt somehow angry at his nonchalance.

"But you don't have any reasons to stay in England, neither did you have to come back a few months earlier. So why do you always come and go?"

"I had one reason to come back to Japan" He whispered blankly.

She knew why. Even though she wouldn't admit it, she knew he came back for her.

Even if she was in theory dead, he still came back. Deep down inside him, he must have wished that she was still there because her death was still a mystery for him. There was no funeral, he didn't even had time to ascertain her death in the hospital.

Unconsciously, he knew she was alive somewhere.

The cab parked beside them.
He took his suitcase and walked without any intentions to utter a simple goodbye.

She grabbed his hand, her gaze hidden behind her locks.

"Why did you come back because of me and now that I'm here you choose to leave!" She shouted.

It was not the way Misaki would have spoken, she thought.

That's probably because of that he removed his hand form her.

But she was unable to bring herself to watch him leave.

He was too important for her to lose him.

But he's clearly thinking the inverse.

He sat in the cab and just when he was about to close the door, she stopped his movement, one hand on the door and the other on the top of the car.

"You are more stupid than I suspected, seriously." She simply stated.

"I came here to inform you that you were right. My father told me about my real identity, even though you were sure about who I was, I needed a confirmation from him. It turns out also I didn't have amnesia, I just have been druged" She said, like it was the most normal thing to say.

"In other words, I retrieved my memories so I'm the same girl from back then. I just thought you should know since you were so stubborn to say that I was Misaki. So congratulations, I was and I still am! " She snapped anger in her voice but felt something wet forming in the corner of her eye.

There was no way he could see her like this.

She decided to turn around and walk away, completely forgetting that it might be the last time she would see him.

But she ran, incredibly fast.

Wishing that the wind would dry her tears.

It did, but nothing could dry her sadness.

She ran,

wishing that people would stop looking at her,

and they did, when she turned out in a silent alley, having found shelter from all their curious eyes.

Well, she thought she did until she heard running footsteps echoing in the alley.

A sudden warmth enveloped her and she found herself lift up in the air.

His arms wrapped solidly her body and the next thing she felt was the soft impact of her back on the brick wall.

And then there were those subtle sobs.

So subtle that she would have never felt it if he wasn't enlacing her so tightly.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, finding that it was more comfortable than to be squeezed against the wall with her feet suspending in the air.

"You don't have to be so emotional about it" She scoffed, trying to light the atmosphere.

He lay her down on her feet and scrutinized her face.

"You either" He whispered as he wiped the last tear that was rolling down her face.

She looked away, her cheeks turning slowly to pink.

"I-I was not emotional, who would with an idiot like you"

She heard a small laugh, providing from the only person she thought who would never be able to laugh again.

"You really are the same, Ayuzawa" He chuckled, taking her face in his hands to make her look at him.

She shyly gazed at him, totally giving up by the sight of those happy green eyes.

"Only an alien like you could doubt about it" She mumbled under her breath.

"Or someone so stubborn to believe that she was not even after an alien like me had shown her every proof that she was the girl he was madly and crazy in love with"

He said in a light voice with a vivid smile illuminating his face.

"I was not stubborn, I was just tenaciously unwilling to believe a strange human like you" She replied, unconscious that she just gave him the definition of the stubbornness but also unconscious about the last words he said.

And then it clicked.

"W-wait, cra-zy and m-madly?" She stammered, the red on her face more intense than ever.

He touched her cheek, feeling the warmth beneath his finger.

"It was not like I never told you" He smirked; glad that she was back to her old habits of being embarrassed by anything he could say.

"W-well, i-it's different somehow"

The slow movement of his fingers on her cheek was annoying her but she couldn't bring herself to push him away.

"Would you please tell me why" He said, a small grin on his mouth.

She grabbed his hand that was touching her face to make him stop, but she strangely forgot to let go of his hand after.

"You told it to Naoki who was not caring as much as the me now would do" She replied, not thinking about it twice.

When the words finally processed in her brains, she wished to take them back

But it was definitely too late judging by the amused look of the idiot in face of her.

"So Misa-chan cares about me! So good to hear after 4 years of loveless life!" He teased her with his stupid chibi face.

"Yeah whose fault is that!" She snapped, referring to the way he was always acting around her to make her care for him, even like him.

But he perceived it otherwise, thinking that she was blaming him for the car accident.

Yet, she was right.

He teased her that night, she felt embarrassed and didn't saw that it was red.

He was even worse than her own father who druged her.

Noticing the guilt on his feature, she realized the cause of his behavior. If there's one thing she couldn't stand, it was to make someone feel guilty.

"Hey, you're not responsible for what happened that night, Usui" She murmured.

But her comment didn't help.

He was still gazing at an imprecise point of the brick wall.

She touched her cheek to make him look at her.

"There were no responsible or if there were it would be my usual clumsiness. Because… I don't know if you had realized it, but I have a strange tendency to walk on red lights" She said, chuckling.

He turned his gaze on her.

And a small smile appeared on his face, realizing that she was right.

No one more than her had was likely to walk on a red light without realizing it.

"Misa-chan should give me something in exchange to have make me feel so guilty" He pouted, his bright smile transforming into a perverted one to Misaki's point of you.

"What now, Usui" She asked even though she was sure about what he had on mind.

"Kiss me, to make me forget the years you haven't been by my side to do it" He seriously said, a gleam of pain in his eyes.

She put both her hands behind his neck, surprising him.

"What makes you think that I would have kiss you if I had stayed by your side during those years" She replied, choosing to tease him.

"Because Ayuzawa cares for me" He whispered, using her own words she told him before.

She didn't replied but she didn't think that she had to, considering the eager pressure of her lips on his which was probably answering the question.

Neither did she try to deny it, even though she would have normally do so.

Because it was more than just caring for him, much more than only this, she was just not ready to use words to describe her feelings.

After all, she was still a 16 years old teenager when it comes to love, removing the four years where he was not there to hold her or to kiss her like he was presently doing.

But nothing would ever come in their way now.

She was cautious more than ever when it comes to walk on a traffic light, she didn't' even try to walk on a yellow one.

Well, even if she had tried, she would have soon been back on the sidewalk, in the arms of a certain over-protective alien...

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