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"Justin, if you take me back this one last time I promise I will be the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. Justin, please," John Cena was literally down on his knees in front of Justin Gabriel begging to be taken back.

Justin sighed dramatically, always the drama queen, he knew he would take Cena back eventually but he couldn't resist the opportunity to have Cena on his knees in front of him looking vulnerable. Justin looked directly into Cena's icey blue eyes, "John I can't even look at you without thinking about what you did. I mean it was my birthday of all days, god I hope he was worth it." Justin used his irresistible accent to make John squirm even more.

"He wasn't! I wish everyday I hadn't done it, I'm so sorry. I was just weak and-and…Justin please," John looked like he might start crying any minute.

Justin figured he had made Cena endure enough at this point, "John if, and that's a big if, I take you back you must understand that I am the smartest, cutest and most talented man you've ever been with or will ever be with."

John nodded furiously, "Yes! You are it! I don't think I've ever even met a guy as handsome as you."

Justin smiled, who cared if John was only saying it so he'd take him back, it felt good to hear John feed his ego. "And you have to know you'll never find another guy who's a better fuck than me."

John began to rise off his knees so that he was now looking down into Justin's eyes. He kissed Justin softly on the lips, "Justin baby, you are the best I have ever had and will ever have. That thing with Evan was a one time thing and it is over. What happened with him doesn't even come close to what I have with you."

Just folded his arms across his chest, "Damn straight... I'll take you back, but if it ever happens again it is over. You're walking on thin ice Johnny."

"Justin if I ever do anything like that again I give you permission to never speak to me again." John pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and quickly glanced at the time. "Shit, I've got to go, but I'll call you later okay babe?" He turned to leave quickly planting a kiss on Justin's forehead.

"Bye," Justin grinned as he watched John's bubble butt walk out his door and into the hallway of the hotel they were currently staying in. Justin felt pleased with himself, when he was in a relationship with John he felt like nothing could mess it up even though he knew the chances of John screwing it up were actually quite high. The thing with Evan had been the third time John had cheated on him in only the span of a couple of months together. And every time John had come crawling to him saying how sorry he was and how it wouldn't happen again. But for some reason Justin felt obligated to believe him, because as far as he knew as long as John kept it in his pants their relationship was golden.

Justin's generic ring tone played loudly from his pocket. He groaned when he looked and saw who had dared to interrupt his daydream. It was the only hitch in his plans for a future with John. Although John had cheated on him with three different people he wasn't the only dishonest one in the relationship, the only difference was Justin's was much more complicated. Since about a month into their first relationship Justin had been seeing the Straight Edge superstar CM Punk on the side.

It was almost like a pity thing, almost every WWE superstar was involved in a relationship in some way shape or form, even Santino had landed himself a date somehow, but Phil Brooks could be seen climbing into his car alone after every show to wallow in what Justin only guessed could be loneliness. Of course all the other superstars seemed to feel awkward talking to Phil not wanting to flaunt their relationships in his face or anything. But Justin being the charitable soul he was had reached out a hand to Punk only to end up laying naked in a bed under him somehow.

Now Justin was in an ironic way addicted to Punk, not able to quit his body no matter how hard he tried. IT was much harder than it seemed, first of all Punk was extremely attractive to Gabriel in a grungy sort of way, especially since he had cut off all that greasy hair. Second Punk was exceptionally good in bed, almost like he was some sort of professional sex machine. And lastly was that if not for the fact Punk said on a regular basis their relationship was purely for fun, Justin would have started to believe Phil was really in love with him, and breaking someone's heart is a lot harder than it looks in movies.

The ring tone sounded again. He knew he could quit Punk if he tried he just hadn't worked hard enough at it, and this was his opportunity. Justin pushed the button on the side of the phone to make the call go straight to voicemail... Or maybe he couldn't quit Punk after all, as soon as he pushed the button he regretted it, what would one more night have hurt? Justin took a deep calming breath. "Be strong J-Gay," he told himself, "be strong."

John Morrison looked sat up straight on the edge of his bed. He turned back and glanced at the angelic look on the sleeping face of his boyfriend. He snickered at the thought of Randy being his boyfriend or an angel. Just because they slept in the same bed together and told people they were together definitely didn't mean anything. At least not as far as Randy was concerned. Of course Randy didn't tell John or anyone else that, he had to keep up the appearance that he was in a strong committed relationship.

But John knew better, he could feel Randy slipping further and further away from him every day. That their relationship was over had just been confirmed for him a few weeks before when Randy had hit him during a fight they were having over whether he was cheating at monopoly or not. Since that night their fights had just been getting worse and stupider. Randy claimed it was because he was on edge, with work and all but John knew better Randy was falling out of love with him. But no matter, John had his ways of coping.

John's phone suddenly lit up, blasting the song 'Fuck You' as his ringtone. John dove on his phone silencing it immediately not wanting to wake Randy for fear it would start another giant fight. He glanced down at his phone and saw yet another good reason for not wanting to wake Randy. He glanced back at him to make sure he hadn't stirred, once he was sure Randy wasn't waking up anytime soon he answered the phone call with a whispered, "Hello Phil."

John could hear Phil grinning through the phone, "Hey, what are you doing tonight after the show?"

John glanced at Randy again hoping he wasn't just pretending to be asleep, he chose his words carefully just to be on the safe side, "I'm not sure. Right now I'm just sitting in bed with Randy."

"Riggghhht, so can you come over tonight after the show or not?" Punk sounded impatient.

"Like I said I'm not sure," John really didn't know whether Randy had anything planned for them that night and he wouldn't risk another fight just to wake him up and ask a silly question.

"Alright, I don't have time for this shit I'll see you around," judging from his voice John wasn't sure he wanted to be with Phil that night anyway. John wasn't a fan of his angry, rough sex style.

"Wait no I just can't answer you now I'll call you in about an hour after Randy wakes up but-" John heard the phone click off on the other end. "Damn!" John threw his phone down on the bed. He sighed as he ran his fingers through his dark hair uneasily. Since the entire thing with Randy had started he had only one release for his problems and that was Punk.

Because of his callous attitude, virtually no-one in the locker room could stand to talk to Phil. Since Jericho had left Punk had been left friendless and alone. Of course several people had attempted to reach out to him but John assumed he had alienated them all with his harsh sense of humor and short fuse. But John being of a generous nature had tried to connect with him and had somehow ended up bent over in front of him.

Now there was no way he could quit Punk, even if he could salvage his relationship with Randy there was no way he'd get rid of Punk. In fact if Punk was willing to be in an exclusive relationship John would probably leave Randy in a heartbeat. But such was not the case, so he continued his charade with Randy, rarely ever even speaking to Phil in the locker room leaving Punk to look friendless and lonely once again.

John lie down next to Randy and sighed at least Randy was warm.

Cody held on to Ted as tight as he could, knowing that as soon as he let go Ted would be gone yet again. "I love you Teddy."

"I know babe," Ted chuckled. "I love you too… but you have to let me go sometime."

Cody tightened his grip, "No way." Since the draft had separated them Cody and Ted took every chance they got to be together. Although he hated to admit it the old belief that separation in a relationship makes it stronger was definitely proving true for him and Ted. Cody couldn't go one minute without thinking about Ted in some way. And when they got together at Pay-Per Views and random joint shows every once in a while, Cody almost exploded at the idea of getting to see Ted, to touch Ted.

"Listen, I'll call you in the morning and in a few weeks we'll be back in each other's arms." Ted assured him although he didn't want to let go anymore than Cody.

Cody reluctantly released Ted. "I don't want to wait a few weeks though," Cody pouted, crossing his arms.

"I know I know, but I have a flight in a few hours and I'd like to get at least a little beauty sleep. I have to be able to keep up with my dashing boy or people will start saying I don't deserve you…Not that I do anyway." Ted brushed his finger across Cody's cheek.

"Just go before I hug you again and really don't let go this time," Cody chuckled as he pushed away Ted's hand. Ted said one more quick goodbye and escaped, leaving Cody to sit in the backstage locker room alone.

Cody sat back in his chair, it was this time that he hated the most. Right after him and Ted spent a whole weekend together when Ted just left him to feel alone. He knew it wasn't Ted's fault he really did need his beauty sleep or he'd get bags under his eyes, but still it wasn't fair.

"Well don't you look sad!" CM Punk had sauntered into the room without Cody noticing.

Cody jumped startled, he glanced around quickly, "What do you-"

"Don't worry," Punk closed the door behind himself. "No one saw me come in."

Cody relaxed, sometimes he felt guilty about how terrible his relationship with Phil was. Cody had always known about Punk's slutty ways and had assumed that's why he hadn't had many friends, excusing the other locker room whore Chris Jericho, but still Cody had felt curious those first couple of weeks he was on Smackdown, while Phil was still there. And he had definitely found out what all the hype was about. Of course after he had slept with Punk it only seemed natural that he should never talk to him again, but by that time Cody was already hooked. Now every time he couldn't have Ted and the Smackdown roster was in town he couldn't help but go looking for Punk.

"Cody why don't you ever take me out on dates?" Punk asked innocently. "I mean we've been seeing each other for a while."

"Punk," Cody said sternly, "You know I can't do that. If Ted found out I was-"

"I know, I was kidding," Punk laughed amused at Cody's slight panic. "Besides you know I want this to be purely about sex as much, if not more than you do."

"Good…I really do hope me and Ted end up on the same roster soon," Cody thought out loud staring into space. "I mean this so isn't right. I shouldn't be doing this with you, me and Ted are-"

"So," Phil broke into Cody's monologue still smiling like he knew something Cody didn't, "your place or mine?"

Cody looked up at Punk, "Yours."

"Ok, we'll have to make it quick I'll probably have a…um… appointment later tonight."

"Pleeeeeaaaassse!" Alex Riley begged his naked body pressed against the leg of Mike the Miz. "Just a quick one, I swear I can make it fast."

"Would you let go of me!" Mike chuckled at Alex's need for him, it would have turned him on if not for the fact he had somewhere he needed to be. "I have to go now, besides we've done it three times today."

"So? What's one more?" Alex smiled up at Mike.

"Let go."

Alex's smile faded, "Awww, you're no fun!" Alex let go of Miz.

"I know I'm not, only having sex three times a day? How dare I deprive you!" Miz rolled his eyes as he threw on a coat over top of his vest.

"Exactly what I'm saying! You're killing me here! You stand here looking all sexy in your little vest, its turning me on!" Alex tried.

"I can see that," Miz gestured towards the standing ovation Alex was giving him. Mike turned to leave.

"Wait!" Alex turned Miz back towards him and shoved his hand down Miz's pants starting to massage his member.

"Alex!" Miz barked. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Alex shrugged, "Nothing just memorizing how your dick feels...Unless you want me to keep on..."

"First of all I'll see you in the morning, second I really have to go Alex!" Miz pulled Riley's hand out of his pants and away from his cock, which he had to admit was definitely not happy with his desicion.

"Mike, don't make me have to play by myself!"

"Sorry," Mike walked out the door leaving Alex alone in the room naked.

"Sorry," Alex mimicked Miz. "Whatever."

Alex and Mike had only been dating a short time but in that time they'd found that they had nothing in common, but that was perfectly alright with them because they found each other irresistible. Alex knew it was a relationship based mostly on sex and their dapper good looks but he liked it that way. As long as Mike wasn't looking for a serious relationship neither was he. He didn't need to think about a relationship's long term future, he was content living in the here and now.

Speaking of the here and now Alex glanced down at himself, he needed to fix his little problem and he definitely wasn't going to do it himself. Alex whipped out his cell phone and immediately began dialing Phil Brooks' number. He knew if anyone was going to be willing to help him out it was Punk. Alex didn't know much about Punk only what he had heard, that he was a loner, a slut and an asshole but it didn't really matter one way or another cause the man was good in bed.

The phone rang twice before Phil answered, "What?" Punk's voiced came over the phone in a gasp like he had been in the middle of doing some exhausting piece of physical labor.

"Um, hey guess what I was thinking about," Alex cooed in his best seductive voice.

"Oh shut up, cut the crap," Punk breathed, Alex could swear he heard someone in the back tell him to just come on and hurry up. "I figured you'd call, but I'm kind of busy right now…come on down to my room in about half an hour ok?"

"Ok great," Alex smiled, thank god for Punk.

"Also, kid don't call me after 9. If it's after 9 and I want you, I'll call you."