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Swan Song

She wasn't making this any easier. They'd been talking about it for over an hour, never making any new points, never making the decision more acceptable. The decision. That wasn't really true, because the decision wasn't there's to make. 'The decision' was to let Sam make his own decision, which was impossibly difficult for Dean, and of course they already knew what that decision was.

"I hate it. I hate everything about it." She couldn't even keep her voice from trembling as she spoke. "I hate that it has to be up to him, I hate that we can't tell him no, I hate that he's our only chance. Most of all, I hate that I'm glad it's not you."

He pulled her in closer as she shuddered against him; she was trying so hard not to lose it completely. "You're going to have a total meltdown when we do this aren't you?"

"It's a definite possibility."

"Let me handle it, it's not all going down right this second."

Kayla shook her head and visibly tried to calm herself. The stability of this calm was shaky at best; how do you tell someone that you won't stop them from committing suicide? "You don't have to do it alone."

He definitely wasn't going to argue, but nothing was going to make the discussion any better. "Let's go then."

They went downstairs and found Bobby in his office; in his usual spot finding the usual information. There was nothing else he would find, nothing that could keep them from proceeding with this plan.

"You seen Sam?"

"Yeah, he went outside awhile ago. I think I saw him taking beer to the Impala."

Outside, Sam was resting comfortably against the windshield with his feet up on the hood. He nodded to them as they approached.

"Hey guys."

"Hey." Dean grabbed a beer out of the cooler.

Kayla hopped onto the hood from the other side and slid in next to him, like they were about to cuddle up for a movie.

"You'll have to excuse her. Pregnancy hormones."

He could make fun all he wanted. She rested her head against his shoulder and in that instant she regretted the distance she'd let get between them. Every discretion, every mistake, every bad decision leading to the apocalypse was forgiven.

Sam smiled slightly. "Is this an intervention?"

"Far from it." Dean admitted.

"What's going on?"

He took a swig of beer. "I'm…we're, in."

"In on…?"

"The whole, up with Satan thing, we're on board."

He looked surprised, to say the least. "You're gonna let me say yes?"

Dean grimaced and shook his head. "No see that's the thing. It's not on me to let you do anything. You're a grown, well, overgrown man and if this is what you want I'll back you on it."

Sam sighed. "That's the last thing I thought you'd say."

"It might be. I'm not gonna lie to you though, it goes against every fiber I got and as you can see," he motioned to Kayla. "Your biggest fan isn't overly enthused either. But I mean, watching out for you has kind of been my job. More than that, it's who I am. You're not a kid anymore Sam, and I can't keep treating you like one. Maybe I gotta grow up a little too."

Sam looked at Kayla but she had tucked her head down against him, trying to hide whatever emotion she had on her face.

"I don't know if we got a snowball's chance." Dean admitted. "But I do know if anybody can do it, it's you."

"Thank you." So it took the end of the world to finally get credit from his brother. Great timing.

"So if this is what you want, is this what you want?"

He took a deep breath but he already knew the answer. It wasn't about what he wanted; to him it wasn't even a choice. It was just what had to be done. "I let him out. I gotta put him back in."

"Okay." Dean answered quickly before he could change his mind. "That's it then."

"Good talk." Kayla muttered and slid off the hood.

"Kayla." Sam tried to call after her, she was obviously upset.

"We support your decision!" She called back, trying to be funny but she wouldn't look at them.

"She'll be alright." Dean offered. "You know, eventually."

"Good choice with her." Sam smiled. "I think she's a keeper."

He shrugged. "There wasn't much choice really. She was gonna stalk me until I gave in, what could I do?"

He shook his head. "You're so full of crap, I don't know why she puts up with you."

"Yeah me neither." He smirked. "I'm glad she does though." They moved easily from the serious subject; they'd always been good at that.

Sam pulled two more beers out of the cooler and handed him one. "I guess this is our only chance then." He raised the bottle. "Here's to the engagement, and the baby. May he be blessed with a lot of Kayla's genes."

Dean laughed and tapped the bottles together. "Thanks man." It was the last time he would laugh in a long time, but it was going to be a hell of a memory.