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Chapter 12 Stuff Happens

Inwardly Ichirou pouted. He held the little clipboard in his hand as he checked off food items and their inventory amount on the list. He started to sigh before stopping, because it reminded him too much of Shindou. His thoughts wandered to other things and his head fell forward on his chest.

"HEY." A cracked out., making Ichirou jerk upright.

"Don't fall asleep on me." Shindou threatened.

"..." For once Ichirou answered with silence.

"...When you're done you can leave. You'll be paid overtime." Shindou muttered the last part. Because of his stupid impulsive actions he was going to have to pay Ichirou overtime. If he hadn't just blurted out the first thing that came into his mind, to get away from Uru so that he could think, he wouldn't be at the shop right now with Ichirou. He sighed. He was having trouble thinking clearly even with her not around. At least it wasn't as bad as when she was around.

Ichirou gave Shindou a salute making him scowl.

Shindou left the room and Ichirou consulted his list again. Huh. It looked like he was already done. He left the storage room and put the clipboard on the front counter for Shindou. He grabbed his coat from one of the booths and was just about to leave when the phone rang.

Ichirou shuffled back over, behind the counter and grabbed the phone.


"Hello! Sorry for the bother, but is Uru Takamura available?"

"...Who is this speaking...?"

"Oh! Ehehe, guess I should have started with that, right? This is Nanase-San. Uru's apartment manager. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience of calling her work but it seems Takamura-san doesn't have a cell phone..."

"Oh..." Ichirou said.



"So may I speak with her?" The apartment manager said.

"I'm going to see her soon. Do you want me to tell her for you?"

"Ah, well...I guess, that would be fine..." The apartment manager said uncertainly. " Well, it's good news at least! Please tell her that her apartment has been fixed and that I am terribly sorry for all the trouble, okay?"


"uh, goodbye then."


"Oh! Wai-" The apartment manager was hung up on. Oh geez I should have asked for his name...I remember Takamura-san talking about her coworkers though. Said they were reliable... So at least that's some reassurance. Manager-san thought hopefully.

Ichirou started out with the full intent of telling Uru about the phone call for her, but then, just as Shindou walked into the room, he passed out and slammed his head on the counter with a dull thud that made Shindou cringe and hurry over.

Shindou muttered obscenities as he checked him for any obvious injuries.

Just as Uru swung open the door to the Abekawa's shop she slammed into someone's tall, lean back. She gasped and stumbled back.

"Hah?" His confrontational voice rang out. When he turned around and saw it was Uru though he stuttered before a blush flared up and he couldn't seem to finish his sentence. "O-oh, i-it's you, um..."

"Abekawa Sou! Sorry, didn't see you there!" Uru apologized bashfully giving him a cheesy grin.

"I wanted to thank you- your family for their hospitality. But ah, first I just wanted to return these. Again, thank you very much. T-This isn't the real thank you! I'm doing something else for that." Uru said a little flustered, bowing and handing the grocery bag she'd been carrying over.

Swallowing, Sou took the bag from her. He purposefully touched her hand as he took the bag, wanting to see if he'd get any reaction at all, but ended up making himself blush instead.

"Thanks..." Why does she have to be so nice...

"Alrighty then, I'll see ya later, Abekawa Sou!" She called back to him as she started back down the street. She didn't want to make Ichirou wait for her too long.

As she'd called back to Sou, he caught her smiling that- that smile that made Sou go red and his heart pound helplessly. He shut the door to the shop and slid down to the floor, putting his face in his hands while a few customers gave him questioning looks.

Shindou grumbled and shoved a lemon flavored candy into Ichirou's mouth. Ichirou woke up, blinking slowly, being greeted by Shindou's irritated face.

The bell attached to the front door rang. Uru stepped inside. Her hair windblown and messy.

"Hello?" She called.

Both Shindou and Ichirou were on the floor behind the counter and weren't visible from the door. "Uh, back here." Shindou said awkwardly and waved a hand above the counter.

"Oh! What are you doing there...?" Uru asked curiously and walked over.

But when she saw them she suddenly gasped and blushed. Shindou was clueless as to why she was acting like that so he blankly stared at her as she covered her mouth with her hands.

T-they-! They look so good together! Uru blushed. Ichirou was lying flat on the floor and Shindou had his head on his lap.

"I didn't see anything!" Uru suddenly blurted and covered her eyes but she was clearly looking through her fingers.

W-wha! Shindou thought. He violently shoved Ichirou's head away and stood up. "He passed out. Again. I was just giving him these." He rattled the box of lemon candies.

"Ow..." Ichirou said, having just hit his head on the floor.

"O-oh, are you alright, Ichirou-kun?"

"Maybe if you let me borrow your lap..."

Shindou sputtered. " He just joking." Shindou quickly said to Uru.

"U-um," Uru said flustered. "Right!"

"Let's go Uru." Ichirou said standing up and pulling Uru close. " I finished." He said nodding to the clipboard on the counter.

"Uh, right then." Shindou said pulled off track. So many things were happening it was hard to keep track of everything and decide what to take care of first. Like the odd position they'd been in when Uru walked in on them. Or maybe the fact that Ichirou was standing much too close to her and shouldn't be touching her arm.

But it's not really my business, is it... Shindou realized. The thought surprised and irritated him .

He watched Ichirou leave with Uru before sighing and going back to work.

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