Disclaimer: It wasn't mine the last time, what makes you think that's changed in the past week?

"Perhaps you should tell me how you feel about…whatever is causing your antagonism."


Ah hate his chuckle. Makes me feel… itchy.

Ah hate that stupid smirk that always comes out when he's thinkin' somethin' dirty.

Ah hate that dumb trench coat. Ah don' care how warm it is.

Ah hate those stupid cigarettes, they make his breath smell goo- bad! Very bad.

Ah hate the way his eyebrow does that half up half down thing, 'cause it's sexy as heck an' very distracting.

Ah hate the way he thinks he can get his own way jus' 'cause he's got a charming smile and a Cajun accent. Ha. As if that gives him the right to always get his way.

Speakin' of which, Ah hate his accent. It's not fair that he sounds so smooth in the face of supreme danger.

Ah hate his eyes. No, Ah'm lyin' there. Ah can't hate his eyes. Ah'm serious, it's like a physical impossibility or somethin'.

Ah hate that he's a thief. Mainly 'cause he's always sneakin' into mah room an' stealin' mah make-up.

Ah hate that he kidnapped me. Do you have any idea what it's like to have freedom dangled in front of ya an' then snatched away? The least he coulda done is properly kidnap me so we'd haveta get married by common law of Louisiana!

Ah hate that he always knows what Ah'm thinkin'.

Ah hate it when he's right.

Ah hate it more when Ah have to admit that.

Ah hate it how he's sweet, an' doesn't actually make me admit it mos' of the time.

Ah hate it how he makes me want to admit it sometimes!

Ah hate that he's not scared of mah skin.

Ah hate that he's workin' for the bad guys, makin' it ridiculous to even consider a relationship with him.

Ah hate that Ah'm actually considerin' a relationship with him!

Ah hate the way he throws himself around. Ah swear, that man has no sense of self-harm. He thinks he's indestructible or somethin'.

Ah hate how he speaks French to me when Ah'm attemptin' to kick his butt. Acolytes vs. X-Men, a bi-lingual session was not included in this deal.

Except it was, 'cause it's him.

Ah hate that everyone gives me knowing looks 'cause they think they know something, when really, they all know zip.

Ah hate how Jean comes up to me an' tells me she understands my pain. Yes, Jean, Ah'm sure. You had Freddy Dukes attempt to make you dinner, Ah had a sexy Cajun take me to New Orleans for jambalaya. Ah'm not seein' the similarities.

Ah hate it when he leaves! He's there one day, bein' a pain in mah butt, the next, Ah can't find him

Not that Ah look.

Ah hate it when Scott decides Ah can't take care of mahself and attempts to steal mah Acolyte to fight durin' a battle.

Ah really hate it that it's so obvious, but no one sees it.

Gawsh, Ah hate that.

An' ya know? Ah hate his habit of making me so mad Ah can't see straight.

Ah hate how he smiles an' makes it all better.

Ah hate how Ah lose track of time when Ah with him.

Ah hate how he's always gettin' me in trouble.

Ah hate how Ah really don't care.

Yeah, that's pretty much what antagonizes me.

"So, let me get this straight. The root of your… destructive behavior lately is your hatred for this… Remy LeBeau?"

What? Lord, no! Ah don't hate Remy! Shoot, Ah'm in love with the man! Where on Earth did ya get the idea that Ah hate him? He's the freakin' center of mah universe, for cryin' out loud! Sheesh, lady, what kinda psychiatrist are you?