They began driving to Bobby's to make sure he made it home. It was dark, and there wasn't a whole lot anyone could say. Cas had been riding in the Impala with them, though Dean knew it would be short lived. He didn't have to use human transportation anymore.

"So what are you gonna do now?"

He thought a moment. "I'll return to heaven I suppose."


"With Michael in the cage it's probably total anarchy up there."

"So what, you're the new sheriff in town?"

He smiled. "I like that, yeah, I suppose I am."

Dean wasn't laughing. "Wow, God gives you a new set of big shiny wings and suddenly you're his bitch again."

"I don't know what God wants."

"He should tell you." Kayla pointed out. "It's an incredibly abusive relationship you've got going, the child constantly striving to make the Father happy, and He won't even point you in the right direction or give you as much as a word."

He sighed. "If only it were so easy. This just seems like the right thing to do."

Dean shook his head. "Well if you happen to see Him, tell Him I'm coming for him next."

"You're angry."

"That's an understatement."

"He helped, maybe even more than we realize."

"That's easy for you to say, he brought you back. What about Sam? What kind of grand prize is that, my brother, in a hole?"

"You got what you asked for Dean." Cas told him. "No paradise, no hell, just, more of the same. If He hadn't brought me back, Kayla and your son would be dead. I mean it Dean, what would you rather have? Peace, or freedom?"

Kayla glanced to the back. "And he's gone."

He shook his head. "Still sucks at goodbyes."

"I'm sorry." She would do him the favor of not mentioning Sam's name.

The white came back to his knuckles on the wheel and he changed the subject. "I know how much you love that ranch property, I know it's the only thing from your family you kept."

She only nodded; she had wondered how quickly the conversation would come up.

"We can stay there for awhile sweetheart but when the time comes close, you know we have to go. That property has your name on it, it's got a paper trail and we can't just…we can't risk something coming after the baby."

"You think something will?"

"I think we've pissed off a lot of things over the years, and about ten times as many just in the last few months."

"It's not like they stand a chance." She stated defiantly. "I'd like to see something try to get to him."

He smiled faintly. "I know you don't want a constant battle."

"You want us to hide."

"I want us to stay low profile. We're gonna try this 'normal' thing people keep talking about."

"Normal." The world almost seemed an insult now, after everything. "Well, you did say we'd make awesome neighbors."

He raised an eyebrow. "When?"

"In the future."

"Can't argue with myself I guess."

Bobby gave them a proper goodbye once he was safe at home. They didn't know how long it would be before they saw him; Bobby would be hunting and they…well, they wouldn't.

Sam's final request was nothing but good-intended, but after all this time on the road it seemed so strange. No more hotel rooms, no more living on fast food. Dean and Kayla were going home.