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Phil didn't even bother to flip his phone closed before throwinging it violently against the wall. This was it-he was down to only two guys now that Cody had decided to leave him. And true, Mike and Alex were hot, but they definitely were not enough. Phil ran his hand over his hair; what the hell was happening to him? It was almost like he had suddenly become less attractive and men had stopped desiring him. Punk turned and glanced quickly at the mirror across the hotel room; of course that hadn't happened. So what was it? Did it really matter? He just knew he had to start getting his guys back or he'd snap, go crazy, even do something drastic. Maybe hurt someone...maybe himself-Woah! Phil stopped himself; had he really just thought that? As many times as Phil had thought of hurting others, had hurt others, the thought of hurting himself had never even crossed his mind. Okay he was most definitely losing it; he seriously needed to calm down.
Phil took three large breaths and slowly released them, a little anger leaving him with each breath-but not helping nearly enough. He needed to calm down a considerable amount, and he only knew one person who could help him with that. Phil slowly bent down and picked up his phone and the battery that had been knocked out of it and reattached them. When he finally resurrected his phone, Phil hit speed dial two, his phone ringing twice before Jericho finally picked up the phone.
"Hello?" Chris sounded slightly annoyed.
"Chris, I'm going fucking crazy. I swear to god I'm going to-" Phil began.
"Umm I'm kinda busy right now, can I call you back later?"
Punk was taken aback, "Uhh, no I'm just going to kill myself. But you know what? That's cool buddy."
Chris sighed, "I'm asuming something terrible happened with one of your guys, and it's okay you can tell me about it later. Just for now, get your ipod and listen to a minor threat album or something. Then go to the vending machine and get a pepsi okay? Can you manage that before you 'end it all?'"
Phil couldn't help but crack a smile; there was a reason Chris was his closest...well only friend. "Yeah I can do that, but your ass better call me back."
"Okay I'll talk to you as soon as I'm done here."
"Okay bye," Phil closed his phone ending the conversation. He quickly got to work on what Chris had instructed him to do, putting in ear buds and walking out of his room in just a matter of moments. He slowly walked down the hallway to the vending machine before realizing the machine had Coke products as opposed to Pepsi. Phil released a sigh of anger; of course the universe did love making his life miserable after all, why not just pile on top of it? Suddenly while Phil stood in front of the machine contemplating why his life sucked so bad an arm slid across his neck immediately restricting his flow of air. Almost instinctually, Punk grabbed his attacker's arms lifting him slightly off the ground and scrambling backwards slamming the larger aggressor into the wall. The attacker released Phil, who quickly whipped around ready to take out all his aggression on his assailant. Instead of some lunatic fan like Punk expected to find, his friend Chris stood there clutching the back of his head which had appearently been slammed against the wall.
"Why not be a bit rougher next time?" Chris asked sarcastically.
"I will be, next time I'll knock you out cold." Phil teased having a hard time containing the excitement of seeing his old friend, all the anger momentarily leaving his body.
"Yeah sure, if I don't choke you the fuck out first."
"Like you could!" Phil was excited now; he didn't know why Chris was there and he honestly didn't care.
"We'll see one day...So, are you going to invite me to your room?" Chris made an attempt to sound like a horny school girl and failed miserably.
Phil led Chris down the hallway to his hotel room while Chris explained that he was there mostly because he missed his old co-workers, partially because he could almost sense Phil would need him soon.
"So, are you going to tell me what's so wrong with you that youre going to end it all?" Chris asked laying down on top of Phil's nicely made bed.
Phil suddenly was filled with anger again as he remembered what was happening in the first place, "I never said end it all, stop saying I did."
"Calm down kid. Come sit down on the bed and tell big brother Chris whats wrong," Chris patted the bed spread beside him.
Unenthusiastically Phil sat on the bed beside Chris and began recounting his conversation with Cody. "So that basically leaves me with Mike or Alex. I mean theres always Morrison but he's fucking psychotic. If you were down to just two guys what would you do?"
Chris, who had been listening in complete silence, nodded slowly. "Two things, I have a confession to make, and I have an idea for you. I want you to listen before you say anything though okay?"
Phil nodded, "I won't say a word."
"Okay the confession is, I'm down to one guy-"
"One? You only have one guy?" Phil cut off Chris almost immediately. "I mean I know it's hard on the road but you sleep with some hot male groupies right?"
"Phil, let me finish!" Chris barked. Phil made a point of closing his mouth tight. "Yeah I have one guy, and no I don't sleep with groupies. See the thing is my one guy is Rich. And he's more than just some guy I call for sex. I mean we make love, yeah, but its more than that. He's like my best friend and my lover. He's my boyfriend and I love him."
Phil guffawed, "Okay you had me going until that last part. You probably could've kept it up if you hadn't said the magic word."
"Phil, shut the fuck up I'm not done! I wasn't kidding... I really love him. Now my idea, I think you should find someone to be your Rich..." Chris waited for a reaction.
Phil looked at Chris blank faced for a second before beginning a hysterical cackle, "Okay even if you are serious and really do have a, what would you call that? Boyfriend? IF youre serious and really have a boyfriend whom you love why the hell would you even suggest I do the same? You've known me for how long? You should know by now that if one guy could satiate my sex drive I would've settled on that a long time ago."
Chris shook his head at Phil, "No Punk, it's not all about the sex. Having someone there for you-it just feels so good."
"But me and you, we're here for each other."
"It's not the same I mean someone who loves you."
"We do love each other, we're brothers."
"Yes Phil, but I mean you need someone you're in love with."
Phil snorted, "We don't believe in love remember? What's wrong with you? We used to sit and laugh at the guys we would fuck who would turn around and tell their boyfriends how much they 'loved' them."
"Can you just think about it kid? I don't want to fight with you the one night I actually get to spend time with you."
Phil groaned, "Yeah sure I'll keep it in mind...Where is the remote? I think the games on."

"Please? Just a quickie," Mike couldn't believe he was having to beg for sex. This had never happened to him before, especially not with Alex. He usually had to fight Alex off of him, (literally sometimes.)
Alex rolled his eyes annoyed, "No, I don't feel well. Seriously." Alex hadn't laid a finger on Mike since Mike had told him he loved him. It was almost like the idea of loving someone had turned Alex off sex completely, something Miz thought could never happen. But that was the only thing it could be...Unless Alex knew more about what Mike did in his spare time than he let on. But that was impossible right? Phil and he were always careful to make sure no one knew. Of course telling Alex about the affair was just the kind of cruel senselessly callous thing Phil would get pleasure from. Maybe he should ask Alex if something was wrong, but what if he didn't really know anything? Then he would start to suspect. There had to be another way to find out what was wrong...process of elimination maybe?
"Alex, I have a question," Mike started.
"No! I just don't feel like fucking, okay?" Alex snapped a little too quickly.
"That's not what I was asking...I was going to ask about the other night."
"What other night?" Alex asked not even looking over at Mike.
"That night in the shower...You know, the night I told you how I felt."
Alex groaned, "You know how I feel about all that stuff; its just kind of awkward."
"I know but I just think it's weird...you haven't even asked to see my penis once since then."
"Its been like five days," Alex pointed out.
"I know, that's a new record for you. So I was wondering if what I said bothered you that much," Mike asked.
Alex shook his head, "Not at all."
"So it's okay if I love you?" Mike asked testing the waters.
Alex shrugged, "I guess; to each his own."
"So it does bother you."
Alex sounded annoyed, "No! You can love me all you want. It's cool. Now can we stop talking about this?"
"So I can love you but you don-"
Alex cut off Miz, "Yeah you can love me and I love you! There you happy?"
Alex still didn't look at Mike but it seemed good enough for him, "Yeah I'm happy." So this entire Alex not wanting to have sex thing had to be because he knew about Mike and Phil together. "And I love you, and I promise I'll deal with whatevers bothering you immediately."
Alex glanced at Mike from the side of his eye. "Whatever," he sighed.

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