"Wow! Look what Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny got me, Papa!" Luke exclaimed, waving a toy snitch that would fly low and slowly enough to be caught with Luke's little broom. He clambered onto Viktor's knee. "Can we get our brooms and practice with it as soon as we get home? Please, Papa?"

Viktor rubbed his palm over his son's back. "If is not dark or snowing, ve vill try, Luke." It had taken quite some time for Luke to be so open with the adults in his new life, but now it was Christmas Eve with the Weasleys again, and Luke was just as loving as the rest of the kids filling the room.

"Mummy, please can't Crooksie have some kittens?" Katie asked, flipping wistfully through a picture book of purring cats from Uncle George, with her brand-new pink Weasley sweater on backwards. Although Crookshanks begrudgingly allowed Katie to dress him in her doll clothes, Viktor doubted he would appreciate her newest endeavor.

"Crookshanks is a boy, sweetie, so he can't," Hermione answered.

Luna sat down beside her; she and Neville had been invited for dinner this year, as well. "I have one more present for you, Hermione," she told her, with a huge grin.

"Where?" Hermione asked, confused. All of the gifts piled under and around the tree had been passed out and ripped open.

"Right here!" Luna grabbed Hermione's hand and pressed the palm to her stomach. Hermione jumped when something kicked her from inside the globe of Luna's belly.

"It was a Mandrake potion. Neville thought of it one night when we were talking about the basilisk, you know, from your second year?. He'll bring a decanter over for you day after tomorrow if you'd like." Luna's grin wilted a little. "I really thought the radishes would help but they didn't. I must have eaten a million of them and all they did was give me heartburn."

Hermione giggled and hugged her friend, not bothering to keep her body slightly away. Viktor realized that he hadn't seen her hug Luna in the cautious way she used to in quite some time.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear, "Now all of your dreams, they can come true."

"No, Viktor," she answered with a smile, "all of my dreams came true a year ago, when you brought Katie and Luke through the door. Now all three of us will build on those dreams, as a family."

"Mummy?" Katie piped up. "If we feed Crooksie some radishes, do you think he could have some kitties? Pink kitties?"

Viktor released Hermione mid-kiss and snorted with laughter, then scooped up both of his children for a family hug.

"Yuck, Papa!" Luke scolded. "Don't hug me. It's embarrassing! Uncle Harry doesn't hug Teddy!"

"He does so, I haff seen him," Viktor retorted, and squeezed his son tighter. "And I vill neffer stop hugging you! Even vhen you are vorld-famous Seeker!"

Luke sighed, and Katie squealed from her mummy's kisses. Viktor knew now that it was Hermione's Christmas wish last year that had fulfilled both of their lives. He would never have suspected that what they were missing could be found in a worn-down Bulgarian orphanage, that true happiness was only one Christmas wish away.

He met Hermione's smile and mouthed the words thank you to her. He was the luckiest man in the world: he had a wonderful wife, and two magnificent children. Could life get any better than this?

It could, Viktor realized a few moments later. Katie got her hands on Grandma Molly's wand again, and the tree turned pinkā€¦and the fairies turned into kittens.