Chapter 1

Uru and Ichirou-kun are walking to Bonheur after school. Ichirou pats Uru's head. "Oh!" Uru says in surprise.

"Why the face, Uru?" Ichirou asks.

"Oh...well," Uru starts, making a sad/pouty face. "I don't know what I'm gonna do. Y'know it rained really hard last night, and I got a ton of leaks in my apartment." Uru continues, "Apartment manager-san says while he has it fixed up, I can't live there." Pouting Uru thinks 'hmph, my apartment was the only one effected! Maybe I have a ghost making leaks on purpose.'

Ichirou pats Uru's head again, but this time leans down toward Uru's face.

"Why don't you spend the night with me, Uru."


They've reached Bonheur by now and Shindou had caught the end of their conversation. Hearing Ichirou's words had his natural instincts kick in and had him knife hand Ichirou in the back of the neck.

Uru is blushing with both of her hands on her face. Her mouth resembles a triangle.

"What was that for, Shindou-san?" Ichirou blankly asks having been revived with a cookie from Uru.

"Principles. Your late. Get to work, you two." Shindou the Demon King says roughly.

Later, during a slow hour with no customers, "...What were you talking about with Ichirou, Takamura?" Shindou asks glancing at a sleeping Ichirou on one of the tables.

"Oh, uhm...Right! while my apartments' roof is being fixed, Ichirou-kun said I c-could stay with him," Uru stutters and blushes just a little bit, remembering Ichirou-kun's face with a rare smile up close. 'He might have just been teasing me, though. I don't want to inconvenience anybody!' Uru thinks, not thinking of Ichirou's exact words, but of the offer of a place to stay the night.

Shindou frowns. Somehow he doesn't feel good seeing her face like that coupled with what they're talking about.

I'll only continue the story if i get at least 3 reviews that wish me to, or say it's good. If it's continued I promise I'll make it better and lots longer. Sorry if i suck. this is my first fan fiction. I love this manga and all it's possible pairings of couples. Please tell me what pairings you like so that I can do that as awesomely as I can. Thank you.